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Step 3: Profession Selection

Many characters have a specific role within the Lions. (Though it is definitely possible to learn skills outside what I've got listed under the professions further along the line...most of the combat pilots have spy skills, etc...) To have your character listed in a particular profession, you will need to meet the minimum requirements for that profession. You'll want to write down the requirements now, because you'll need to know them later when you buy your skills and distribute your attribute points. The general profession type will dictate what division your character ends up in. It's possible to change professions later, if you character meets the requirements for the one that you want to switch them to.

General profession types

Minimum Wisdom: 25
Minimum Creativity: 25
Mechanical Aptitude: Lvl 7
Physics: Lvl 4

Minimum Intelligence: 30
First Aide: Lvl 4
Anatomy: Lvl 6
Diagnosis: Lvl 5

Minimum Intelligence: 30
Research: Lvl 7

Systems Analyst
Minimum Intelligence: 25
Mathematics: Lvl 5
Programming Languages: Lvl 6

Combat Pilot
Minimum Intelligence: 25
Minimum Strength: 27
Basic Survival: Lvl 4
1 Basic Athletic Abilty: Lvl 6
Piloting: Lvl 5

Combat Soldier
Minimum Strength: 30
Minimum Dex:30
Basic Survival: Lvl 6
1 Basic Athletic Abilty: Lvl 7

Making Coffee: Lvl 7

Recipe: Lvl 6
1 type of cooking: Lvl 6

Tactical/Ops Personnel
Minimum Intelligence: 30
Strats/Tactics: Lvl 6

Minimum Wisdom: 35
Minimum Dex: 25
Stealth: Lvl 7

Quartermaster (Supplies)
Minimum Wisdom: 25
Filing: Lvl 2
Inventory: Lvl 3

No minimum requirements
**Privateers are not part of the Black Lions,
rather, they are outside elements. As such,
stories involved will be rather different.
A Privateer is anything from a freelance merchant
to a space pirate.

No minimum requirements
**A soldier for hire, not a part of the
Black Lions.

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