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Given Name: Hane Lilka

Alias Name: Usually called Hane, though her pet name is Lily

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Umbra (Internet panhandle), Ash

Profession: Systems Analyst

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: December 15, AC 186

Age: 18

Blood Type: AB-

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 41.8 kg

Nationality: American Indian descent

Place Origin: Colony on LaGrange 4

Race: Newtype

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 28 Endurance: 23
Intelligence: 32 Creativity: 26 Wisdom: 32
Physical Description
Hane has large, gray-blue eyes set in a heart-shaped face and a determined chin that promises she can be rather obstinate. Her thigh length, very pale silver-brown hair is usually pulled back in a clip or ribbon when not jammed under her favorite black hat, and her long bangs are almost constantly in her eyes. She has very pale, easily bruised skin and long legs make up a deal of her height (which she doesn't have much of).Though she is fairly short, she is by no means embarrassed by her height, though it is mildly irritating that she gets cricks in her neck if she talks to a taller person for too long. Hane also has a series of brand scars -they begin at shoulders and continue down to the small of her back, to across the undersides of her arms right down to the ends of her pinkies- in the shape of large wings. She has a tattoo of the kanji for wings on her left wrist, over the vein, and the kanji for feathers in the hollow of her throat. She looks young, and can sometimes pass for as low as 14 though it's a bit of a stretch. Usually seen in various shades of red and/or black, though she will wear other colors (after a bit of a fight), she pretty well inseparable from her slightly oversized, black jacket to which she has sewn a BL logo.

Newtype Abilties
Telepathy: T3 Empathy: E2 Clairvoyance: C0 Telekinesis: K0 Pyrokinesis: P0 Electrokinesis: L13

Advantages Disadvantages
Good Balance
Adaptability (3)
High Pain Tolerance
Double jointed
Social Stigma (2)
Fame/Infamy (2)
Past Abuse (2)
Amnesia (3)
Sleep Disorder- Insomnia
Phobia (fire-3)
  • Aspirin
  • Penicillin

Emotional Stability: -10
Willpower: 26 Charisma: 25 Honor: 26

Hane is generally shy. She is prone to clam up around people she doesn't know very well, and is embarrassed easily, though she loses that rather quickly when her curiosity is piqued. She is still relatively innocent, and has managed to retain her sweetness and light personality, though she conceals it beneath a thin veneer of cynicism. It will become more apparent the more relaxed she is around you. Hane will sometimes shock someone she is nervous around or afraid of, since she still doesn't have very good control over her electrokinesis. She is also very quiet, and a bit mischievous. Hane has flashes where she remembers fragments of her past life, and for a while after them she is withdrawn and inclined to be slightly introverted and sarcastic.

Background Info/Origin
Hane's real name is Kathleen Eleniak. Her father was a well-known engineer, having helped develop the improved space travel engine. Her mother was a professional hacker. At two, Hane showed to be extremely precocious intellectually. Her parents, worried of what might happen to their child if her genius was known began home schooling her. They rarely allowed her out in public, and so she lived a relatively sheltered and secure life for a time.

She was orphaned later, as her mother was killed in a holdup at her office when Hane was four. Her father, shattered by his wife's death and suffering from chronic depression, killed himself a year afterward; deeply traumatized, Hane became withdrawn and wary of people in general. She was transferred to Child Services, living in a foster home for a year while they searched for her relatives. She was then given to an uncaring social worker, who in turn eventually handed her over to her uncle on L1, her only known relative.

Hane had the scars when she came to her uncle's household, though she never answered any questions about them, merely staring blankly until the person gave up. She was sent to school with her cousin, but after a few days of being constantly teased and tormented, she quietly refused to go back. Worried about his niece, Hane's uncle hired a tutor and withdrew Lilka from school so Hane would have a playmate. It took months of effort on Lilka's part but she finally pried Hane out of her shell and the two became inseparable.

In AC 195, a battle was waged near a few miles from the house's remote site. The skirmish was quickly ended, but a mobile suit careened into the Eleniak residence, turning the mansion into a giant fireball. Though she was in the building, Hane miraculously survived. She was found, near death in the wreckage, and checked into a hospital. She retained no memory of anything before waking in the hospital, and derived her name from the tattoo on her wrist and another familiar name.

She was transferred into an orphanage, where Hilde had started periodically visiting. Though the hospital had finally identified her and told her her real name, she staunchly refused to use it, saying only: "She died in the accident; I'm Hane and I survived." Soon after that, she stopped speaking for unknown reasons. She refused to attend school, didn't interact with any of the other children her age, and appeared to have gone deaf. Hilde was asked to work with her, and though Hane never talked to her, Hilde saw the intelligence in her eyes and manner, and adopted her.

Hane and Hilde became close, and Hane in time became a normal girl. Hane was again sent to public school, where she promptly fell in with a bad crowd (she became a gang member) and picked up several skills that Hilde most vehemently did not approve of. She was transferred to St. Gabriel's, and nothing more was said about the incident. Hane learned all about the war, and the Gundam pilots from Hilde. She especially liked the one's about Duo, since he too was an orphan, and was eager to do anything to learn about the legendary Gundams. Hane became extremely interested in MS development and design. She began drawing out her ideas, which she showed to Hilde. Hilde showed them off to some friends who recognized their potential and asked Hilde if she would be willing to market them. Hane asked Hilde to retail the sketches in Hilde's own name instead of hers; she remembered the alienation she had felt from the other kids when they found out her intelligence level. Hilde couldn't persuade her to do otherwise, and so agreed, but insisted on introducing her to Howard and several other mechanics she had met through Duo since Hane was so interested in mechanical engineering.

Hane's plans were hugely successful, and attracted the notice of several companies, including Quatre's. She only met the former Sandrock pilot in person once, but the casual contact was enough to trigger Hane's latent abilities. Unable to control the influx of power, Hane had what appeared to be an epileptic episode. She was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that the massive amounts of radiation she was exposed to during the earlier explosion had cause her brain chemistry to begin mutating slightly. As a result, Hane was able to tap into an entirely new form of potential energy, similar to electricity, and use it to merge with and control computers.

The information was somehow leaked to the media, who had a field day with it. The first kidnapping attempt came a few days later. Within a week, Hane was convinced that she was a danger to all that were close to her by simply being. She ran away, but was found after a month and brought back to Hilde. Quatre recognized Hane's potential and recommended to Hilde to send Hane to the Black Lions. At first, Hilde refused convinced that things would calm down. An hour later an assassin tried to kill Hane as she passed an open window. Hilde forwarded the application, and Hane faked her own death afterward.

Drawing, gymnastics, music, animals, joking around with her friends, tinkering with computers, reading, outdoor activities, talking, dancing, life in general

Total dark, being utterly alone, blood, crying and sounds of pain in general, sharp utensils, anyone asking about her past, being interrupted, irritating noises, waking up early, insomnia, wearing dresses

Specific Enemies/Friends
She's shy until she gets to know the person in question, so she doesn't really have any of either right now.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:
Computer Science

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Virus Writing
Small Arms Marksmanship

Level 4 Skills:
Programming Languages
Building Experiments

Level 3 Skills:

Level 2 Skills:
Fighting Dirty

Level 1 Skills:
Lyric Writing

MS type


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