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Given Name: Liaden McGilvray

Alias Name: Dr. McGilvray, Lia

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Psychiatrist

Rank: Wing Second

Date of Birth: February 1, AC 182

Age: 22

Blood Type: B+

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 53.5 Kg

Nationality: Canadian-British

Place Origin: Vancouver, Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 20 Dexterity: 26 Endurance: 23
Intelligence: 32 Creativity: 27 Wisdom: 26
Physical Description
Liaden has light brown hair with golden highlights, cut in layers to make a careless mane that falls to just below her shoulders. She has expressive dark gray eyes with dark lashes. Her facial features are almost elfin, causing people to often treat her as if she is young and innocent. Usually solemn and calm of expression, her smile is somewhat lopsided, a quirking of the lips to the rightt, forming a dimple. Her voice is low in pitch, and pleasant to listen to. Fair skinned, she blushes easily, bruises easily, burns in the sun before she tans, and will become flushed quickly under the influence of alcohol. Small, light and agile, she is strong considering her size, but only about average for the majority of the population. She has a scar on her right knee from playing with her two older brothers and another on her left shoulder blade, from when her middle brother went insane.

Advantages Disadvantages
Photographic Memory
Higher Education
Military Background
Keen Senses
Plays Well with Others
Happy Childhood
Low Alcohol Tolerance
Phobia(1, knives)
Sleep Disorder(nightmares)
Bruises Easily

Emotional Stability: +2
Willpower: 27 Charisma: 30 Honor: 21

Liaden is friendly, in a calm, introverted way, with a wry sense of humour and a disarming air. Infinitely a people person, she cares very much for the wellbeing of those around her, but because of her rootless upbringing she feels distanced or detached from them. The losses of her brothers and mother hit her very hard and has made it hard for her to openly connect with people on a personal rather than professional level. When she does make attachments, she is very loyal.

Lia does not consider herself terribly intelligent. She would say her early success is due to her excellent memory, needing only to be shown or told something once, and the fact that she honestly enjoys learning. Her counseling and clinical abilities are very good; she is observant and a good listener, and can induce people to talk even if they didn't think they wanted to. Both her detractors and admirers agree that sometimes she seems to be Telepathic or Empathic, but she is not a NewType, just a very sensitive human.

Her combat skills are adequate and professional, but not something she particularly enjoys using, although having had two older brothers taught her almost as much about holding her own in a fight as did her military training.

Lia's main flaws would be that she can be stubborn, and in situations of emotional stress, impulsive. She also has a tendency to think the best of people and it is therefore hard for her to reevaluate her trust in someone once she has given it.

Background Info/Origin
Liaden was part of a tightly knit family, comprised of her father, Dr. Evan McGilvray, her mother Helena, and her two brothers, Benjamin (4 years older) and Sean (6 years older). Lia was closer to her father and Sean, who were introverted like herself, but she adored her vivacious and smiling mother and the fun-loving, mischevous Benjamin. In the years before the war of 195, they traveled with her father to the colonies, where he had set up a roving practice as a sort of frontier doctor.

Young Lia was very interested in her father's profession, and by the age of six, was often found helping him in one way or another, always watching and listening. Her parents realized that their daughter was intellectually gifted, but elected to keep her with them, schooling her themselves as they had been doing with her brothers, instead of sending her to school on Earth. Helena had been trained to teach on Earth, and gave her children a similar education to the one they would have received traditionally, although with a bit more practical experience. She passed on to her daugther a love for the stories of the ancient peoples. Dr. McGilvray was delighted with his daughter's interest, and patiently explained everything he did, as well as the knowledge behind it. Liaden absorbed this knowledge like a sponge.

The McGilvray's decision to stay in space was due, in part, to a continuing animosity from Helena's family on Earth, who are low ranking members of Romafeller. They did not approve of their daughter's nomadic and dangerous lifestyle and they felt it beneath them to have had their daughter married to a nameless orphan, who wasn't even from a proper country. Liaden's grandmother, Lady Caroline Gravecourt, was and is a very controlling matriarch, said to have driven her older husband into an early grave. When Helena had left to go to teacher's college, her mother had thought it an amusing distraction. Even after Helena married without her permission she never really accepted the betrayal of her eldest child, and refused to disown her, maintaining that she would "come crawling back" eventually. This was not particularly pleasing to the other heirs, especially Lia's uncle, Sir Richard, or his wife, Lady Nicole. Unless Helena was disowned, she and her children would receive part of the Gravecourt wealth, which meant they would have to make do with a smaller, though by no means insubstantial, amount.

In 195, when Lia was 13, the family began to fall apart. Both of her brothers joined the Specials under the pressure of their grandmother. When OZ split, Sean "disgraced" himself in the eyes of the Gravecourts by siding against Romefeller and aligning himself with Treize Kushrenada. He was declared MIA while fighting to protect Treize at Luxembourg during Operation Nova towards the end of 195, and is presumed dead. Uncle Richard was on Duke Dermail's shuttle when it was destroyed. Benjamin was injured in the last battle to stop Libra at the end of the year. Their grandmother was able, using her connections with the remains of Romefeller in the military, to get him sent to the family estate. Helena decided to go to her son, regardless of her feelings towards the Gravecourts. Lia went with her, anxious to see her youngest brother after the loss of the elder. Evan would stay in space and wait for them to come back when Benjamin had recovered. Unfortunately, it soon became evident that Benjamin had been injured more than physically. He had continuous flashbacks to the battle that almost killed him, and was spending less and less time conscious of the world around him. This was a trying time for both Lia and her mother, as they not only had to cope with Sean's death and the rapidly deteriorating Benjamin, but with the animosity of their relatives. Caroline was painfully arrogant, believing that she'd finally defeated her daughter, while Richard and Nicole saw them as splitting up the inheritance that neither Lia nor Helena wanted at all. Even Richard and Nicole's 13-year-old son, Trenton, was a spoiled bully, delighting in tormenting his little cousin.

Eight months after the end of the war, Benjamin had one final episode during which he managed to grab a knife, killing his mother, stabbing Liaden, and then killing himself. Rather than let his in-laws take further advantage of tragedy, Dr. McGilvray returned to Earth and "kidnapped" his now fourteen-year-old daughter, taking her back into space. Romafeller's influence having been diminished he was not caught. Lia was quite content with this. They spent the next two years travelling as they had before, Liaden still observing and assisting her father. When she was sixteen, her father got an influential colleague drunk and made him a bet that he couldn't refuse. If Liaden could pass the exams, she could go straight into medical school, no undergraduate study needed. She still has no idea what her father offered if she failed. Her marks on the exams exceeded even her father's expectations. For various reasons, among them a need to validate her father's expectations and the continuing impact of the deaths of her mothers and brothers, she threw herself into her studies. Her professors and collegues described her as "driven. She overloaded on courses and by studying straight semesters with no vacation was able to complete her degree in three years. Lia decided to concentrate on the area of conflict, war and post-war related psychology and trauma, recognizing to herself the fact that the deaths of her mother and brothers was part of her motivation. After a year's internship, she was hired by the Preventers to be part of their medical staff, and so received basic military training, focussing on armed and unarmed hand to hand techniques, as opposed to combat piloting.

In early AC 203 there was an incident which was to lead to her transfer from the Preventers to the Black Lions. Liaden was part of a small contingent of Preventers stationed at New Haven colony on Perseus. They were meant to be a visible force to quell increased tension between locals and inner colonists or Terrans passing through the nearby jump point. While off duty at a local bar, a fight broke out between a local man and two travelling Terrans. Outnumbered, the local man took a bystander hostage. The man was later shown to be mentally ill, and his gun empty. Liaden talked the man into giving the hostage up, but just as he did so, one of the Terrans attacked him, slashing his neck with a knife. Forcibly subduing the Terran and his companion, Lia was able to save the local man by performing an emergency tracheotomy. This incident was not looked on kindly by the commanding officer of her unit, as the politics of the situation favoured casting the Terrans as victims rather than the local man. Liaden refused to recall her report on the situation and was sent back to Earth under a black cloud. Upon her arrival there, she was relegated to what is commonly called a "desk job". Fortunately, soon after her departure from New Haven, Lt. Cmdr. Wufei Chang arrived there to pick up certain supplies and delicate information. The locals regarded Lia as a hero, and he wound up hearing enough different versions of the same story to pique his curiosity. He was able to get a fairly accurate account from the contacts he had come to meet with and he related it to Cmdr. Duo Maxwell and Lt. Cmdr. Heero Yuy. They decided that this Dr. McGilvray would be a good addition to their group, and so set in motion an offer from the Black Lions. Dr. Sally Po and Lt. Cmdr. Chang facilitated her transfer.

learning, reading, people, travelling, photography, comparative mythology, the colour blue, dark chocolate, winter (the season), jazz, classical music, celtic music, and fairly mellow rock.

knives, not being able to help someone, "food with an odd texture": mushrooms, sushi, yogurt, Jell-O, etc.; rain, killing time, cooking, rap and country music, tea and/or coffee, cold showers with low water pressure.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Lia and her father are still close, and keep in touch as best they can given the mobility of their chosen careers. Other than that, she has few friends, as she hadn't stayed anywhere long until four years ago and then was too busy. Essentially everyone she is now working with is a potential friend.

Upon the death of her daughter, Lady Caroline transferred her need for control to Liaden, and would do much to see her grandaughter return to the estate, begging for forgiveness. Should the Lady Caroline die, Liaden is the principle heir. This does not sit well with Lady Nicole, nor her now-grown son, Sir Trenton, and should anything happen to Lia, they would not mourn long, if at all...

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Medicine Prescription
Small Arms Marksmanship

Level 4 Skills:
First Aid
Basic Survival

Level 3 Skills:
Fighting Dirty
Improvised Weapon

Level 2 Skills:
Throw Improvised Weapon

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
Vocal Music
Rock Climbing

MS type


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