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Step 11: Skills (The Basics)

Understanding how skills work exactly is a little tricky. The best way to look at it is each level shows how much your character can do BEYOND what a normal, average person can do. Assume that your every day Joe has enough skill that he can manage to walk, talk, pass PE classes, and get his GED. So an average person may know the basics of physics...what your physics skill is defined as is how much you know BEYOND the basics.

The best way to look at something is, as always, an example. We'll use math as an example. The average Joe can do, say, up to the level of Algebra I, and does kinda ok at it.

Hope that gives a good example. Skill points are awarded for completed missions (stories written)...but when initially building a character, you get 1000 skill points with which to buy and level up skills. Each level has a skill point cost associated with it.

Lvl 0 - 1
Lvl 1 - 2
Lvl 2 - 4
Lvl 3 - 8
Lvl 4 - 16
Lvl 5 - 32
Lvl 6 - 64
Lvl 7 - 128
Lvl 8 - 256
Lvl 9 - 512
Lvl 10 - 1024

You'll notice that the point costs goes up in en exponential (base 2) curve. That's because, for the most part, the initial things you learn in a skill are relatively easy and get gradually harder as you struggle your way toward Mastery.

You can't skip directly to a skill level...in order to have a level 7 on a skill, your character would have had to have gone through the previous 6 levels. That means that it doesn't cost 128 points to buy a level 7. It actually costs 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128 points, which makes it a total of 255. So if you want your character to get to a level 10, it actually costs 2047 points total!

Total Points Needed:
Lvl 0 - 1
Lvl 1 - 3
Lvl 2 - 7
Lvl 3 - 15
Lvl 4 - 31
Lvl 5 - 63
Lvl 6 - 127
Lvl 7 - 255
Lvl 8 - 511
Lvl 9 - 1023
Lvl 10 - 2047

Skills can be very interdependent. In order to be proficient or at least good in any given profession, it's important to realize that one skill does not a profession make. So sure, your character might have Ground, Air, and Space piloting Level 10 each, BUT if he has no marksmanship, navigation, or tactical/ops skills, he's not going to be much of a combat pilot. Yeah, he'll be able to fly anything ever built, but he won't be able to hit the broad side of a barn, find his way out of a paper bag, or be able to match wits with a banana slug in a fight.

Got that? Time to go on to the skill list and start distributing your points! Be careful to keep track of how many points you spend, and also remember what the required skills are for the profession that you picked!

Onward to the Skill List!