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Given Name: Patricia Marie O'Keif

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Red, O'Keif

Profession: Combat Soldier

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: July 13, AC 178

Age: 26

Blood Type:

Height: 215 cm

Weight: 125 kg

Nationality: Irish Celtic

Place Origin: Killarney, in the Kerry Province of Ireland

Race: EH

Strength: 47 Dexterity: 30 Endurance: 28
Intelligence: 17 Creativity: 17 Wisdom: 18
Physical Description
One word best describes Red: Massive. At just over two meters tall, and with a focus on strength and combat ability, she's built much like a Panzer tank. She has chin length straight red hair and deep emerald eyes that seem to shift into a murky grey-green when she's under the influence of some intense emotion. She has a pale, freckled complexion, though she tans easily, and hardly ever burns, even under intense sunlight. Red's strong jaw and somewhat patrician nose, both of which have been broken on more than one occasion, combine somewhat unflatteringly so that she would be considered more 'handsome' than 'pretty' and even the most charitable person could argue against being that generous. Add in being muscle-bound, and intimidatingly large, and it would be patronizingly kind to call her feminine. Distinguishing marks include heavy scarring over much of the right side of her body, including throat, shoulder, upper and lower arm, side, back, and upper leg, as well as three heavy scars that disfigure a former IRA loyalty tattoo on her upper left chest/shoulder.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Alcohol Tolerance
Military Background
High Pain Tolerance
Self Control
Adaptability (3)
Language - Irish Gaelic
Physical Abuse
Sleep Disorder
Powerful Enemy
Past Criminal Activity

Emotional Stability: -6
Willpower: 32 Charisma: 18 Honor: 26

Upon initially meeting her, Red is a quiet, reserved, almost contemplative person. Her entire childhood was spent in 'training' to become the perfect terrorist, constantly being told that she "wasn't good enough yet" by her family, peers, and commanders. Rather than instilling a lack of self esteem or confidence, it strengthened her commitment to 'become the best.' Whereas someone with a low self-esteem would think that he or she was not good enough and then agonize over that, Red 'knows' she isn't 'good enough' and merely trains even harder to get better. She does not agonize over her perceived inadequacies, as "moping gets you nothing but a headache and a serious case of death."

She spends most of her waking moments either studying advances in warfare or doing some sort of physical activity designed to improve her abilities. She doesn't truly enjoy warfare or killing, but it's the only thing she has ever been taught or has ever known, and it's the only thing that truly fills her with a sense of purpose. Much of this stems from the fact that as a child and adolescent, she was constantly told that being a soldier was all she would ever be good enough for, if she could even get that right.

Even one of her favorite 'hobbies' is connected to fighting; meticulously caring for her favorite weapon, a Northrup Weapons Systems Mark V Coyote Class piston-cooled Rail Gun which she picked up during the beginning of the first Eve war in lower China. This weapon is typically mounted on the exterior of heavy support vehicles, although some Enhanced soldiers, GAH's, and GELFs have been known to use them. Many individuals who use this weapon are forced to mount it upon a pneumatic radial arm that is connected to the ammunition pack, helping to support it when firing. Red's main claim to fame is that she uses the weapon with no support arm (although it does require her to use both hands when firing). Over the years, she has modified the weapon so that it is now blued to a matte black finish, making it more suitable for covert ops, as well as adding a small bit of decorative scroll work along the main body of the weapon, spelling out the nickname "Baby" that she christened it in AC 196, and a long-stemmed thorny rose. The ammunition pack has been redesigned for comfort in extended sorties, and dyed black as well. Most of the ammunition she has left unmodified, however, she carries on her person at all times three rounds for Baby that have been blued to a matching black finish. Etched upon the length of each one is the name of one of her surviving brothers, as she knows that someday it is extremely likely that she will be forced to kill them as well.

Her other hobbies include honing and perfecting her combat skills, either alone, or in those rare times she finds someone that she trusts enough to withstand her strength, and brewing a potent version of whiskey (170-180 proof) which she affectionately calls "Grog." Her one guilty pleasure, or at least that's how she perceives it, is watching the sun set, and dreaming about someday flying in space. She long ago resigned herself to the fact that she will never pilot a mobile suit since she is far too big to fit in any cockpit that isn't specially designed for her, although she has always dreamed of flying some sort of fighter, or even transport in space. She enjoys freefall and zero G a great deal, as during those times she feels less cumbersome and on more equal footing with everyone else. She ceased viewing her size as a detriment several years ago, regretting it occasionally only because it makes her more visible and reduces her effectiveness as a covert operative.

She is not exactly unintelligent, per se, however it is occasionally required that someone else do or say something designed to get her to actually think and contemplate something, rather than accept on face value. Before their deaths, Rory and Tara did this for her, including instigating her investigation of IRA tactics that eventually led to their own demise. As a young child and adolescent, she was never encouraged to seek out knowledge or take initiative outside of her orders, and these ingrained habits are sometimes hard to break free from. Once her curiosity has been piqued, however, she is as doggedly relentless in her pursuit of truth as she is in her pursuit of physical perfection. She is, if nothing else, persistent, perhaps even stubborn to a fault.

Due to her above average strength, she has taught herself a great deal of self control, although, conversely, she lacks patience. She has an exacting code of personal honor, and often those who do not measure up to this standard end up feeling the brunt of her somewhat formidable Irish temper. Certain things are more likely to trigger her ire than others, such as people who over-indulge in self-pity, people or events which harm innocent lives, or any type of domestic abuse. She very adroitly recognizes the signs and symptoms of most types of domestic abuse, although she has yet to make the connection that she was a victim of the same thing. Extreme cases of incidents that provoke her irritation can, on rare occasion, push her into a more primal combat mentality. It is interesting to note that during these episodes, while she is able to set aside discomfort and ignore all but the most debilitating and severe pain, she retains cognitive ability. She is able to recognize the difference between friend and foe, however, she will *not* give up the fight until either she is dead, or the foe has been neutralized, typically in a more brutal or savage manner than would be normal for her. It is not so much a loss of reasoning or rationality as it is a near psychotic and pathological intensifying of her focus and determination, to the exclusion of all other events. This does include, if necessary, the pacification of any friendly forces who attempt to restrain or detain her.

She suffers from regular reoccurring nightmares, typically featuring the deaths of Rory and Tara, and tends to attempt to skip sleep, or simply be unable to sleep, in order to escape them. She has, over the years, trained herself to subsist on approximately 30-40% less sleep than the normal person, averaging no more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and supplementing with very short 'power naps' when needed. This lack of a regular, predictable REM cycle probably contributes to her occasional psychotic fighting episodes when provoked.

She does not make friends easily, having lacked in vital socialization skills as a child. However, once her trust and friendship are given, it is unshakable. Concepts of 'family' confuse her at times, since she remembers the affection Rory and Tara freely gave her, yet she also vividly recalls the aloof indifference and outright hostility of her parents and other siblings.

In times of extreme comfort or extreme duress, Red will unconsciously slip into Irish Gaelic, and even when speaking Basic, she has a thick Irish accent. She has a somewhat wicked, one might almost say cynical, sense of humor, which can pop up in inappropriate moments. Those who have known her in the past liken her to a tightly coiled spring, or a bottle of Nitro, waiting for the last pound of torque or that one bump too many that results in an intense explosion.

Background Info/Origin
As the Fourth born child of Moira and Darragh O'Keif, long time IRA Sympathizers, Red was promised from conception to the Irish Republican Army. Moira was in particular disappointed by Red's birth, as she had been hoping for a girl in all three of her previous pregnancies, which were all boys. Drug enhancement on Red began just prior to and immediately following her birth, and continued throughout her life until she left the IRA in AC 195 at age 17. To date, neither the IRA, nor Sinn Fein have any records of a subject who responded in a more desirable manner to the drug and physical therapies than Red did; by age 21, she had completed her final growth spurt to top out at over two meters tall, with correspondingly above average strength and combat capabilities.

She started showing signs of her response to the drug therapies as a young child, resulting in her siblings ostracizing her, sometimes violently, from family and social life. The only exceptions were the eighth and ninth children, twins Rory and Tara (the only other girl of the ten children in the O'Keif family). As Moira and Darragh were disappointed that Red had not come to them as their first, second, or third child, and often took that disappointment out on Red, they did nothing to halt the alienation of their oldest daughter. They also did nothing to help ease her discomfort as she began responding so 'favorably' to the IRA imposed enhancements. When she started to grow both in stature and strength far beyond other children her own age, she began getting ignored and outright abused by her social peers, much like she had already been experiencing from her own siblings and parents. This abuse continued, under the guise of 'training', when she was formally admitted to the IRA at age 10. She spent the next seven years in 'training', learning such things as explosives/demolitions, armed combat, unarmed combat, survival, and basic tactics.

When Moira had learned in AC 188 that she was pregnant with twins, and that one of the twins was the girl she had been praying for since she began her family twenty four years earlier, Moira broke with tradition and opted not to promise the twins to the IRA. Her three eldest children, sons Conor, Owen, and Liam, had all voluntarily entered the IRA when they came of age, thus Moira and Darragh were not criticized for their desire to keep the twins for themselves.

Over the years of their childhood, Rory and Tara quickly became the family favorites, being of such sweet dispositions that it was clear they would have been ill-suited for military, or even paramilitary life anyway. All seven of their older siblings took it upon themselves to help protect the innocence and childish naiveti of the twins, shielding them from the growing unrest between the Irish government, the IRA, and the Alliance. Rory and Tara were not as unaware as they led most of their siblings to believe, and were in particular sensitive to the plight of their older sister, Red, and her near-expulsion from the family. The three, when the opportunity presented itself for them to be together, became nearly inseparable. Some of the older siblings, eldest son Conor in particular, were jealous and angry at the twins' favoring of their "freak sister", and at times went out of their way to torment Red as punishment.

Having grown up in a family that sympathized with the IRA for more than 20 generations, and also having been admitted to the IRA at such a young age, Red was thoroughly indoctrinated to the IRA and Sinn Fein's ideals. As she began being assigned her first missions around age 15, mostly random bombings of Irish Parliament targets, Red began paying closer attention to the political climate throughout the world and Ireland, and started thinking for herself. She began taking note of how many innocent people were getting caught in the crossfire of the IRA's campaigns and attacks, and started doing some research, discovering that this was not a new trend, but rather one that had been occurring for centuries.

Officers in the IRA, uncomfortable with Red's initiative and her newfound questioning manner, began disciplining her on a regular basis, including an incident where they intentionally triggered one of her own bombs before she was clear of the scene. She was hospitalized for several weeks following, and still carries many of those scars today. Rather than cowing her, that further galvanized her resolve. She began openly questioning the practices of the IRA, sentiments which were echoed by Rory and Tara. Red's parents assumed that it was Red who 'corrupted' the twins, when, in fact, it had been sweet natured Tara who had first broached the idea to Red, sparking her interest in the casualties of the IRA's missions.

As Red became more and more vocal about her doubts in the IRA's methods and intentions, the upper echelons of the IRA and Sinn Fein decided it was time to act against her. As they had so much time and a large part of their limited resources devoted to her enhancements and training, they had hoped to break her spirit, thus being able to retain her as one of their soldiers. Sinn Fein also wished to silence the twins, Rory and Tara, since their charisma and leadership abilities were beginning to show even as young children, and Sinn Fein feared their future influence with rising pacifistic factions.

Thus in late AC 194, Red was sent on a mission to bomb a suspected Irish Parliament military stronghold, which actually ended up being a simple reserve base. The date this base was hit, a Killarney grade school had been scheduled for a tour of the facility, and 63 innocent children were killed, with another 37 wounded. Among those killed were 7 year old Rory and Tara O'Keif.

When the rest of the O'Keif family learned of the death of the twins, and that Red had been the one to set the ordinance that had killed them, what few filial ties that they had retained were severed. The three eldest, Conor, Owen, and Liam, tracked her down, tortured and beat her, then left her for dead in the country hills near Letterkenny in northern Ireland. Shortly afterwards, Moira committed suicide in a fit of depression, leading Darragh to take on a daring suicide mission for the IRA. Her four surviving younger brothers, Killian, Gavin, Sean, and Niall, all swore that if they ever found her, they wouldn't merely leave her for dead, but would ensure the job themselves.

Distraught by the loss of the only people in her life that had ever freely given her acceptance and affection, as well as severely injured and on the run, Red opted to leave the country for a change of scenery and perspective until she was recovered enough to return for revenge against the IRA. Her travels eventually led her to southern China where she met up with Sally Po, who had just recently returned to her homeland to fight for the rebels. Once she was recovered enough to do so, Red joined Sally's cause, lending her abilities to the rebels and in return, learning jungle survival techniques. Realizing that the overall worldwide political climate was more important than revenge against the IRA would be, Red remained in southern China for most of that war, working both with Sally as well as solo towards the efforts of defeating Oz. She had been on a mission in a more northern province when the Gundam pilot Chang Wufei accompanied Sally Po, and did not return until shortly after Chang Wufei's departure.

Based upon what Sally could tell her about Wufei, Red became more interested in the Gundam pilots' activities and began following whatever news on them she could find. The rather public destruction of Gundams 01 and 02, as well as the persecution of Duo Maxwell while in Oz custody deeply affected her, stirring up protective instincts that she thought had been destroyed when Rory and Tara had been killed. While she deeply respected all five Gundam pilots as a whole and individually, she held Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, and Chang Wufie in a special regard, and at that time would have willingly walked into the bowels of hell for them if asked to. Their efforts towards world peace in the subsequent war only strengthened that regard, and since then she has striven to model her life after their examples.

After the second Eve War, Red returned to Ireland and began a vigilante terrorist campaign against the remaining elements of the Sinn Fein and IRA. After her first handful of successful strikes, the IRA learned that she was still alive. She was labeled as a traitor to the cause, and orders for her execution were cut and sent out to all remaining cells of the IRA. Owen, Gavin, and Niall had been killed in the previous two wars, however her surviving brothers, Conor, Liam, Killian, and Sean, vowed that they would be the ones to hunt her down and return honor to the O'Keif name within the ranks of the IRA. In AC 201, Conor succeeded in tracking her down, resulting in a short, but very bloody, fight where Red was forced to kill him.

Due to her renegade status with the IRA and Sinn Fein, Red is forced to travel out of Ireland a great deal in order to avoid capture. Since the end of the second Eve War, she has even traveled to several of the colonies at times when it was too dangerous to remain on Earth. With the death of Conor, the familial duties have fallen upon Liam, who has made it his life's ambition to track down his renegade sister and exact proper recompense from her for the devastation of the O'Keif family and elements of the IRA.

Sally Po has kept tabs upon her activities for some time, finding her at odd intervals, especially during AC 205, supposedly to 'keep in touch'. After reestablishing their previous friendship, Sally approached her about the possibility of joining a group that would find her skills useful, vaguely hinting at the Gundam pilots' involvement. Wary of organized military groups from her time with the IRA, but filled with a deep respect for Sally's judgment as well as an even deeper regard for the Gundam pilots, Red agreed.



Specific Enemies/Friends
Known Family: Father- Darragh O'Keif (deceased), Mother - Moira (Leary) O'Keif (deceased), Siblings - Conor O'Keif (deceased), Owen O'Keif (deceased), Liam O'Keif 29, Killian O'Keif 25, Gavin O'Keif (deceased), Sean O'Keif 20, Rory O'Keif (deceased), Tara O'Keif (deceased), Niall O'Keif (deceased).
Other Known Family: Uncle - Padraig O'Keif 62, Aunt - Hanna (Bradley) O'Keif (deceased) Cousins - Dylan O'Keif 35, Kayleigh Kildare 31, Sorcha O'Keif 25, Connor O'Keif 18 Uncle - Rowan Macnulty 55, Aunt - Ciara (O'Keif) Macnulty 54, Cousins - Katelyn Macnulty 33, Molly Macnulty 29, Nathan Macnulty 25, Colm Macnulty 18
Known Enemies: Sinn Fein nationalists and the whole of the Irish Republican Army
Known Allies: Sally Po

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:
Weight Lifting

Level 6 Skills:
Fighting Dirty
Basic Survival
Jungle Survival
Level 5 Skills:
Ground Piloting

Level 4 Skills:

Level 3 Skills:
Home Brew
Electrical Engineer
First Aide

Level 2 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
Penny Whistle

MS type


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