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Given Name: Gwenhwyfar Maxwell

Alias Name: Gwen

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Sidhe Sul

Profession: Combat Pilot

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: June 18th, AC 180

Age: 23

Blood Type: AB

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 250

Nationality: Scottish

Place Origin: Earth - Nithsdale, Scotland

Race: POH

Strength: 36 Dexterity: 25 Endurance:25
Intelligence: 20 Creativity: 20 Wisdom: 35
Physical Description
Gwenhwyfar isn't someone you would exactly call pretty. In fact, she's rather homely. Along with her height, she's rather muscle-bound as well which tends to even out her body a bit. Her hair is a light, wavy red and always pulled back into either a braid or a tight ponytail, which hangs down just past her shoulders. Her eyes are oddly blue rather than the bright green one might expect with a redhead and her face is ruddy and dotted with freckles along her cheeks and nose. Her nose rounds off cutely, leaving it as more of an adorable button-nose than anything. Her eyes are a tad small for her face, and very round.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Alcohol Tolerance
Military Background
High Pain Tolerance
Good Luck
Adaptability (2)
Happy Childhood
Plays Well With Others
Sensitive Touch
Good Balance
Phobia (1)
  • Demophobia
Self-Esteem Problem
Heavy Sleeper

Emotional Stability: -1
Willpower: 20 Charisma: 20 Honor: 35

Despite her outward appearance and tendency to keep to herself, she's very friendly if someone's takes the time to say 'hello'. For the most part, she content's herself with idle past-times. Cooking, drawing, keeping everything neat and clean. She's a very good soldier, willing to do all that her commanding officers ask without complaint for the most part. She considers working to be a thing of joy and is a firm believer of the whistle while you work philosophy. She has a light sense of humor, but tends to brood over things rather than talk about her problem's to anyone. She assumes no one is her friend unless it is outright said so, though she has no problem's offering her friendship to other's. She does her best to offer wisdom when it's asked of her, and is willing to keep everyone's secret's if she's trusted with them. She believes that honesty is indeed the best policy, and prefers to try and be bluntly honest without hurting people's feelings. Because of her mentor, she has an interest in oriental society and holds his family name in high regard out of respect for him. She also thinks highly of the Maxwell Clan name. Unfortunately, she has a problem of drinking herself silly whenever there is available alcohol. Gwen seriously dislike's large crowded area's, despite her friendly nature, as it makes her feel too conspicuous and incredibly uncomfortable.

Background Info/Origin
This girl has had a totally normal childhood. However, she's anything but a normal girl. She grew up on her father's farm in Nithsdale, Scotland and worked hard like any farm-bred child. She had a habit, of avoiding the area's where anything really bad might happen. Often dragging whoever was with her in another direction with urgent pleas, only to find the area subject to some tragedy later in the day. However, her father felt that despite all her hard work on the farm and in school, she was still too unfocused and needed someplace to put all the extra energy, not to mention she was a tomboy and constantly putting the boy's nearby to shame. So, he brought an old friend onto the scene, Shin Kazute. Shin was a swords-master, his chosen profession in life, and gladly explained all that would be required of Gwen when he arrived in Scotland later that year of AC 189. Gwen, in turn, was delighted to learn she would be learning how to use the massive weapon's that hung on her father's walls and had no problem with the hard work that Shin described to her. So her training began, at the age of 9, and continued long into her teens. Shin became one of those "important people" to her, and she was distraught over his departure in AC 195. She continued her own practices and farm work in Scotland before she begged that her father place her in the military. Her father did so, with some reluctance, but was pleased to see his daughter become more self-sufficient. She spent two year's with the military, before she applied to the Preventer's in AC 198. To her surprise and delight, she was accepted into the Preventer's and made the same effort to become more skilled with their mobile suit's as she put into her sword training. To her surprise someone called "The Dragon", who had apparently known Shin at some point, recently contacted her. She was told with scant details about a -small- base that could use a new recruit or two and thought she might be interested. Indeed, she was quite interested with anything to get out of the same old, same old, so she took him up on his offer.

Cooking, Good Food, Work, MS, The Orient, Celtic Crosses, Singing, Drawing, Bagpipes

Being teased, Treated badly, Her swords being touched

Specific Enemies/Friends
Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:
Weight Lifting

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Knife Wielding
Deep Space Survival
Ground Piloting

Level 4 Skills:
Improvised Weapons
Throw Improvised Weapons
Small Arms (Non MS)

Level 3 Skills:
Vocal Music
Air Piloting
Space Piloting
Beam Weapons

Level 2 Skills:
Fighting Dirty

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:

MS type
Angus Dubh (Modified WMS-03 Maganac)


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