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Given Name: Garion Leduke

Alias Name: Garion

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): Weaver, Pheonix

Profession: MS Combat Pilot, Tac/OP officer (in training for both)

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: Oct. 30th, AC 176

Age: 27

Blood Type: A-

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 77.3 Kg

Nationality: Canadian

Place Origin: Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 27 Dexterity: 28 Endurance: 26
Intelligence: 28 Creativity: 24 Wisdom: 24
Physical Description
Shoulder-length raven black hair that is rarely cut - in some lighting blue highlights seem to float within it. Blue eyes of the deepest saphire, that clearly show his emotions when they're strong enough to get through his barriers, evaluating things around him. He's well muscled, with not much fat left on his body, but not having so much that they bulge out into plain view. His skin is lightly tanned, generally slighlty red from some distant ancestors dispite being a quarter Polish. A small nose, high and slightly planed cheekbones, shape his face. While lips with both laugh and smile lines surrounding them, only seen once someone breaks past his "cool" exterior, are visible. As for a distinguishing mark he has a pheonix tattoo where the bird of legend is rising from the ashes done in several shades of blue - navy for the ashes along with a bit of aqua and white-blue for definition, to the white-blue of a lightening bolt for the bird itself with flames of aqua and skyblue surrounding it for the flames - on his right forearm. It's wings are spread wide, and beak opened in a cry. A couple scars run along his arms and legs from sword sparring when he couldn't quite get the parry in and his opponent hadn't been fully in control of the stroke. They tend to be a few inches long though one is about a foot on the left side of his lower left leg. It was 5 years back and cut deep, but today the only evidence is the pale scar.

For civies he generally wears a t-shirt and bluejeans, or dress shirt, slacks, etc. Depends on where he's going or wants to do. They tend to be slightly loose for the shirts just to give him freedom while the jeans tend to be tight for the same reason. Also wears a Battlestar Galactica battle fatigue jacket replica, having found a picture of one while exploring on the `net not that long after joining the MS League.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good Balance
Higher Education
Military Background
Fame (1)
Powerful Enemy
Past abuse (1)
  • Chocolate
  • Hayfever
Sleep Disorder: Insomnia

Emotional Stability: 0
Willpower: 36 Charisma: 20 Honor: 20

Calm, collected, and a constant thinker - sometimes has trouble just "going with the flow" with his instincts. When he does pay attention to them most times they help him think of something new for a situation. Somewhat introverted he doesn't talk much to those he doesn't know, but whatever he does say is inveriably after a good deal of thought and examination. He's developed an inate talent to very quickly learn to pilot any vehicle he tries - perhaps a side- effect of so much sim time.

At first glance he seems a cool, logical soul. However, once the barriers are lowered a bit he can be a very warm person and a great friend to have by your side in almost any situation. Once a person earns the title of "friend" he will show off another aspect of himself in that he's very determined to keep them as one. Friendship is extremely precious to him and as such he'll offer to help one with things from cold remedies, tutoring, or just being there.

Most times when in a group he'll hang back to observe and learn about them before assuming anything. If the group is a bunch of friends, though, he'll talk and joke with great enjoyment of their company. In pressure situations he's cool as a mountain stream with all thoughts flowing towards the situation and solutions even while acting on them.

One thing that almost sets him off is people with large amounts of arrogance, wether their skills justify it or not. It strains on his nerves to deal with them for very long, and sometimes it's all he can do not to take them down a peg or two in a fight or other way. People controlling another person's life beyond reason is another thing that can set him off, due to all the years of his father's influence in Garion's own. The same goes for people that try to force others to take on their own values, or just don't respect the fact that everyone has their own life to lead.

In his years with the Colonial Militia there were times when a commander didn't think things through fully for a mission which lead to needless risk and lives lost. Due to this Garion will do his absolute best to avoid doing the same, and even call in a few of his friends to consult with on the parameters for their ideas.

Background Info/Origin
Born on Earth, he was there for the first few years of his life before his father - a general who was well-known as a troop troubleshooter and problem fixer - was moved to another base on one of the colonies. Basically whenever a post started having problems with it's troops' moral, be they MS pilots or just militia, he was brought in to get things back on track. Every 3 years or so, the family (his dad, mom, and himself) moved again and again as his father was continually transferred to another colony.

Meanwhile his mother was an artist that mostly worked with paintings and sculpture. A petit woman of delicate beauty, she has the will and determination to grind even his father down if it is felt to be necessary. Most of the time she is as calm as the quietest sea, but can be as fierce as the worst storm when pushed or protecting someone or something. She always encouraged Garion to do whatever he wanted to do in his heart rather than what his father wanted. For many years her influence was what kept Garion balanced from becoming another soldier without thinking twice about it. Never one to promote anger she was the one to guide him towards other philosophies than war in his studies. She also taught him to draw, to give him another avenue for his creativity. Garion's decision to leave the Perseus colony to join the military again was a painful one for her, but she wasn't one to stand in his way in life. A bit of amusement over the years has been the fact that no matter what she's done Garion only has basic cooking skills.

When he turned 8, Garion found out how fast friends he made lost contact from the moving, the letters came fairly quickly at first, but then slowly faded to nothing. Combined with natural shyness he then began to withdraw from others outside of school - instead focussing on video games, computers, simulators, and books. Seeing this, his father subtly turned him towards political history and the history of war. Shortly after Garion came across the ancient chinese warror/philosopher Sun Tzu and his "Path of the Warrior". Finding a root of similar thoughts for self knowledge, changing a situation if it's hurtful to you, and knowing one's opponent. At 14 years old, the "Path" was taken up. Every thought in the book was examined and compared to other famous military figures. To balance this out he also studied Aristotle, Homer, and other fathers of Western philosophy. All of this helped lead to the boy growing into a learned man that always examined a situation well before getting into it and also studying as much about the opponent as possible before a confrontation.

A few things that make his life more interesting is the fact that he's allergic to chocolate - came about when he was 12 and has somewhat interesting consequences when he eats even a little bit. Then there's the fact he's always had a bit of trouble falling asleep, however ever since he started into the Martial Arts if he takes half an hour to meditate before bed there is no problem with sleeping that night. To top things off at 18 he started having hayfever, though for the most part mild it's still highly irritating.

School was a favourite thing where he learned all he could...some call him a seeker of knowledge. He didn't tend to join any of the cliques as his family moved to often to really settle down, and besides he thought the entire idea rather idiotic. One of the first things he usually had to deal with at a new school were the local bullies who popped out of the woodwork to see if he would be a new bit of fun for them. The first few years he simply ignored them, but then came a boy named Jason Nelson who happened to be a couple years older. Jason's arrogance began rubbing against Garion's nerves and making them raw. He'd put up with a lot of crap from bullies and now, at age 12, had the tools from Kempo training to defend himself. Jason ended up with several bruises and a broken finger in a fight later that year that he instigated. After that Garion was left alone at that school, and the confidence inspired due to that victory was enough to give other bullies notice at later schools when he simply glared at them when they approached.

Sports were also enjoyed in squash and tennis on his own. He wasn't the best player of either one, but was very good in being someone that could be depended on to give 110%. Ever since he could remember he'd always loved the idea of swords and sword battles, and so he took up Kendo along with working towards becoming a sword master. Four months before heading for the Black Lion's base he created his own daisho. They are very good works of metalsmithing with a very keen edge and highly resistant to nicks as his teacher had scavenged a bit of Gundanium to add into the metal mix used for them. There is a ring of saphires deeply set into the handle of each just below the guard so that he can still grip there witout interference. His favourite subjects were Mathematics and History, though not much more than the other subjects. Except for English. That one he never did the best at due to lack of interest and the fact he wasn't lucky enough to get a good teacher in them.

When he turned 18 Garion, due to the General's insistance, join the Collonial Militia for the colony they were at that time. First as a normal groudpounder, and then at his father's suggestion he went for MS training. During this 3 year time period he trained, and was sent out on a few missions with his MS squad. The General and he settled into a bit of a more friendly relationship as things progressed due to looser Garion being in the military, but even so there were times of temper flare-ups.

He learned to pilot the three basic classes of air, ground, and space MSs pretty well with a bit of natural talent helping the learning go at a bit faster rate than normal. Though the basic survival was fairly rudimentary he still did fairly well in it. As for hand to hand he was more than able to hold his own with the years of Kempo he'd learned, by this time a 3rd degree black belt, plus his sword mastery. During this time he also began taking up drawing to help pass some of the time, still a bit of a loner dispite having become a good part of the squad after a lot of personal effort to lower his barriers.

One mission his squad went out on was to find a band of pirates. They succeeded, with Garion's own squad cornering the band's command group inside a buried hangar. During the firefight the pirate leader blew up a set of fuel canisters and in the ensuing confusion he and a few others escaped in what appeared to be an unknown class of shuttle. The leader's name is Rynar...last name not known yet, and he has sworn a blood oath to kill Garion's father and all his family. Given the size of the group, the knowledge of the General, and that new shuttle type that appears to be quite possible.

Shortly after that mission Garion left the Militia due to wanting to do something else other than what the General told him to do. This most definately didn't make his dad happy, but was accepted as inevitable. His mother, on the other hand, encouraged this step of independance. As a result he went to university to become a history and math major. While there a few girlfriends had come and gone, none seemed to be the right one. He passed easily, but still remained on Perseus on his own. The father-son relations again were worked out into a more friendly truce as Garion's performance had been impressive. That and the General missed talking with his son.

A few months before, he joined a colony-wide MS simulation battle league on Perseus. Within a couple months he'd gone from newbie to squad leader, and shortly after that as a team they formed up a bit more around his plans to become a bit better than before. Losses came and went, but not as bad as they learned with each battle and he tried to make sure that a mistake was never repeated.

The league was joined with other leagues throughout the colonies, their results broadcast througout for public consumption for those interested. Garion's father was extremely proud, and decided perhaps it was time to move things along a little, thus he forwarded copies of the squad's greatest battles to someone higher in the Peacekeeper recruitment offices. Due to a Black Lions' operative in that section of the Preventers, copies of those ended up upon Duo's desk. A short two days later Garion was on a shuttle to Yggdrasil to meet with Duo, not having a clue as to what it was all about...

Kempo, Kendo, and is a swordsmaster - making his own unique daisho, loves pizza, reading, playing in sims or video games, swimming, playing volleyball or tennis, piloting, and making sure the missions are with as few losses as possible. Music, TV, sugar in most forms, and watching the stars...

Arrogance - though some consider him one due to the initial impression, peaches, anchovies, unnecesary risks in a mission that could have been avoided, generalizations, large amounts of humidity. People who don't respect the rights of others to live their own lives.

Specific Enemies/Friends
None...he tries to avoid making enemies, though is ready to live with any he does make. As for friends, weeeelll, he hasn't met any of the other recruits yet. Likes Duo, though.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:
Swords (daisho)

Level 6 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Martial Arts
Small arms markmenship
Piloting (Ground, Air, and Space)
Beam Weapons

Level 4 Skills:
Basic Repair

Level 3 Skills:

Level 2 Skills:
Basic Survival

MS type
None Currently


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