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Given Name: Jordana Arielle Sevayin

Alias Name: Dana

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Artemis/ Persephone in the field/ Celene-- primary net handle

Profession: MS Pilot

Rank: Senior Ensign

Date of Birth: August 22, AC 186

Age: 18

Blood Type: AB+ (plus lots of unusual antigens which makes her a hard cross match; she self donates once a month)

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Nationality: Unknown

Place Origin: L1

Race: GAH

Strength: 27 Dexterity: 33 Endurance: 25
Intelligence: 35 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 30
Physical Description
A fine boned, slender girl, Jordana moves like a ballet dancer- all perfect posture and easy grace. She gives off a nice mixture of Audrey Hepburn like elegance and down to earth adolescent girl charm. She has large, long-lashed, almond-shaped, gray-violet, eyes, almost lilac in color, that unfortunately tend to reveal far more about her thoughts and feelings then she would like. She has a delicately wrought, heart- shaped face, high elegant cheekbones, small, straight nose, and full lips. Her hair falls to the middle of her back, and is just short of being curly--it has body and a strong wave pattern. This young lady prefers to wear her copper-auburn locks in a fashionable yet serviceable twist or chignon, or the not so fashionable, but equally serviceable French braid or ponytail. She has clear, smooth skin, a warm ivory or heavy cream in color. She has a vaguely heart-shaped red-brown birthmark on her left shoulder. A scar graces the underside of her right arm. Her ears are pierced. Jordana almost always wears some jewelry. Her nails (finger and toe nails ^^) are almost always manicured. Her clothing, even casual clothing, is neat, tasteful, and flattering. She even has her uniforms adjusted so they fit just right.

Newtype Abilties
Telepathy: T10 Empathy: E12* Clairvoyance: C0 Telekinesis: K8** Pyrokinesis: P0 Electrokinesis: L0

*Dana's empathy has a strong projective component that is difficult for her to get conscious control over; She also has a psychometric component to her empathy (the ability to detect strong emotional residue by physical contact with an object)
**Dana's TK manifests on the molecular/cellular level only. It also works best on organic systems.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
Good Luck
Courteous (2)
Night Vision
Accelerated Healing
Disease Resistance
Good Balance
Past Abuse (2)
Arachnophobia (1)
Sleep Disorder--nightmares, insomnia
NPC Dependent-- Kari Manning
Bruises easily
Social Stigma (2)
Social stigma: prodigy (1)
  • anesthetic class drugs
  • psychotropic drugs
  • MSG
  • Strong perfumes
  • Alcohol Intolerance

Emotional Stability: -10
Willpower: 27 Charisma: 28 Honor: 22

An ENF/TP (by Myers-Briggs classification*), Jordana is a confident, self-assured, upbeat young woman, despite the traumas she has endured. Though cautious of strangers, she is generally friendly and outgoing, easily winning friends and allies. The projective aspect of her empathy facilitates at least part of this, which is not fully under conscious control. She is highly intelligent and innovative, with a playful streak that is evident during down times. She has a low threshold for boredom, which at times causes her to act rashly. In the field, she tends to keep a cool head and is able to think fast and act quickly; she excels at improvising and problem solving, foreign languages and customs. Her emotional stability and adaptability are remarkable for one of her years and is one of her best qualities. She is utterly loyal and dedicated to her friends, her family, and the Lions.

Jordana is a gifted Psionic whose Talent encompasses the Empathic/Telepathic spectrum, with a less developed and not as well defined Telekinetic element. She is extremely flexible in the use of her Talent and is always discovering new facets of her Gifts and new ways to apply them. Also of note, Jordana requires very little sleep. About 3-4 hours in a 24-hour period is sufficient. Her brother shares this physiologic trait.

*Check here for here for info on Myers/Briggs types: http://www.personalitypage.com/high-level.html

Background Info/Origin
Primacy was a government-cooperate conglomerate, colonial based, that had been established in AC30. Its initial purpose was genetic and biochemical research aimed at addressing the new health concerns facing space dwelling human, such as the reproductive problems that plagued certain families on L4. Primacy contributed to huge strides in gene splicing, gene therapy, and extra-uterine fetal development. In approx AC75, Primacy embarked on an ambitious project: the alteration of human evolution. They hypothesized that as humans raced to leave the earth for space, new adaptations and mutations would be required for mankind to maintain its dominion and even possible survival. To achieve their goals they instituted a combination breeding/ gene manipulation protocol to achieve what they thought would be the neohuman perfectly adapted for the bright future that waited man in space: Adaptable, creative, strong tendency for mental and emotional stability, resistance to disease, resistance to radiation induced cell damage, and improvements in general constitution. But most importantly, they wanted to work toward improvements in the brain that would result in improvements in neural processing and synthesis, sensory integration, analytical ability. Such changes they hoped would result not only in improved intelligence, but a new kind of intelligence, which should maintain human domination in space in the new age of rapid technological changes and challenges. Most important, they wanted these new traits to become part of the human genome, transferable through the human line through normal reproductive means. Thus they began their meticulous breeding program, identifying persons of various racial backgrounds with flawless family medical histories, and intelligence, mental, physical, psychological profiles, physical assets and abilities who fit the template for what they envisioned in the neohuman. They carefully manipulated, and directed mate selection and breeding, aborting any pregnancies that produced unsatisfactory fetuses or came from unapproved matings. This approach, plus the judicious use of gene therapy, enzyme manipulation, and careful control of biochemical cellular environment brought rapid, astonishing results in an amazingly short time. By AC150, Primacy felt that they were within possibly three generations of achieving their goals. Though Primacy felt that that the project, which they code-named, New Adam, was for the benefit of the human race, they kept the breeding program highly confidential, fearing accusations of eugenics, racism, and general misunderstanding by the public. They kept the names and identifications of the persons involved in the program strictly confidential, even from the participants themselves, and brought these gifted people into the organization to work on the project once they reached maturity without revealing the true nature of the work they were doing.

In AC180, changing political dynamics and increasing hostilities between Earth and the colonies caused a major upheaval in Primacy's infrastructure and its board fell under the control of rising colonial political leader Dekim Barton. Barton was not at all interested in any programs to benefit human kind as a whole. He was interested in directing human evolution toward creating the perfect soldier, a super being he would use in his power play to dominate the Earth Sphere Alliance and the colonies. He ordered the New Adam breeding program terminated and directed Primacy's intellectual might and political and financial muscle toward the support of two highly clandestine projects that he had initiated that were more in line with his aims. Primacy's research division was then placed under the authority of one of his Lieutenants, Aram Cale.


Jordana's parents, Amayel Sevayin and Shonai Raistlin, were, unknown to themselves, the last official issue of the New Adam program. They were also the last to be recruited into Primacy before the take over by Dekim Barton and his political and financial allies. Shonai, an L4 native and Amayel, from L1, both were typical of the end products of the breeding program: Attractive, strong, healthy, highly sensitive, and amazingly intelligent. Except they had one problem that could not be anticipated after 100 years of careful genetic manipulation: Shonai bore the chromosomal defect that plagued many old L4 families: She was not able to conceive and safely bear children. Normally, Primacy would have dropped her from the breeding program...rendering her sterile and 'encouraging' Amayel, to seek another mate. However because of some interesting gene sequences in Shonai's chromosomal map, they instead gave both her and her husband the germ cell based therapy which would repair the defect and prevent it from being passed on to any children they had.

After a 10-month pregnancy that was other wise normal, Jordana was born (AC186). Fetal gene analysis and chromosomal mapping astounded Primacy scientists. Present were blocks of DNA sequences, and chromosomal patterns that were not documented in the human genome. And Shonai's unusual gene sequencing had been passed on to the fetus. Though the couple didn't know, furious debate ensued as to whether or not the fetus should be terminated as unsatisfactory, since it was obviously a set back in the New Adam program. However by this time, the New Adam project had been abolished, it's genealogies and research protocols destroyed, so interest in protecting the integrity of the program was low. Shonai and Amayel's baby developed unmolested.

Jordana's parents suspected something was unusual about their daughter within months of her birth. Worried that the gene therapy had had unexpected results, they finally went to their superiors with their concerns. This unfortunately brought them to the attention of Dekim's man, Aram Cale. He instituted rigorous testing of the toddler and his findings astounded him. Though the New Adam project was irrevocably ended, its goals had, all unexpected, been achieved.

Jordana, though not yet 2 years old, demonstrated that she was indeed New Adam's neohuman. Her hearing, vision, senses of touch, taste and smell, were logarithmically superior to those of her parents, who where superior in that area. Her thought processes and synthesis abilities were unknown in a child of her age. Physically, she demonstrated superior agility, strength, coordination and balance, endurance, and disease resistance, self-healing and cell rejuvenation. Her nervous system, biochemistry, and endocrine system, were utterly unique. But more astoundingly, the child demonstrated strong Psionic ability, something that the New Adam project could never have predicted. Aram was astounded and immediately reported his findings to Dekim, who had interests of his own Psionics. When the Sevayin's second child, a boy, born 3 years after Jordana proved to share her genotype as well as her phenotype and then some, the New Adam project once again became of interest. Military interest. Cale and Barton, however, were initially careful to conceal their true intent from the Sevayin parents. Under the pretence of care for the children's well being and development and desire to cultivate their mental, physical, and psionic gifts, the children were subjected to an intense training, educational, and testing program. Otherwise Jordana and her brother were left to the care of their parents and grew up in a loving, demonstrative, supportive, if somewhat controlled, environment

When Jordana was 10 years of age (AC196), her parents stumbled across information on the New Adam project as well as two other genetic manipulation projects that Dekim and Cale were deeply involved in. Appalled at their discovery and fearful for their children, the Sevayins fled to Earth, intending to disclose their information to Federation authorities. But word of their plans became known to Primacy and Primacy operatives murdered the couple. Their children were then taken into Primacy custody.

Jordana was seriously injured in the attack on her family and taken to the research hospital for recovery while her sibling was taken back to the Primacy main facility. Jordana was not to physically see her brother again for the next three years, though they were able to maintain telepathic contact. It was this bond, in the aftermath of her parents' death that allowed Jordana to survive and endure Primacies attempts to exploit and control her and her Talents over the next 3 hellish years. At thirteen (AC199), with the help of an underground hacker network (KID.net) and sympathizers within Primacy, Jordana obtained information that allowed her to plan her own escape, locate her sibling, infiltrate the facility, and free him. The two children stowed away on a shuttle bound to L4 where luck brought them into contact with ex-gundam Pilot Trowa Barton and His partner, Quatre Winner. These two young men literally save their lives, becoming their legal guardians, providing them with protection, security, and healing for the next 3 years. She and her brother met Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, and Chang Wufei on multiple occasions during the years they lived under Trowa and Quatre's direct care as the 5 former pilots kept in close contact. When Jordana was almost 16, Duo Maxwell, already having two genetically altered young people in his corp., invited the Sevayins to join the Black Lions. They became active members of the organization in 202.

A year after Jordana's and Khaiya's escape, Primacy was officially disbanded by the Colonial businessmen and government officials who formed the conglomerate in keeping with the new attitude of peace and goodwill between the Colonies and Earth (AC 200). Many of the worst offenders were arrested and imprisoned for life. A few key figures escaped with the core of the organization's notes and DNA samples, hoping to make use of the precious information at a later date. In the first year of Jordana's service with the BL, however, she and her sibling with the aid of the Black Lions and the former pilots systematically tracked down and confiscated or destroyed all of Primacy's genetic manipulation data and the scientists who were most directly involved in Primacy's investigations. The purge, as they called it, brought much needed closure for both young people.

Music (all kinds, even country-western) dance, animals, Chinese food, Movies, dressing up, watching football and basketball games, gymnastics, tennis, skiing, kickboxing and the martial arts, deep sea diving. Sunsets, beaches; playing the guitar, reading sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction, biographies, mysteries. Cooking, Photography.

Girls who expect guys to do every thing for them, guys who expect girls to do everything for them, going to bed early, getting up early, being in large crowds, failing at an assignment. Disorganization, Cruelty. Indecisiveness. Uncleanliness. Alcohol (neither Sevayin has the enzymes needed to digest/process alcohol so they just end up dog sick if the ingest it), spiders, creepy crawly slithery things in general.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Jordana views Trowa and Quatre as family. She loves them dearly, like older brothers or uncles, and feels extremely protective of them and has a strong need to please them and make them proud of her. She is deeply devoted to her younger brother with whom she shares a strong rapport and is very protective of him though she realizes the need to give him space to grow. She is also particularly close to Winter, another telepath in the BL with whom she has strong bonds and First Ensign Michael. She has a major crush on Duo Maxwell but is resigned to the fact that he has eyes for only Heero Yuy. Jordana is very close to a young orphaned New Type girl, Kari Manning, whom she and her brother sponsor on Atropos. She sees her whenever she is in that system. No enemies.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:
Space piloting

Level 6 Skills:
Air piloting
Martial Arts
Level 5 Skills:
Ground piloting
Small arms marksmanship
Special weapons
Improvised weapons
Beam weapons

Level 4 Skills:
Basic survival
mechanical affinity
Throw improvised weapons
Jungle survival
Basic repair

Level 3 Skills:
Programming languages
Desert survival
Deep space survival
Vocal music

Level 2 Skills:
rock climbing
Computer Sci
Speed typing
free fall
coffee making

Level 1 Skills:
bone setting
First Aide

Level 0 Skills:

MS type
Scorpio (Hades)


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