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Pictures on File:

Black, Ariana (Ensign)
Badass to the core

Cardinael, Cassandra (Ensign)

Chang, Wufei (Lieutenant Commander)

DiMilo, Lukas (Ensign)
Chibi Lukas

Dawson, Trinity Jehanne (Ensign)

Gregory, Lance (Master Sargeant)
B & W sketch

Kung, Hsin-Ming (Ensign) Chibi Ming
Ming in Blue

Leduke, Garion (Ensign)

Lilka, Hane (Ensign) Hane Neko

Lindemann, Khamryn (Ensign)
Khamryn head shot
In the spider's web
Khamryn with a bruise

Masterson, Flynn Angelina
Shave and a Haircut...

Maxwell, Duo (Commander)

Maxwell, Gwenhwyfar (Ensign)
Head profile

McCormik, Larry (Ensign)

McGilvray, Liaden (Wing Second)

Michael (First Ensign)
Pencil Sketch of Mikey by Jaelyn
Colored Sketch by Jaelyn
Call of the Wild, by Kitsune
Cherry flavored Michael
Now he's blueberry flavored...
And finally orange!
Wings (by Kitsune)
Sketch (by Kagaya)

Nobis, Dante Philou (Wing Second)
Dante Line Drawing

O'Conner, Alexandria Yume (Ensign)
Sultry Alex
Alex in Bed
Devil in a Red Dress
Alex Head Shot
Come to the Wired

O'Shay, Connel Lindsay (Wing Second)

Richardson, Shane (Ensign)

Sebgvia, Leigh Nikaili (Ensign)
Leigh in color

Sevayin, Khaiya Elan (Senior Ensign)
Khaiya, disturbed uber kid
Head shot
Pencil Sketch
Colored Sketch
Khaiya sitting, by Keeley

Sevayin, Jordana Arielle (Senior Ensign)
Sultry Jordana
Head Shot
Jordana with a braid
Posing in full uniform
Soft sketch of Jordana

Shinomori, Sorata (Ensign)
Fresh from the shower
He's looking at you...
B & W head shot sketch
Another one
Profile sketch
Profile in color

Tengoku, Seimei (Senior Ensign)
Devil in a Red Dress
In Flagrante Delicto
Pencil Sketch of Seimei by Jaelyn
Colored Sketch
Michael's Kitty...how cute...
Seimei with her hair in a bun

Williams, Ryence Alexander (Ensign)
Ryence Ink Drawing

Winter (Senior Ensign)
Dangerous lady
Pencil Sketch of Winter, by Jaelyn
Winter with Sumi-e

Wollenbrant, Melaine (Ensign)
Lovely Melaine

Xi'an, Yeung [Ayan Blayne] (Ensign)

Yuy, Heero (Lieutenant Commander)

Group Picture
Michael, Seimei, and Winter
Tatakai and Ming
Khamryn and Leigh: Comfort
Leigh and Khamryn Together
Flower Boyz by Kagaya

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