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Step 12: Background Story

Does anyone else but me find it ironic that this is a 12-step program?

Now that you have all of your characteristics and skills figured out, it's time to put together your character's background story. (Though hopefully you had at least some idea of what you wanted to have as a background before you started!) Remember...in your character's background, it is necessary to explain how they got their skills, as well as any advantages or disadvantages that lend themselves to explanation. You also need to do a general write-up on your character's personality, their likes and dislikes, and their specific friends and enemies (should they have any.)

Please send the information to the first level screener, Kitsune, at this e-mail address: kitsune@insyte.com.

If you feel comfortable enough with html, and you want to make our lives easier when it comes to putting your profile up on the webpage, you can get the blank html file to fill out here. Please do not change the colors or fonts.

Once you've sent your completed profile to Kitsune, she'll look over it, just to make sure that all of your numbers add up alright, and that your background story is accurate/believable to the universe. If everything looks well, she'll send it on to Katsu, the GM, for final approval. If there is a problem with it, she'll just send it back to you with questions and suggestions; all you need to do is fix the problems and send it back.

While your waiting for your profile to be approved (which may take a while depending on what kind of backlog we're dealing with) please familiarize yourself with the stories that have been written thus far, and also join the mailing list. When your character is approved, the approval will be announced on the mailing list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them publicly on the mailing list, or e-mail Katsu.


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