Step 5: Personality Attributes

While we're on the attribute kick, we might as well figure out your character's basic personality. For the most part, personality attributes won't change or improve as easily as mental/physical attributes, though they certainly can be effected by events!

All characters have 75 points to distribute across these three traits. The maximum number of points for each is 40.

Personality Attribute Definitions

Often seen as how "stubborn" someone is, Willpower is more than that. It helps a person hold fast during times of adversity, and also helps them control themselves and endure pain.

How likeable someone is, simply put. Do people naturally like them? Are they natural leaders that interact well with others?

How strongly bound a person is by their morals, and how strict their moral system is. This also effects how selfless they are, how seriously they take duty, and how they react to insults.
These points distributed as well? Great!

Onward to Step 6!