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Given Name: Virginia Davidson

Alias Name: Gini

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Spark, Gini

Profession: Mechanic

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: January 12, AC 183

Age: 20

Blood Type: O-

Height: 155 cm. (5' 2")

Weight: 65 kg. (143 lbs.)

Nationality: Australian

Place Origin: The Outback

Race: POH

Strength: 30 Dexterity: 31 Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 20 Creativity: 25 Wisdom: 26
Physical Description
At 5' 3" her height is a sore issue with her so she compensates by wearing two or three inch heels at all times. She's gotten very good at wearing them through any sort of conditions. Her short, carroty orange hair has multiple cowlicks that make the baby-fine hair stand up in all directions and she insists on keeping it fairly short because she's too impatient to mess with any sort of length. Her face, round and cheerful with darkly tanned skin and HUNDREDS of freckles, a short nose that turns up at the end, and sparkling grey eyes, she's been compared to a pixie, but the last guy who did that was attacked by a wrench. Her normal attire consists of cut off jeans that are two sizes too small and greasy men's shirts with the sleeves ripped off, under a pair of coveralls. A fairly lush figure with a size D bust and a size 12 waist. Wide hips to compliment her bust and short well-formed legs. Her hands are short and stubby with no jewelry or polish on her ragged, well-chewed nails and a ratty jean Angelus Seamers baseball cap covers her hair, except for the strands that poke out of it at odd angels.

Advantages Disadvantages
Street Smarts
Happy Childhood
Good Balance
Bruises Easily
Self-Esteem Problem
Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability: -4
Willpower: 30 Charisma: 25 Honor: 20

Gini is extremely laid back and relaxed, she has a off color sense of humor and loves jokes, even those played on her. However as her red hair hints, she has an explosive temper and when it's set off, the explosion is impressive. It also indicates her stubborn nature that refuses to allow her to back down, even when she’s in the wrong. Even if she’s been caught red-handed at doing something she isn’t supposed to, she won’t admit to doing anything wrong. One of her sore points is her height and she's been known to break bones over it. She is brash and outgoing, very much a tomboy and more at home with the ‘mates’ then the ‘sheilas’. Some of this is because she had a rather difficult youth (history) and it made her very insecure about herself as a woman. Stubborn is her middle name, and she doesn’t know how to back down, even if she’s wrong. This can get her into trouble on occasion.

An accident when she was a child (history) resulted in the irrational fear that if she’s ever truly alone, that she’ll be abandoned. Because of this she has to be in contact with someone at all times or she regresses to a childlike state of mind. She doesn’t feel the need to be secretive about this phobia though and informs all people she works with and her superiors to get their help in keeping it under control. Along with this phobia, she has a problem with insomnia, a condition aggravated by her coffee addiction, so she can be found wide awake at odd hours of the night with her always present cup of coffee for company.

She has a soft spot for small children, and carries pictures of her many nephews and nieces to show off to anyone who’ll stand still long enough for her to show them. Virginia also has a special talent for mechanics that goes further than a simple handiness or knowledge. Virginia has been known to look at a machine and know that it’s about to break and what’s wrong with it. Some consider it blind luck, others an uncanny intuition, Gini doesn’t seem to see anything unusual about it and when asked, she simply says that she just talks to machines better than people.

Background Info/Origin
Born in the outback of Australia to Jennifer and Dade Davidson, Gini had a fairly rough and tumble childhood. Her mother worked as a mechanic, doing odd jobs to make enough to support the family while her father spent most of his time in the local bar, bragging about the days when he was a ‘croc’ wrestler. Strangely enough, Gini’s mum didn’t seem to mind her husband’s lack of responsibility, instead accepting and loving him as he was. Gini grew up spending time in her mum’s garage or running wild outside with her older brother Justin. Her childhood would be considered fairly idyllic if it hadn’t been for the fact that at school she was teased unmercifully about her weight. She learned quickly to fight back with her fists and her mouth but her self-esteem was still damaged by the abuse.

However there is only one incident in her life that could be considered traumatic; when she was six years old, she wandered out into the Bush and was lost for two days. During that time she was completely alone and when they found her, she was dehydrated, sunburnt, scraped and scratched and terrified out of her mind but otherwise unharmed. However it quickly became apparent that Gini had developed a unreasonable terror of being left alone and all attempts to ‘cure’ her met with failure. As she grew older, she joined her mum in the garage, working on cars and appliances. She seemed to know intuitively what was wrong with a machine, being able to look at it or hear it and find the problem right away. She also outgrew the baby fat and developed a very nice figure, but she still sees herself as a fat ugly child. Her older brother developed an interest in politics, something Gini has no patience for, but she loves him anyway and dotes on her three nephews and two nieces, she doesn’t understand her sister-in-law but considers her family and if asked, would fight to the death for all of them.

Gini might have spent the rest of her life working as a mechanic with her mother, if the older woman hadn’t decided that her daughter deserved to do better in life and contacted Sally Po, who she’d met during the war and done a few repair jobs for. Jennifer convinced Sally to come for a visit and see for herself what Gini could do, hoping that Sally would be willing to find Gini a job in the Preventers. Instead Sally contacted Duo and asked permission for Gini to be allowed to join the Black Lions, putting her ‘talent’ to use working on machinery on Yggdrasil.

Babies, surprises

Politics, jokes about her size, dresses

Specific Enemies/Friends

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity

Level 6 Skills:
Machine Repair
Level 5 Skills:
Electrical Engineering
Rock Climbing

Level 4 Skills:
Mechanical Engineering

Level 3 Skills:
Invention (Mechanical)
First Aide
Air Piloting

Level 2 Skills:
Mobile Suit Repair
Ground Piloting
Fighting Dirty

Level 1 Skills:
Programming Languages
Space Piloting

Level 0 Skills:
Small Arms

MS type


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