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Given Name: Hsin-Ming Kung

Alias Name: Ah-Ming, or simply Ming, Ming-a-ling-a-ping-pong if the mood's silly

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Skadi, Helter Skelter

Profession: Combat Pilot

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: January 20, A.C. 185

Age: 19

Blood Type: AB-

Height: 152 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Nationality: Chinese-American

Place Origin: L1

Race: POH

Strength: 28 Dexterity: 26 Endurance: 21
Intelligence: 29 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 23
Physical Description
Hsin-Ming's small frame conveys the image of a gymnast--lithe and flexible with well-toned muscles, and her figure is rather boyish with only a hint of curves, which can make her appear only fifteen or sixteen, versus her real age. Her hair falls to mid-back in a sleek, silky cascade of black and one front strand is dyed ice-blue and held in place with a X-shaped barrette. If she needs to keep her hair out of the way, she ties it back in a ponytail or two. Wispy bangs frame an angelic heart-shaped pale gold face with alert, inquisitive dark brown almond-shaped eyes, complemented by a small, rounded nose and a bow-shaped mouth either pressed in concentration or in a small smile. Her graceful, slender hands are marred by thin, straight scars received in a childhood accident(see Background), and are constantly moving when she talks, sometimes rubbing together because her fingers get cold easily. When Hsin-Ming has the opportunity to be out of uniform, she can be seen wearing: a T-shirt(with a baggy black cardigan if it's chilly), loose-fitting jeans, and a pair of black Converse sneakers. She is never found without her grandmother's light blue crystal Kuan-Yin pendant on a black cord.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
Language (Mandarin Chinese)
Military Background
Plays Well With Others
Photographic Memory
Good Balance
Bruises Easily
Low Alcohol Tolerance
Sleep Disorder
  • Dust

Self-Esteem Problem

Emotional Stability: 0
Willpower: 26 Charisma: 28 Honor: 25

Politeness was something highly emphasized in the Kung family, and Hsin-Ming does her best to honor that value. She treats everyone around her with a great deal of respect, and any favor done for her will be reciprocated at least in full. Hsin-Ming is fairly cool and reserved, but sweet and caring towards her friends and comrades--when someone has a problem, she's willing to listen to them and be there to supply comfort. While she is quiet and soft-spoken most of the time, Hsin-Ming can become very lively and talkative once a conversation turns to something she is very interested in or has a lot of knowledge about. When Ming has something to say, though, she will make sure to speak up to make sure everyone listens to her. She possesses a deadpan sense of humor and likes to make people laugh with her wisecracks or silly antics. Ming can be shy at first, but as her comfort level increases around new friends, she becomes less timid with them. She loves to listen to punk-rock musi! c, and sometimes can be seen dancing around the base with her headphones, singing softly to herself.

Anger can turn Ming from sweet and soft-spoken to cold, sharp and steel-hard. While she doesn't lose her temper often, Hsin-Ming has no qualms about letting people know once it's gone. The wry sense of humor converts quickly into sarcasm used for succinct, biting remarks delivered in an icy voice, while the angelic facade is replaced with a stony, murderous expression. After Ming is done speaking her mind, she withdraws from the situation to sulk for a while before she reemerges. But when Ming's done being angry, she's done and wants to forget about it.

Hsin-Ming is a quick learner--once concepts are taught to her, not only can she repeat them, she can apply them to different situations. Her mind is analytical and efficient, taking everything into account and looking at problems from all sides. She is very focused on tasks and won't stop until she has them completed, being meticulous and detailed in her work. Hsin-Ming is a very determined and disciplined young woman--she is willing to make sacrifices to get the job done, even if the consequences are disastrous, because she tends to think more with her head than with her heart.

Unfortunately, when something is making her sad, Ming tends to internalize her feelings, often saying that nothing is the matter despite the sad look on her face or laughing it off. If she is extremely troubled she will withdraw by crawling into a small space(i.e. underneath a desk, in a bathtub, etc.). She has been taught that crying is weak, and feels ashamed of herself if she does it. Ming usually doesn't want to talk about what is disturbing her for fear of troubling others with her problems. She will first try to solve a problem herself before coming to someone for help.

Due to the cause of her brother's death(see Background) Ming often will refuse to sleep at first, but then drops off eventually. However, she is an extremely light sleeper and will wake at the smallest touch.

Background Info/Origin
Hsin-Ming was born with an older twin brother, Hsin-An, at midnight on January 20, A.C. 185, one month early. The twins were the youngest of six children, with Ming as the first girl in the family. Despite their premature birth, both Hsin-Ming and Hsin-An were healthy babies. Her mother had thought that Ming might have had a blood disorder, due to the bruises on the baby when she started to crawl at six months, but the doctor had concluded that there was nothing wrong; Ming simply had delicate skin. The twins developed quickly in mental skills--both were speaking two-word phrases at ten months, and by the time they were eighteen months old they could speak in short but complete sentences. In A.C. 187, Hsin-Ming was diagnosed with a mild form of asthma at age two, with an additional allergy to dust. Despite this, her father, who owned a kung-fu school, decided to start training her along with Hsin-An at age three in martial arts, and Ming's condition began to show signs of improvement as the training progressed. Within months she was simply like any other active child, with the help of an inhaler. She was an ardent learner, perhaps a little too much so--when she was four, she had wanted to start practicing with swords, and attempted to get one down from a rack where an array of the weapons were hanging. Unfortunately, the rack fell on her when she disturbed it, and two of the swords went cleanly through her hands, pinning her to the ground. The wounds healed completely; however, Ming would bear scars for the rest of her life. The swords were placed out of reach until Ming was twelve. Meanwhile, her brothers decided to mollify their baby sister's disappointment by teaching her to play basketball with a makeshift hoop adjusted to her tiny size.

In A.C. 189, the twins were enrolled into kindergarten in an L1 public school, at the age of four. They had been taught to read at age three, and were beginning to learn basic addition by their fourth birthday. Both were eager to learn, always wanting to know when they could go to school, and they always had received top marks. Hsin-An was often loud, boisterous, and generally very outgoing, making friends easily in classes. Hsin-Ming, on the other hand, had been bullied by her classmates due to her initial hesitation to speak in class, or even at all. Hsin-An started to defend his sister as soon as he caught on to this, so Ming adored her twin brother and would go nowhere in public without him. But in July, A.C. 192, Hsin-Ming woke up to find out that her brother was not breathing. The family rushed to the hospital, but it turned out that Hsin-An had been dead for two hours. Autopsy results later revealed the cause of death to be a spider bite, that of a black widow. A search of the house revealed nests of the arachnids in both the twins' rooms, and from that day on, Hsin-Ming developed arachnophobia, refusing to sleep for a few weeks after her brother's death for fear of getting bitten as well, even after the spiders had been exterminated. To this day, however, the girl is a light sleeper, and will awaken at any light touch that feels like the tread of an insect, and sometimes she won't sleep at all if she's feeling extremely afraid.

Ming, now without her twin's protection, was forced to overcome her shyness the following A.C. 192-193 school year, and eventually began to gain lasting friends of her own. This was partially due to her parents' careful instructions throughout the rest of her life--that she shouldn't cry so easily, because no one would take her seriously, not to mention that it was embarrassing, and the warning to never tell anyone else what was bothering her. "No one wants to hear your problems," her mother always said to her. However, this made Ming think that she *herself* wasn't so important--that whatever her troubles were, they weren't worth hearing at all. Thus she began to internalize whatever problems she encountered, always trying to see if she could solve them herself. She also missed her twin bitterly, and made it a daily ritual to clean his grave, so she could have someone to talk to about her troubles.

During the war in A.C. 195, the Kung family supported the Gundams and what they were trying to do to free the colonies. Ten-year-old Ming was very interested in the events concerning Heero Yuy, the pilot from "our colony", as she called it. It was Yuy's defeat of Zechs Merquise that same year that had Ming deciding that she wanted to be a pilot when she grew up, so she could help defend her colony when it was in danger, instead of viewing the war without the ability to do anything. Her desire to pursue a military career was later reinforced by her three oldest brothers joining the Preventers in A.C. 196. However, the kung-fu school didn't have enough revenue to send Ming to a military school, but her parents finally decided that they could make do with a modified version of the kung-fu training until their daughter could get into the Preventers herself. From her eleventh birthday forward, in addition to unarmed combat, Ming began learning how to use weapons, starting with the fan and staff, and then finally progressing to swords at age twelve, with lessons in tactics from Sun Tze's book "Art of War".

Hsin-Ming continued to earn high marks in her classes upon entering high school in A.C. 198, not only due to her intelligence, but also due to a strong sense of discipline instilled in her. She participated in the school symphony orchestra as a flutist, frequently contributed stories and photographs to the school's literary magazine and was on the school's varsity basketball team. After graduating second in her class in A.C. 202, she joined the Preventers at age seventeen, where she was trained in piloting a Mobil Suit in all three atmospheres(air, ground, space), and learned to use the weaponry associated with the MS as well. One commander of the Preventers, Lucrezia Noin, was already familiar with the Kung family, but she took special notice of Hsin-Ming after the girl managed to return successfully from a Colony OC-04201-XTM rescue mission unscathed in January A.C. 203, with only six months experience to speak of. Noin began to watch Ming carefully for the next year, often giving the ensign difficult missions to fulfill. It was in June A.C. 204, when Hsin-Ming led her squadron in stopping a dangerous terrorist rebellion in the colony OC-03202-XTC, that Noin was assured of the young woman's capabilities. Ming's file was subsequently brought to the attention of Duo Maxwell, with Noin's recommendation. Within a week, Hsin-Ming was summoned to Noin's office where she was interviewed by Lt.Cmdr.Chang Wufei. After the interview, Noin told Ming about the Black Lions and how she thought Ming's skills would be put to better use there, and the girl signed on right away.

Butter mints, Japanese, Chinese and Italian food, daifuku, noodles(ramen, udon, and soba), grapes, kiwi, oranges, pearl milk tea, tea, combat training sessions(especially unarmed combat), being hugged, people playing with her hair, taking photos, writing stories, reading(sci-fi, fantasy, late 1900 British authors), basketball, practicing her kung fu, comics(Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Lenore, a few manga series), listening to music(punk, alternative, a little classical, and traditional Chinese), movies(comedies, sci-fi, Jet Li), Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, old "ER" reruns, most shades of blue, black, forest green, kittens, playing her flute, singing and dancing(she'll do karaoke if persuaded enough), her weapons, being able to talk about stuff she likes.

Spiders, pickled mustard greens, getting cut with sharp blades(more annoying than scary, however), not getting something perfect after a few tries, losing, the inclination to cry, bubblegum pop(think Britney, Mandy, and every boy band), rap, polka, being bullied, cheese(with the exceptions of mozzarella and parmesan), alcoholic drinks of any kind, mayonnaise, not being listened to, uncleanliness, spoiled brats, getting scolded, being a scapegoat, excessive use of baby talk, people referring to themselves in the third person, cruelty, being asked to repeat herself, getting her hair pulled, not being able to talk about her problems, false accusations, spit and mucus, feeling awkward.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Hsin-Ming doesn't have any enemies. Everyone else she considers a potential friend. Ming has a lot of respect for Noin, because the commander took the time to notice her skills and refer her. Ming simply likes Aisuru because the girl is so infectiously happy, it's hard to feel depressed around her. Michael is someone she finds fascinating--not freak-show fascinating, but someone who she'd like to know better. With Winter, Ming really does like the other girl, and tries a little harder not to be so timid around her, because Winter is someone she'd really like to have as a friend. She adores all of her older brothers, especially Tai, the youngest one. Ming admires Heero from afar, because he was the person who inspired her to become a pilot.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 7 Skills:
Martial Arts

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Ground Piloting
Air Piloting
Space Piloting

Level 4 Skills:
Basic Survival
Special Weapons(Fan, Halberd, Lance, Staff)

Level 3 Skills:
Basic Repair
Beam Weapons
Free Fall

Level 2 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:
Vocal Music

MS type


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