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Given Name: Heero Yuy

Alias Name: N/A

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Combat Pilot, Command/Operations

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Date of Birth: May 2, AC 181

Age: 23

Blood Type: Classified

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 100 kg

Nationality: Japanese

Place Origin: Colony on LaGrange 1

Race: POH

Strength: 34 Dexterity: 24 Endurance: 24
Intelligence: 25 Creativity: 18 Wisdom: 27
Physical Description
Heero has grown a great deal since his days as a Gundam pilot; he's taller than average, and has a great deal of muscle mass on him. Everything else is the same, though; same hair, same style, same taste in clothing (read: none.) Perhaps the only other change in his physical appearence is that his eyes aren't quite as hard as they once were; he now has laugh lines around them, and while he maintains a stony expression for the most part, his subordinates often get the distinct impression that his eyes are laughing at them.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Alcohol Tolerance
Military Background
Keen Senses
Language [Japanese]
High Pain Tolerance
Self Control
Adaptability (2)
Natural Resistance to Psionics
Photographic Memory
Night Vision
Kung Fu Grip
Fame/Infamy (3)
Past Abuse (Mental and Physical)
Powerful Enemy

Emotional Stability: -1
Willpower: 29 Charisma: 18 Honor: 30

While Heero has developed a great deal emotionally since his time as a Gundam pilot, he is still highly analytical and is not very comfortable with personal relationships. He prefers action rather than speech, and is normally very curt when talking to anyone but Maxwell or Chang. Heero Yuy is a very interesting example to watch in command; he is extremely exacting and still very focused on the concept of the mission. Within the parameters of what he sees as his mission, he is a harsh taskmaster; outside of the mission, he isn't terribly concerned with what goes on. When there's trouble, he will usually leave the punishments to Maxwell and Chang, and when confronted with a situation where he must make some sort of disciplinary speech, he is extremely cold and won't accept excuses of any sort. One thing that Heero has learned in the intervening years is the value of occasionally relaxing discipline. He often takes his subordinates out on "training missions" that are actually just excuses to play in the woods with powerful paintball guns (if his subordinates have been behaving well, that is) and he will gladly participate in any team building exercise that Maxwell comes up with. He is a very good listener, and it is known that his door is always open if someone has a problem that they feel they need to talk about, and he will dispense very honest advice when asked to, though he is still most definitely a man of few words. For the most part, Heero does not deal with anyone outside of the Black Lions; while he's an extremely good commander, he's a public relations nightmare.

Background Update
After AC 196, Yuy joined the Preventers as a combat pilot and served under Lucretia Noin. Recognizing his talents as well as his weaknesses, she quickly promoted him to be her deputy commander, where he could allow his technical and tactical talents to excel without giving him the opportunity to step on anyone's toes. After the suppressive action on the Atropos Colony and the mastermind behind it, Duo Maxwell, became public, he was reunited with the former Gundam pilot and they became a very effective attack team for the short time that Maxwell operated as a combat pilot. Shortly afterward, in AC 200 when Maxwell disappeared once again for seemingly the final time, Heero Yuy followed suit and has not been seen since. [End public update file.] [Begin Black Lion update file] In AC 200, Heero Yuy was offered a high political position by Prime Minister Relena Peacecraft at the time the Black Lions were forming. He politely refused and chose instead to join the Black Ops group as Duo Maxwell's second in command. As well as being 2nd in the chain of command, Heero Yuy is considered to be the second level pilot trainer for the Black Lions, specializing in technical air and space combat-he trains a great many more students than Maxwell, due to the fact that since he is rarely asked to deal with matters outside of the Black Lions, he's got a great deal more free time. While a good teacher, he's not nearly as patient as he should be, and tends to leave the students to figure things out for themselves once he's given them the basic concepts-sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it isn't.

Peace, quiet, manju, natto, udon, science fiction books (especially anything by Isaac Asimov), comedy and science fiction movies, classical music (especially Puccini and Mozart), building model kits, children, theoretical mathematics, strategy games.

Loud noises, social situations, politics, oppression, vodka (long story), pepperoni pizza (see long story), messes or uncleanliness, being the center of attention, punishing subordinates, losing his temper.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Heero is still very close to all of the former Gundam pilots (especially Duo) and pretty much everyone that was involved in the AC 195 civil war. He has become very good friends with both Lucrezia Noin and Zechs Merquise. Heero has no specific enemies of his own at this time, but considers anyone that is an enemy of his friends or his soldiers to be his enemy.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 10 Skills:
Systems Security
Air Piloting
Ground Piloting
Space Piloting
Beam Weapons
Basic MS Repair
Small Arms Marksmanship
Basic Survival

Level 9 Skills:
Mobile Suit Repair
Computer Science
Computer Hardware
Free Fall
Deep Space Survival
Following Directions

Level 8 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity
Machine Repair
Virus Writing
Jungle Survival
Desert Survival
Tundra Survival
Weight Lifting

Level 7 Skills:
Mechanical Engineering
Note Taking
Martial Arts

Level 6 Skills:
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Invention
First Aide
Lip Reading
Level 5 Skills:
Special Weapons
Improvised Weapon

Level 4 Skills:
Rock Climbing

Level 3 Skills:
Fighting Dirty

Level 2 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:
Vocal Music

MS type
Whatever he damnwell pleases


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