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Given Name: Lance Gregory

Alias Name: Reever or "Clusty Moron" depending on situation

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): Reever

Profession: Head Mechanic

Rank: Master Sargeant

Date of Birth: March 20 (23:59), AC 182

Age: 21 but can appear older if neccesary

Blood Type: B+ with diluted chemicals

Height: 6'1" (183 cm)

Weight: 207 lbs (94 kg)

Nationality: American (round the Texas/Mexican border)

Place Origin: L2 is what he'll state if pressed... truth is he can't remember.

Race: EH

Strength: 40(left arm)/31(right arm) Dexterity: 19(20/18 around beautiful people) Endurance: 21
Intelligence: 30 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 24
Physical Description
Lance has always been an odd one of sorts to begin with. Large and muscled, yet not too muscled. He's never taken time to work out, so his tone is seen only if he is forced to tense up while working, which happens alot in the hangers. His hair is a soft brown and his eyes mohogany colored, adding to his blank expression of "what I do now?" look. He's got a few scars on his arm from things falling around him, but nothing with a real story to it, save the black line around his neck and the fact that one of his lower arms was replaced with a mechanical one. The only really other distinguishing feature of him that a person can never forget is the somewhat low and whispered voice of his, which can sound like a distant wind if he yells, his vocal cords somewhat decayed due to an accident in the past. And as an accessory, he wears a blue crystal around his neck with the kanji Raijin carved into it, the only real truth to his birth.

Advantages Disadvantages
Connections: Duo Maxwell
Military Background
Keen Senses
High Pain Tolerance
Animal Magnetism *1
Photographic Memory
Kung Fu Grip
20/10 Vision
Sensitive Touch
Social Stigma
Hot Temper
  • Beautiful People
  • Failure

Emotional Stability: -1
Willpower: 21 Charisma: 10 (11/9 depending on character interacted with) Honor: 35

Lance is pretty well to get along with for one reason, and one reason only. If you look good, you have him at your hands and control. Being bisexual, Lance turns into a clumsy oaf around males and females alike when they ask him to do things, save the task at hand. But this may change as time goes one. He's never kissed anyone, period, and he's not the sort that gets aroused, just nervous. The only people that doesn't do anything for him are those that aren't attractive, and Michael. Lance believe's Michaels constant hair colors are a bad sign, and the fact that Lance changes around Michael and only to Michael's face. Around everyone else, he's soft spoken, due to his accident with his voice. But if Michael comes back with less than suitable conditions on his Mobile Suit or is being Michael's "normal self", Lance has been known to get extrememly vocal on the boy's "lonewolf" and "psychopathic" tendacies to a degree that the two have threatened to kill each other at one time or another. However, Lance, for some odd reason, trusts his life in Michael's hands if it ever comes to the situation, the "winds" speaking of the boy's military knowledge as one of his better qualities. When other's approach Lance, he's usually working or scheming on a "better" weapons system, his knowledge of Mobile Suits and Weaponry nearly unmatched save by the Gundam pilots, but this is soon to change. He takes pride in his work and blames himself if something fails. And many times he requests to work alone while on repair or the few missions he does run, because he doesn't like people knowing what supplies he needs. If anyone is around, and he thinks they are flirting, which is always, he becomes clumsy with things, sometimes acting like a fool. Lance is smart, streetwise, ..but socially..he's a dimwit. On a sidenote, Lance is human in every aspect save the mechanical hand. His blood however is slight bluer when the oxygen is used up, and his body not requiring as much oxygen as others, due to the experiment as well.

Background Info/Origin
Lance seems pretty lacking of luster when he tells his story to someone. Ask him and the most you'll get is "I wander around sometimes, wondering where the winds shall take me." But within this large and somewhat frustrated being, lies the past of a tactical survivor. His birth is not registered with any nation nor any colony, but there are records of his various vacinations as a child. He is from Earth, but he is unsure of exactly where upon it, though his voice has a bastardized american appeal to it. To survive in his travels, always talking of "the winds changing", he goes where he feels he needs to go. His ventures have crossed him from country to country, sometimes from other colonies as a stowaway. To keep himself from being revealed to those he travels with, or hitches rides is more appropriate, he dons the clothing of a mechanic or recons agent, learning these trades as he goes along. He's worked on about every known Mobile Suit or studied the plans to them with a fevor in case he ever had a chance to pilot one. Around the age of 13, his interest turned to that of the Gundam when their legend was reborn once more to life, and he took work with Oz (sp?) as a Mobile Suit tech. Planting black boxes upon various suits here and there, his analyzation was only made possible from watching the data recorded, as well as that hacked into of Oz data bases. To keep from being found, He'd always hops the next transport to the next base when things seemed to get a little rough, there always being the odd correlation that some of the Mobile Suits had be tampered with, their structures altered here and there for more than test purposes, sometimes sabotage. Due to these testing and retrieval of the black boxes, via satelight communication, the boxes themselves always destroyed during the "tests." His knowledge of Mobile Suits has slowly become more and more undetermined by those around him, every now and then letting slip a bit of knowledge most his age really shouldn't know. Around the age of 20 he found the location of the Black Lions base of operations and tried to enter at a request of the "winds." He was turned back by Duo at Reelena's plea, her eyes not liking the look in Lance's eyes at all or the darkness that always seemed to chill her when he spoke. Duo seemed to like the boy, as "another american is always welcome in a barroom brawl." Lance looks at Duo as a mysterious nut, yet admires the style of his combat, never doing much damage to the Moblie Suit. Lance has also never spoken a word around Duo as well, weary of the man's ways at some moments. After being rejected, Lance left the compound and went out for a week or so to think things over and then retrieved and filled three Aries units with enough explosives to level several city blocks easily, and got them close enough to Duo during a training exercise the Black Lions were running, and threatened to, as Lance put it, "Bring Death a new life" if Lance was not admitted. His tactics, a bit rash, yet admirable, allowed him to be recruited into the League. Currently, he works in the Hanger and does modifications when applicable to the Mobile Suits and Gundam when he deems the additions useful and non detrimental to the pilot's lives. His only mistake was once testing a new oxygen mixture for outerspace combat, a leak in the life support system freezing his throat and damaging his vocal chords, and the fire that resulted afterwords, charring his left lower arm away. His technical abilities along with medical staff, have helped him replace it with a mechanical arm, somewhat cybernetic with interchangable wrist peieces, making it easier for him to work on Mobile suits.

Mobile Suits, Explosives, Weaponry, darts, cheeseburgers, males and females of gorgeous natures, Duo's Gundam, testing new parts, not dropping something on his feet, music (preferably classical and moderate rock)

Michael, when MS and Gundam's come back damaged, politics, having to clear his recon missions with Heero, cooking, social events

Specific Enemies/Friends
Duo, only out of respect and curiosity.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Basic Survival
Level 5 Skills:
Electrical Engineering
Invention (Mechanical)
Machine Repair
Mechanical Engineering
Mobile Suit Repair
Beam Weapons
Small Arms Marksmenship

Level 4 Skills:
Ground Piloting
Air Piloting
Free Fall
Desert Survival
Jungle Survival
Tundra Survival
Underwater Survival
Deep Space Survival

Level 3 Skills:
Speed Typing

Level 2 Skills:
Weight Lifting

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:

MS type
Scorpio and other units when needing to retrieve them.


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