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Given Name: Khaiya Elan Sevayin

Alias Name: Ajna (primary online handle)/ Khai to family and close friends

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Scientist

Rank: Senior Ensign

Date of Birth: May 18th, AC 189

Age: 15

Blood Type: A+ (lots of unusual subgroups and antibodies; self donates monthly)

Height: 162.5cm (~5'4")

Weight: 48kg (~106lbs)

Nationality: Unknown

Place Origin: L1

Race: GAH

Strength: 25 Dexterity: 29 Endurance: 21
Intelligence: 36 Creativity: 30 Wisdom: 33
Physical Description
Khaiya is fine-boned, slender, and graceful. He has a fine-featured face, more oval then heart-shaped, high cheekbones, and a generous mouth. His wide, long-lashed eyes are almond-shaped and gray- violet. He has a lithe, supple musculature, nicely defined without being ropy or bulky. He still has very much a young adolescent physique; he has a lot of growth and development to come. His complexion is best described as heavy cream or gold-ivory. His hair is extremely fair; nearly white, no yellow tones. It has a nice healthy sheen, plenty of body, and is slightly wavy, falling just past his shoulders. Khaiya likes to experiment with it, sometimes wearing it in multiple small braids, down with one or two braids, up in a topknot, loose--whatever strikes his fancy. He even on occasion likes to highlight it in blues, greens, silvers, golds, or violets. He has multiple piercings: three holes in his left ear, three in the right, an eyebrow stud on the left and a belly button stud. He occasionally will wear a wrist or ankle chain. He has a small exquisitely done tattoo of a Chinese tiger on the right shoulder.

Newtype Abilties
Telepathy: T10* Empathy: E12 Clairvoyance: C0 Telekinesis: K12** Pyrokinesis: P0 Electrokinesis: L0

*Skin to skin contact exponentially increases the sensitivity and potency of Khaiya's gift, particularly where another Gifted person is involved.
** Khaiya's TK ability is limited to the molecular, cellular, and atomic level; also this aspect of his Talent is not securely under conscious control and manifests in unusual and potentially dangerous ways under extreme stress.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
Self Control
Double Jointed
Courteous (1)
Night Vision
Accelerated Healing
Disease Resistance
Good Balance
Sleep Disorder--nightmares, insomnia
NPC dependent-- Kari Manning
Bruises easily
Social Stigma (2)
Social Stigma (1): Intelligence/Prodigy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Anesthetics
  • MSG
  • Nickel
Alcohol intolerance

Emotional Stability: -9
Willpower: 30 Charisma: 22 Honor: 25

An INTJ by Myers-Briggs classification*, Khaiya is a quiet person. He rarely initiates conversation except with a very few people. At times he is withdrawn and even hostile, not liking to be crowded or forcefully engaged. He has a dislike of casual physical contact and is very protective of his personal space. Under most circumstances he has rigid control of his expression and body language, making it difficult to get anything from him except what he wants you to know. He tends to be distrustful of people and will occasionally go absolutely mute around strangers in a non-secure situation. He does not, however, have a true dislike of people. He enjoys being in proximity to people, with some interaction, but only on his own terms. He doesn't make friends easily but once a person earns that accolade, he is a caring, dedicated, and loyal friend. In most situations, he tends to be coolly courteous, polite, and professional. He is considerably warmer and more relaxed with his friends and family and those he trusts. Khaiya is phenomenally intelligent, devilishly creative, artistic, and a dogged perfectionist. A natural problem solver, he is gifted at inductive and deductive reasoning and lateral thinking. Though young, he is responsible for a significant amount of the technological, and biotechnological innovations that allow the Lions and even the CTC to stay two steps ahead of their opposition.

This young officer tends to demand a lot of himself. There is no halfway point for him; he gives his 100% at all times no matter the circumstances. This is at least in part attributable to physical frailties resultant from his time in Primacy custody, (cardiomyopathy). He is hopeful of a full recovery barring no new problems and proper medical care, but is impatient with his current limitations. Occasionally this results in reckless behavior. For the same reasons, he tends to push himself to his physical limits, enjoying physically demanding activity and exercise, ensuring that his body is otherwise in the best condition it can be. Like his sister, Khaiya requires only about 3-4 hours sleep in a 24 hr period under normal circumstances. Illness, physical, mental, or psi-related exhaustion can increase the need for rest.

Background Info/Origin
Khaiya Elan Sevayin is the second child of Amayel Sevayin and Shonai Raistlin. He is the younger brother of Jordana Sevayin, a pilot and operative in the Black Lions. Born in AC 189, he is the culmination of the New Adam project, Primacy's long running eugenics/genetic engineering program. [Please see Jordana Sevayin's profile for additional information on the history of Primacy and the New Adam project.]

According to records confiscating by the Black Lions, at 9 weeks gestational age, Khaiya underwent fetal chromosomal analysis and genetic mapping. The report demonstrated the same unusual gene complex that his mother possessed as well as sequences similar to those demonstrated in his sister's gene map. Also of note were genetic alterations confined to the Y-chromosome. Former New Adam scientists still working for Primacy were unable to determine with any certainty the cause of the changes. They hypothesized that the Sevayin parents' own unusual genetics interacted with the germ line therapy they had received in an unpredictable fashion, producing the dominant gene pattern they were now seeing passed down to the children.

As had occurred with his sister, there was talk of aborting the pregnancy so that further tissue analysis could be performed. However Dekim Barton, having had the opportunity to witness Jordana's remarkable development, vetoed the idea, wanting to watch how the genes expressed themselves as the child developed. Khaiya was safely delivered at 44 weeks gestation.

As Khaiya grew, it became evident that he possessed the same alterations in physiology and biology that his sister did [again refer to Jordana's profile for details] as well as similar psionic ability. From birth his telepathic wails and infant projective empathy were a trial for his family. As with Jordana, Barton and Cale were intensely interested in Khaiya. Pretending concern for the children, they developed an educational and training program to evaluate and track their abilities. Otherwise, Khaiya and his sister were left to the care of their parents.

This all changed in AC 196. Amayel and Shonai uncovered information linking Dekim Barton and Primacy to two clandestine, military genetic engineering projects. Horrified, the Sevayins fled with their children to Earth, hoping to lose themselves in the post war confusion. Under Dekim's orders, the family was pursued and the Sevayin parents murdered. Jordana was seriously injured in the attack. Khaiya witnessed the entire tragedy. The violent deaths of his parents were a psychic as well as emotional shock for the seven-year-old Khaiya. Traumatized and mindless with fear, his Talent manifested lethally, killing one man and leaving another injured and brain damaged.

Catatonic from grief and sick with backlash from power overload, Khaiya was taken to Primacy's main research facility while his sister was taken the corporation's private hospital. It would be three years before he would physically see his sister again. Dekim was intrigued by the idea of an unaugmented Psionic with a gift strong enough to be used with lethal force. Once assured that Jordana would survive, he gave Cale permission to do whatever was necessary to determine the physical and mental basis for Khaiya's gifts as well as the means to bring them under control. Cale was cruel and ruthless in his methods, soon discovering that the aspect of Khaiya's gift that had manifested at his parents death was poorly controlled and tended to manifest only under traumatic or high stress circumstances.

When Dekim was killed a year later in AC 197, it is known that Cale became severely deranged. Seeing Dekim's dream of creating the perfect soldier manifested became an obsession. He developed both a fixation with and hatred for the subjects of Dekim's research. Though documentation of the three years the Sevayins were in his custody is classified, his colleagues did testify later in court that his investigational and "training" methods were inhumane-- highly objectionable and questionable even by their standards. By AC 199, records indicate that Khaiya Sevayin was a physically and psychologically traumatized child, severely ill from a Primacy developed virus-like neuro-muscular toxin with a high affinity for skeletal muscle, particularly cardiac muscle.

That same year, when Khaiya was 10 years of age, he and his sister escaped from Primacy with the assistance of sympathizers and information provided by an underground hacker network, KID.net. The children fled L1, stowing away on a shuttle to L4. There they faced new problems: they had no money and needed food and shelter. Khaiya was ill, but without money or family, no hospital would see them. Also, a hospital would be the first place Primacy would search for them. After three days of living in an alley, a street child advised 13 year-old Jordana to sell the only thing she had. It so happened that the first man the frightened girl propositioned was 19 year old ex-Gundam pilot, Trowa Barton, now living and working on L4 with his lover, Quatre Winner. The young man took her to a near by diner and over dinner heard her story. He retrieved her brother, taking both of them to a private hospital for treatment under the care of Quatre's sister, Iria. During their stay, Trowa and Quatre investigated their story and finding it true, did everything to deter pursuit while they searched for any family the children may have had had. When no relatives could be found and child services stated that legally they would have to be returned to Cale, Trowa and Quatre took the children into their home and eventually became their legal guardians.

When Khaiya first came to them, he was a withdrawn, distrustful, terrified child who would go into a rage if anyone other then his sister touched him. Trowa was patient and kind and able to slowly work his way through the traumatized young boy's barriers. With silence and music he was able to do more then the expensive psychiatrists that were hired to help the children. And Quatre, using his own empathic gift, was able to unlock the walls three years of abuse had constructed. In the intervening years, Khaiya and his sister were to meet Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, and Chang Wufei on several occasions as the 5 young men kept in close contact. Shortly after Khaiya's 13th birthday, Commander Maxwell invited the Sevayins into the Black Lions corp. Neither the Sevayins nor the Lions have had any cause for regret since.

Ice cream, gourmet candy, ethnic foods; tea, particularly chai, music (alternative, hip-hop, jazz, classical, Latin, Celtic, world beat). Ashtanga yoga, Eastern philosophy, drawing/painting and computer graphics, Computers, acrobatics, martial arts; hiking and exploring, snow-boarding, skiing, swimming; Cats, dogs, horses, tropical fish; thunderstorms, any challenge or puzzle.

Weakness in himself, making mistakes, taking medication, going to doctors, cruelty, powerful people taking advantage of/abusing the weak, reptiles, most insects and rodents, uncleanliness. Red meat; caffeine, alcohol. Sleeping late. Sleeping period.

Specific Enemies/Friends
No real enemies. Despite his aloofness, Khaiya is generally well liked. He still carries a strong animosity for Primacy and any of its co-organizations. This initially made him even more distrustful and hostile then usual for him towards Michael. Time and close association has resolved that somewhat though the first ensign still occasionally leaves him extremely unsettled. He is deeply devoted to his sister and would do anything for her and is an enemy to any one who would do her harm. Winter and Seimei also hold a significant place in his affections. He is deeply attached to Trowa and Quatre and sees them as parental figures. He idolizes Heero whom he thinks is the best thing since mint-chocolate fudge ice cream. Respects Duo and Wufei highly. Khaiya and his sister met a young orphaned New Type girl on Atropos to whom they now act as financial sponsors as well as friends. Khaiya doesn't have any particular affinity for children in general but this little girl, Kari Manning, has managed to insinuate herself into his heart. He considers her almost as a little sister.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Electrical Engineering
Building experiments
Computer Science
Level 5 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity
Mechanical Engineering
Programming languages
Small arms marksmanship

Level 4 Skills:
Systems security
Martial Arts
Basic survival

Level 3 Skills:
Bone Setting
Virus Writing
Ground piloting
Air piloting
Space piloting
Improvised weapons
jungle survival

Level 2 Skills:
Speed typing
Basic repair
Free fall
Rock climbing

Level 1 Skills:
First Aide
Bone Setting
stir frying

Level 0 Skills:

MS type


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