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Given Name: Lukas DiMilo

Alias Name: N/A

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Mechanic

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: April 14, AC 177

Age: 27

Blood Type: O-

Height: 165 cm [5'6"]

Weight: 70 kg [154 lbs]

Nationality: Japanese, Greek descent

Place Origin: L3-X18999

Race: POH

Strength: 26 Dexterity: 27 Endurance: 24
Intelligence: 25 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 30
Physical Description
Despite his toned muscles and lean, gymnast's physique, Lukas often appears fragile and somewhat feminine. He tans though prefers not to for health reasons. Thus, his delicate skin remains a pale peach color from which marks or bruises reveal easily. Soft, wavy hair falls to the small of his back, a thick, black mane bleached with golden streaks. Lukas occasionally experiments with different hairstyles, but would usually leave the mass unbound or tie his hair into an efficient braid when circumstances require. Overall, Lukas is extraordinarily attractive. His features are symmetrical, with a dainty nose and a not-too-pointed chin on a smooth, slender, heart-shaped face. He has a killer pout he is not afraid to use and an arsenal of disarming smiles that do not always reach his eyes. From his Japanese mother, Lukas inherited a set of almond-shaped brown eyes that are warm, yet piercing, and dark as chocolate syrup. In spite of the sharpness of his eyes, his overall appearance often conveys an air of beguiling innocence and lazy, seductive charm. When he speaks, he can oscillate his voice from a pleasant male tenor to a rich female alto. When he moves, his actions are, more often than not, deliberate and fluid. Small hands and an artist's nimble fingers seem weak but conceal strength. Occasionally, Lukas cross-dresses for espionage, amusement or both. He has nearly developed a fetish for wearing shorts or mini-skirts with colorful, patterned pantyhose, but that is only when he is off duty. He has yet to look professional in uniforms.

Advantages Disadvantages
Higher Education
Military Background
Adaptability *3
Street Smarts
Financially Astute
Courteous *3
Plays Well With Others
Natural Resistance to Psionics
Photographic Memory
Good Balance
Infamy *1
Past Abuse *3
Emetophobia -fear of vomit
Onomatophobia *1 -fear of words or phrases, in his case, 'Michael','traitor' or variations thereof
Sleep Disorder
Powerful Enemy
Past Criminal Enemy
Self-Esteem Problem
Bruises Easily
Social Stigma: Assassin *1
Social Stigma: Bisexual *1
Allergic to:
  • Peanuts
  • Paracetemol
  • Prozac (yet to be discovered)

Emotional Stability: -6
Willpower: 24 Charisma: 34 Honor: 18

Warm, glamorous and affectionate, though blithely unconcerned by how others see him, Lukas often plays the role of a hedonistic flirt. He is sensual, curious and persuasive by nature. Pleasure is important to him because he needs to feel that he is living each conscious moment of his life to its fullest potential and not just passing through it without enjoying himself. Self-discipline is necessary because Lukas can be generously indulgent and lenient towards his loved ones. As a companion, he is charming, resourceful and compliant, while independently, he acts self-sufficient and self-assured. Rational decisions in his head form instinctively, however quickly, often with precious little regard to Lukas' personal opinions. Feelings of guilt, shock, pain or grief rarely hold sway over his actions because he is highly adaptable and confident with his abilities. When faced with difficulties, he will not hesitate to use any available advantage he has, whether to cheat, seduce, bribe or blackmail, in order to accomplish assignments. As long as his physical body or appearance serves him an immediately tangible function, Lukas usually does not care how it is used.

Background Info/Origin
Due to her work as a Romefeller Foundation science technician, Hikaru Tsukita migrated from Earth in order to take part in the construction of space colony L3-X18999. In AC 173, Hikaru met and fell in love with Dr. Adrian Di Milo, who was also working on L3 at the newly established Barton Foundation Hospital. Hikaru was a bold and honest woman, who never seemed afraid to voice her own feelings. By contrast, Adrian was a practical, straight-thinking man, who preferred to express himself through actions rather than speech. The couple married in AC 176.
Lukas Di Milo, born April 14, AC 177, grew up in a colony that was strongly influenced by the Romefeller Foundation and Alliance military. Nonetheless, his parents were peace-loving individuals determined to pass on to their son the late Heero Yuy's policies of demilitarization and non-violence. Throughout his life, such conflicts in interest were a constant theme.
From kindergarten to primary school, his shyness, feminine looks and size often seemed to attract the unwanted attention of classroom or neighborhood bullies. Hence, Lukas was convinced and constantly assured he was bullied because his appearance was inferior, leading him to become shy and withdrawn from the rest of the children around him. On the one hand, the father thought his son's reclusive behavior was due to pride, assuming that the artistic talent Lukas inherited from his mother made him arrogant and therefore anti-social. On the other hand, his mother decided that he was absurd not to consider his creativity and beauty as advantages. Lukas eventually learned to cope by not caring about how people regarded him.
He worked hard to maintain considerably high grades throughout primary school because he felt that concentrating on his studies and developing on his art skills seemed more productive. In class, he showed superb understanding of Basic Science and Mathematics, particularly Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics, as well as demonstrating a strong grasp of Art and English, making him an all-rounded academic student. Though Lukas was notably less enthusiastic about sports than his peers were, he stayed around and above class average for Physical Education, because it dissuaded bullies from picking on him for being weak.
In AC 188, eleven year old Lukas was on his way to visit his father at the hospital when he chanced to witness, through wire fencing, the destruction of Brigadier General Septem's nearby military base at the detonation by a younger-looking Japanese boy with a startlingly feminine face [Source: Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero]. When Lukas arrived at the hospital, he excitedly told his father what he had seen, but the sensible doctor found his son's story hard to believe. Specials officer Treize Khushrenda, who had overheard their conversation when he was brought into the hospital with a related injury, later confirmed the incident.
During his period of recuperation at the hospital, the officer befriended many of the hospital’s staff, the doctor and his family included. Treize encouraged Lukas to interpret what he saw as a sign of what his future might hold and to follow it. At the age of eleven, Lukas did not quite understand the meaning of Treize's words, but kept them in mind because Treize had supported him. As a show of his trust and high esteem for the man, Lukas in return confided to Treize his growing interest in machinery. It was a secret, because both parents did not approve of their son's attraction towards demolitions and MS weaponry.
Treize recommended Lukas apply for a scholarship to a promising upper-class military school, the Specials' Lake Victoria academy. Treize, a man of persuasion, assured the parents a military training could be useful in protecting the peace and, if Lukas showed potential in his chosen courses, the man would be happy to sponsor some fees. The parents eventually both agreed.
Having had his application granted for his dedication and focus in learning as well as his mechanical aptitude, Lukas transferred to Lake Victoria academy after completing Grade 6. During his first year there, in AC 189, he established some healthy and substantial friendships, which attributes to the growth and perseverance of his self-esteem. This lasted up to the end of AC 191 when a close friend suddenly started ignoring Lukas for unspecified reasons, leaving the boy feeling somehow at fault. At first, this confusion and insecurity seemed to greatly affect his overall performance. However, he later discovered the reason of his friend's coldness in AC 193; while his friend had been infatuated with him since grade seven to grade nine, Lukas had only thought of him as a friend and had led the other boy on unintentionally. After this discovery, Lukas continued in his studies, immersing himself in other friendships and school activities, such as fencing, dancing, gymnastics and chess. Though he managed to avoid falling into depression over the matter, he never seemed to be able to restore that particular individual's trust or friendship. Lukas' opinion of himself progressively declined.
Treize, his benefactor, became leader of the secret society OZ and commander of Specials in AC 193. Driven by the desire to please his parents, teachers and Treize, Lukas graduated with high honors as a qualified MS pilot and in Technical and Mechanical Science at the age of eighteen. Upon graduation in AC 195, Lukas was recruited into the OZ. With his parent's consent, he worked, not as a pilot, but as a mechanic, intermittently test-piloting for the MS zodiac series.
In the OZ organization, Lukas found himself target to various [mostly sexual] propositions and harassment from strangers and colleagues alike. Early in AC 195, he was nearly raped by a drunken OZ soldier, but was rescued by one of the pilots, Michael Somerset, whose Aries MS Lukas frequently repaired. Having escaped the larger threat, the drunk nonetheless threw up on Lukas, who was diagnosed with a low level of Emetophobia after the incident because the sight and smell of vomit often triggered unwelcome flashbacks.
After the traumatic incident, Michael grew heavily protective of him. They became best friends and later lovers, Michael gradually reassuring Lukas a beautiful appearance was an assets rather than a hindrance. Unfortunately, the relationship was short lived. Divided by the events following 'Operation Meteor' and 'Operation Daybreak' in the same year, OZ split into Alliance and Treize factions. While Michael conformed to the Alliance, Lukas believed in his commander and his parent's wish for peace.
Caught between the literal crossfire of the two OZ factions, both his parents were accidentally killed. While in mourning, Lukas was told Treize had been defeated by the Gundam pilot, Chang Wufei. Furthermore, there was still no news on the whereabouts of Michael. Death, it seemed to the young man, had deliberately taken all his loved ones and, as his nightmares foretold, left him alone.
Upon recognizing the face of a boy he had once seen when he was eleven as the publicized pilot of Wing Gundam in AC 195, Lukas became interested in the Gundam pilots and looked them up in OZ's Library.net. Finding the name 'Heero Yuy' in the first Gundam pilot's file, Lukas recalled the original 'Heero Yuy's' policies of demilitarization and non-violence he had learned from his parents. This strengthened his resolve to leave the OZ; Lukas tried to 'follow the signs', as Treize had said, to lead a more peaceful life.
After he forcefully broke allegiance with the resisting OZ, he took his mother's place at the Romefeller Foundation. They accepted him for his above average practice and skill in researching and developing technology and with the technician's line of work. Such skills were attributed from his mother's influence, school training at the Lake Victoria academy, and the OZ.
In AC 196, Lukas learned that one of the subsidiary groups in the Romefeller Foundation was planning to attempt a second 'Operation Meteor'. Unwilling to lend further assistance to the foundation, Lukas took his toolkit and expertise and deserted L3 unannounced.
From AC 196 onwards, Lukas settled into a maverick lifestyle, surviving out of prostituting his bodily assets and military abilities. He mainly identified himself as a mechanic, specializing in breaking into or tampering with mechanical devices to create 'accidents'. Lukas also took odd jobs, propositions, and the occasional technician or saboteur work for various groups and underground organizations, such as those that were later publicized during the AC 200 rebellion as Privateer groups in general. As a saboteur, Lukas was highly acclaimed for his stealth and subtlety. His work often, though not exclusively, also involved assassination.
Out of a need for living human contact, Lukas fell in and out of a series of fleeting affairs with people from various groups he worked with. One was a transvestite, who introduced him to cross-dressing and taught him how to oscillate his voice. Psionic Talents were drawn to him partly out of curiosity; they encountered difficulty using their NewType abilities upon him. It was suggested that Lukas had established either very little faith or extremely powerful mental shielding, if not both, which rendered his mind virtually undetectable. Lukas tended to be attracted to both young men and women that were not particularly loyal or serious. This sometimes created feelings of jealousy, resentment or hostility between those involved. Fortunately, Lukas was fairly flexible and tolerant, believing it better to depend on himself rather than on others.
Due to conflicts of interest in AC 199, Lukas stopped working for those Privateers who were leaning towards rebellion. Because of his intimate connections and knowledge of many group's inner systems however, various Privateers were threatened by his 'betrayal'. They felt the need to hunt him dead. As a last resort, he sought aid from his old instructor, Lucrezia Noin. With her support and the promise of his loyalty, he joined the Preventers as a saboteur soon after the start of the unrest in June of AC 200.
Using his broad knowledge in Technical Science and the skills and information he learned from some of the Privateers - including knowledge of explosives, gases, poisons, and special mechanical devices - he infiltrated enemy hangers and ripped the electronic 'guts' out of a number of their crafts, disabling rebel mobiles suits and vehicles. During the next four years, he successfully prevented many more deaths, thwarting various Privateer operations with his mechanical aptitude, stealth and good contacts. The other members of his Preventers troop were suspicious of these connections even tough Lukas was honest to them when confronted about his professional associations with some of the Privateers.
In January of AC 204, Lukas experienced an unexpected confrontation with Michael Somerset, who had become a Privateer space pirate in a particularly religious group called the Archangels. After nine years of their separation, Michael's outlook and behavior had changed radically. He no longer seemed to care for the end of war as he used to, instead bitterly resenting the CTC's 'manipulation' and 'so-called' peace. That Lukas chose to side with the enemy yet again, only confirmed to Michael that his ex-lover was a 'betrayer' and 'traitors' were to be punished with no mercy. Lukas was captured and subjected to physical torture and psychological abuse by his captors, while Michael could not bear to touch, look or speak to him after a bitterly uttered 'traitor'. Through an anonymous tip, members of Lukas' Preventers troop managed to rescue him in around a week. By then, Michael yet again disappeared.
Lukas was suffering from a high fever, which Medical said *could* cause memory loss, among other possible psychological damage. In truth, Lukas' memory was photographic and extremely sharp, more so when he's under stress. Though his memory would not fail him, it did not stop him from faking a loss of it in order to keep colleagues from worrying. After his health returned however, Lukas was diagnosed with Onomatophobia - fear of certain words or phrases - when the words 'Michael', 'traitor' or variations thereof were accidentally said by concerned teammates.
When his health returned, Noin told Lukas she could no longer let him work for the Preventers because he had become too easily recognized there by some of his enemies in various Privateer groups. Yet it would be a terrible shame to allow his mechanical skills go to waste, so she referred his files to Duo Maxwell. In June of AC 204, Lukas transferred from the Preventers to the blackops group later revealed to him as the Black Lions. Operating as a mechanic limited his working sphere to within the base and hangar.

Manga, fiction [i.e. crime, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy], Shakespeare and various 20th century playwrights; J-rock, J-pop or classical music; the taste of strong coffee, dark chocolate, honey, ripe strawberries and lemon; sex and dreamless, restful sleep; novelty; experiencing culture [via reading, writing, speaking, singing, drawing, and touching, among other means]; [both] Heero's ideals; Duo's good taste; Wufei's judgment. To date, his mother used to bake the best home-baked cookies he has ever tasted.

Senseless violence - bullying, harassment, rape or killing, betrayal and infidelity [resents such behavior, but won't hold it against personalities]; being called a 'traitor'; over-religiousness; drinking alcohol [he is honest and talkative when drunk]; drunk people [has a tendency to try and help if he knows the person, but will be extremely wary]; permanent marks on his skin; weakness and vulnerability in himself; worrying or become a burden or disappointment on others; Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest' [with its cardboard cut-out characters].

Specific Enemies/Friends
[Out of Black Lions] Michael Somerset; Lukas thinks Michael hates him, but also believes it was Michael who gave the anonymous tip that saved him. Noin; Always his respected teacher, regardless of her age.

[In Black Lions] Michael; He is not afraid of GELFs, but the first ensign's name disturbs him.
Tatakai; Lukas finds himself fascinated with the younger man.
Aisuru; The sweet girl bakes fantastic cookies, as his mom used to.
Vasya; Lukas considers him a good friend, like a brother, easily teased.
Khamryn; He wants to see that boy smile.
Heero, Duo and Wufei, Lance; Lukas obeys and respects them, though finds it hard to let himself depend on them. He understands Treize deliberately allowed Wufei kill him.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Machine Repair
Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Suit Repair

Level 4 Skills:
Basic Survival
Electrical Engineering
Fighting Dirty
Invention (Mechanical)
Small Arms (non-MS) Marksmanship

Level 3 Skills:
Air Piloting
Ground Piloting
Throw Improvised Weapon

Level 2 Skills:
Improvised Weapon
Vocal Music
Acoustic Guitar

Level 1 Skills:
Lip Reading
Speed Typing

Level 0 Skills:
First Aide

MS type
N/A; whatever needs to be tested


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