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Given Name: Pandora Serial # 081-255-070-6EM

Alias Name: Michael

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): Wrath, Wrath of Heaven

Profession: Combat Pilot

Rank: First Ensign

Date of Birth: Exact date unknown, April of AC 183

Age: 21

Blood Type: Unclassifiable

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Nationality: Unknown. Extrapolation suggests Russian ancestry.

Place Origin: Unknown

Race: GELF

Strength: 31 Dexterity: 42 Endurance: 28
Intelligence: 42 Creativity: 30 Wisdom: 31
Physical Description
Short, thin, with wiry (if well-defined) muscles, and seemingly delicate, Michael certainly doesn't look to be 21 years old--he seems to be 14 or 15 at the most. His short hair should be a brown so dark that it's almost black, but it's very unusual for him to be seen with his hair its natural state--he enjoys bleaching it and dyeing it all sorts of strange colors. Michael's eyes are startling, a wolf-like amber that tends to change shades depending upon his mood. His skin coloration is fairly light, though he tans rather than freckles, and he has a few odd, thin scars on his hands, wrists and ankles. The kanji hato [dove] is tattooed on the small of his back.

Newtype Abilties
Telepathy: T6 Empathy: E7 Clairvoyance: C0 Telekinesis: K4 Pyrokinesis: P13 Electrokinesis: L0

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
High Pain Tolerance
Faith (in a few people)
Adaptability (3)
Double Jointed
Photographic Memory
Night Vision
Social Stigma (3)
Allergic to:
  • Red Dye #5
  • Penicillin Antibiotics
  • Morphine
Claustrophobia (2)
Past Abuse (Mental and Physical)
Amnesia (1)
Self-Esteem Problem

Emotional Stability: -13
Willpower: 31 Charisma: 20 Honor: 25

When he is fully in control with himself, Michael is a pleasant person to be near. He is extremely shy around strangers, though he tends to be somewhat brash and outgoing once he is familiar with the people he is with, and doesn't tend to act his age because of the fact that he is many years behind his peers as far as emotional and social development goes. He exhibits near savant level intelligence, as well as an extremely flexible, intuitive mind and an almost frightening ability to understand and apply military strategy. He has a much darker side, however; there are many partially explained imbalances in his mind and personality. He has debilitating headaches and severe nosebleeds at random intervals. When not in the state of utter concentration that he falls into during missions, he is prone to unpredictable bouts of extreme self-destructive anger. His experiences and memories, still crystal clear after all these years due to his photographic memory, cause him to have severe nightmares. Also, when cornered or put under unnatural, inhuman amounts of stress, his rational self will sometimes lose control completely, and his animal self will take over. Once in that state, it is difficult to calm him down or bring him back to himself. Because of his unpredictability, Michael is considered by most of the Black Lions to be extremely dangerous, possibly insane, and completely untrustworthy.

Background Info/Origin
Michael is one of the two survivors of PanDoRA (Projected David RNA- catalyzed Alteration), a project funded by Dekem Barton whose goal was to achieve the next step in human evolution and create the perfect soldier, in which Michael was one of the first serials that actually survived through infanthood. He was confined to the Pandora laboratory until the age of 15 along with all of the other serials. At that point, Pandora was discovered by the governmental security forces of the colony. In fear of their lives, the scientists began to systematically destroy the serials as well as any evidence proving the existence of Pandora. For once, Michael's unpredictable nature and metabolism worked for him, and he was able to escape and flee the labs, disappearing completely into the population of the colony shortly before the authorities arrived and turned the entire valley that the Pandora complex was in into glass. He wandered for many years, then, living on the streets and stowing away on shuttles to hop from colony to colony, though there are large gaps in his memory of that time due to the instability of his mind. When he arrived on L2 at the age of 18, however, he was rudely brought back into reality at the scene of a violent murder. He decided to pursue the criminal on his own, but despite his careful planning, he was surprised by the man and shocked halfway into his animal state, at which point he dealt with the murderer, though not as he had intended. Shortly thereafter, the Black Lions entered the scene in an attempt to capture the murderer...instead, they found Michael huddling in a corner, struggling to regain control of himself. He was captured, sedated, and brought in for psychiatric observation. Duo took him in shortly thereafter and made him a member of the Black Lions.

Music, meditating, strategy games, children, animals, poetry, drawing, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, Duo, Heero, and Winter.

Being alone, Pandora, sashimi, losing control, cruelty, strawberry ice cream, romance novels, enclosed spaces.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Michael has no specific enemies. He considers Winter to be his best, and sometimes only, friend. To him, both Duo and Heero are protectors and father figures.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:
Space Piloting

Level 6 Skills:
Air Piloting
Small Arms Marksmanship
Beam Weapons
Level 5 Skills:
Ground Piloting
Basic Survival
Basic MS repair

Level 4 Skills:
Systems Security
Programming Languages
Mechanical Affinity
First Aide
Cross Stitch

Level 3 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
Improvised Weapon

MS type


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