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Step 10: Disadvantages

The following are disadvantages that you can take in order to get a few skill points back, or to introduce a negative trait in your character. Many disadvantages act negatively on a character's emotional stability, so be careful!

There are some disadvantages that will be marked with a *1 under the "effect" column. What this stands for is that the disadvantage has three levels to it. For each level you take (up to three), the disadvantage will become stronger, and any real point value associated with it will go up as well. The first level of such an advantage returns 30 points to you, and each additional level returns 15 points. (So the most you'll ever get back is 60.)

For instance, Phobia has the *1, and it also has a -1 emotional stability associated with it. We'll pick claustrophobia now for an example. Level 1 (return: 30) gives -1 stability, and means that the person in question is discomfited by enclosed spaces, and it adds stress to them, but for the most part, they can handle it if they can keep themselves grounded. Level 2 (return: 45) will give -2 stability, and means that the person in question is pretty afraid of enclosed spaces, and will do anything in their power to avoid them-- though when it's absolutely necessary, they can force themselves to deal with their fear, but the effect isn't pretty.. Level 3 (return: 60) will give a -3 stability, and means that the person in question is terrified to the point of paralysis and catatonia by enclosed spaces. This process is repeated for any phobia that your character may have...so if your character is absolutely paralyzed by enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), heights (acrophobia), and spiders (arachnophobia), you'll get hit with -9 in emotional stability, and will have had 180 skill points returned to you.

Name of DisadvantageDescriptionTangible EffectReturn
Fame/InfamyBeing well known for either famous acts (ie saving someone's life) or infamous acts (ie robbing a bank). There are three levels of fame/infamy: Local (you're well known in the group of people you socialize with), Planetary (everyone on your planet or colony knows about you, but no one else really cares), and Universal (EVERYONE knows who you are and recognizes you.) Realize, this can be a bad thing if you're in a group that does a lot of undercover work.*130- 60
Past AbuseHaving been abused in the past. There are three levels of abuse: Mental/Emotional, Physical (which includes Mental/Emotional), and Sexual (which includes Mental/Emotional and Physical.)*1, -2/-4/-6 emotional stability30-60
PhobiaBeing afraid of a specific thing or type of things. (i.e. spiders, heights, enclosed spaces, fire, etc.) There are three levels of phobia; Extreme discomfort, abject fear, and complete paralysis. Each phobia a character has is taken individually.*1, -1/-2/-3 emotional stability30-60
Multiple Personality DisorderMPD is caused by psychological trauma so profound that the only way for it to be dealt with is for the personality to split into 3 or more separate personalities.-18 emotional stability30
SchizophreniaA psychological disorder that can be treated with drugs; causes erratic, often violent and psychotic behavior. Can sometimes cause symptoms similar to a split personality.-10 emotional stability30
Hot TemperDifficulty controlling one's temper...causes a decided tendency to explode over small matters.-1 charisma30
Sleep DisorderNightmares, sleep walking, insomnia...None30
AsthmaJust like it sounds. Asthma is treatable, but if someone doesn't have their inhaler/medication with them, there can be a problem.-1 Endurance30
OverconfidenceHaving misplaced confidence in your own abilities. Someone who is overconfident is vulnerable to being fooled or tricked, since they don't remember that pride comes before a fall.None30
CowardiceFear in the face of danger or pain, which often leads to dishonorable, self-serving reactions.-2 honor30
Bad LuckThe opposite of having good luck; things have a tendency of just not going well.None30
ObssessiveHaving a tendency to be compulsively preoccupied with an idea, person, event, etc. This can often cause a great deal of anxiety.-1 emotional stability30
JudgementalAn inclination to make judgements, either moral or personal ones, and to condemn people offhand. Judgements are often made without much gathering of information, and also tend to be highly unyielding.-1 charisma30
IndecisiveHaving trouble making firm decisions. This is something that can be very bad for someone whose life often depends on the ability to make split second choices.None30
ArrogantHaving overbearing pride, characterized by making claims to unwarranted importance or consideration. Is considered to be highly annoying.-1 charisma30
AddictionsOverrideing physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance. The substance in question is usually harmful or has some sort of negative effect...and things get very dicey if the addicted party doesn't get their fix. (Coffee and chocolate are considered to be the exceptions to this. Nicotine is most emphatically an addiction.)-2 emotional stability for each addiction30 for each addiction
AmnesiaHaving gaps in the memory, resulting from either physical or psychological trauma. Amnesia tends to have a rather disturbing effect on the person inflicted with it. There are three levels of amnesia; sometimes the effect is spotty so that you can't remember certain events, sometimes months or years have been completely lost, and at its most severe, you don't even know who you are and they had to teach you how to walk again.*1, -1/-2/-3 emotional stability30-60
Mental ConditioningAlso known as brainwashing; it's forced indoctrination aimed at destroying basic beliefs, values, and even personality so that they can be subjugated by an alternative set of beliefs or orders.-7 emotional stability60
Powerful EnemyHaving someone with a great deal of some sort of variety of power (political, financial, etc.) bent on your humiliation, destruction, or untimely demise.None30
VendettaBeing involved in some sort of bitter, destructive feud, where the need for revenge is compulsory and overriding.None30
Past Criminal ActivityYou character was involved in some sort of criminal activity in the past (other than murder or rape).-1 honor30
MurdererIn the past, your character committed murder. This must be approved by the GM. (Killing in self-defense, also killing because of orders (either assassination or while on a mission) will not be counted as murder in this case. I would not, however, recommend trying to use that definition in a court of law.)-7 emotional stability30
Annoying PersonalityPossessing a personality trait (such as perkiness or negative attitude) that simply annoys the snot out of everyone in the immediate area.-2 charisma30
ClumsinessBring prone to causing accidents of any sort due to being uncoordinated or simply inattentive.-2 dex30
Self- Esteem ProblemHaving low self-esteem or having a derogatory attitude toward yourself. This may greatly effect the ability to perform a job function, and also distress friends. (And sometimes annoy the hell out of them, too.)-1 emotional stability30
SuicidalSimply put, your character wishes to commit suicide.-4 emotional stability30
FanaticHaving extreme, unreasoning, and absolute devotion to a person or cause. Such devotion excludes everything else, and is considered to be very, very dangerous.-5 emotional stability30
DepressionA psychological condition characterized by the inability to concentrate, insomnia, and feelings of extreme sadness, dejection, and hopelessness. A much more serious problem than low self-esteem.-2 emotional stability, -1 charisma30
GullibleBeing very easily deceived or duped by just about anyone.- 1 wisdom30
NPC DependentHaving an NPC (non-player character) dependent upon your character. The NPC could be a child, a sick mother, or a close friend that your character needs to support. This requires a short side bio for the NPC. Be aware that you will be expected to mention the NPC from time to time, and they may be used against your character.None250
Financially IneptThe absolute inability to manage money with any sort of intelligence.-1 wisdom30
Heavy SleeperThe ability to sleep through just about anything, up to and including alarms, marching bands, and full scale attacks.None30
Bruises EasilyYour character bruises very easily, which can lead to all sorts of interesting misconceptions...None30
Low Pain ToleranceThe inability to withstand all but the most minimal amounts of pain. (Read: paper cuts)-1 willpower30
Odious Personal HabitsAnything, from biting ones fingernails to public nose picking to indiscreet flatulance; anything that society at large finds repulsive or gross. A character may have multiple odious personal habits, and may also be inflicted with one at any time.-2 charisma for each habit40 per habit
Social StigmaThere is something about your character that may cause discrimination. There are three levels of Social Stigma; some things, such as race, may rouse prejudice in only certain people, while others, like being a GELF, is something that the population at large finds highly distasteful. Newtype abilities are considered a social stigma because they are feared.*130-60
EpilepsyA neurological disorder that can cause seizures or motor/sensory malfunction. Epilepsy can be treated with medication.None30
EunuchThis is for male characters only; a man that has had his testicles removed.None200
MuteThe inability to speak, cause by either psychosis or actual physical defect.- 1 emotional stability50
BerserkerComplete loss of rationality in battle, causing absolute savagery and reckless frenzy. Berserkers do not feel pain or discomfort until their rationality returns at the end of a battle. Beserkers do not necessarily become irrational in every fight, but it is a possibility.-2 emotional stability30
ManiaAn obsession or compulsion with a behavior that is virtually impossible to control. As an example, Kleptomania is the absolute compulsion to steal. A character may possess more than one mania.-2 emotional stability per mania30 per mania
LecheryExcessive indulgence in sexual activity or lewdness.-2 honor30
Complete CynicismHaving faith in nothing, or "Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing."None30
Medical ConditionHaving an existing medical condition that is perhaps still partially treatable but still performance effecting. Some medical conditions can be cured over time, but most should be the result of a congenital or birth defect and thus never completely curable. Examples: arrhythmia, low blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you're not sure about your chosen condition, please consult with Katsu.*1, -2,-3,-4 endurance40-80
AllergyAn allergy to a food, drug, or anything else that can cause an allergic reaction.*130-60
Low Alcohol ToleranceBeing a "cheap date," aka someone that can't hold their liquor. Alcohol fumes alone make them dizzy.None30

Have all of your disadvantages chosen? Total up your attributes and your emotional stability rating from the numbers you got out of the advantages and disadvantages...we won't be messing with those particular numbers again. Do you know how many skill points you have left? Great! Time to move on to skills!

Onward to Step 11!