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Step 4: Physical and Mental Attributes

Here's where you decide how strong, fast, smart, creative, etc, your character is. Read the definitions carefully, and remember...you must play your character according to the numbers you choose!

When you chose your character's race, you had a number listed for "Starting Attribute Points." Distribute that amount over the following six characteristics. (You don't have to use all of the points, but I would recommend it. You CANNOT run over your set amount of points...the point limit was added to give balance to characters.) Also remember that the each race has a set limit on the maximum for each attribute.

A completely average human will have 20 in any given attribute.

Physical/Mental Attribute Definitions

The actual physical strength of a person...how much they can lift, pull, or push. Strength also has an effect on how well someone can handle high g-forces. (Physical)

Flexibility and speed. Someone with lower than average (*) dexterity would be either clumsy or slow or both. (Physical)

The ability to maintain a level of physical activity, or to handle pain or unpleasant physical environments without suffering undue physical damage. (Physical)

Sheer knowledge and the ability to understand, comprehend, and learn. Often referred to as "book smarts." (Mental)

Pretty self explanatory...the ability to create and invent. Also helps with repair skills, tactical skills, and anything involving the arts.(Mental)

Problem solving, application of knowledge, and adaptability. Yes, your character may be intelligent, but are they SMART? (Mental)

Points all distributed? Keep in mind that this is just the initial profile for your character. Just as you will earn skill points with stories (more on that later,) the GM may occasionally award your character an additional attribute point if they are training. Attributes are also effected by advantages/disadvantages. (More on that later as well.)

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