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Given Name: Duo Maxwell

Alias Name: N/A

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): Shinigami, God of Death, Death, the Devil

Profession: Combat Pilot, Command/Operations

Rank: Commander

Date of Birth: June 13, AC 180

Age: 24

Blood Type: Classified

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Nationality: American

Place Origin: Colony on LaGrange 2

Race: POH

Strength: 28 Dexterity: 25 Endurance: 22
Intelligence: 27 Creativity: 20 Wisdom: 31
Physical Description
Duo is of average height, somewhat thin and small-boned, with violet eyes constantly filled with general good humor. His braid is over a meter long, his hair brown with red highlights in certain types of light. Duo's body language tends to be very "loud" and his hands and eyes are most expressive. While capable of exuding a near glacial psychological chill when angry, he is usual in high spirits and maintains a definite air of command while still managing to put his subordinates at ease.

Advantages Disadvantages
Military Background
Good Luck
Adaptability (3)
Street Smarts
Courteous (2)
Plays Well With Others
Photographic Memory
Night Vision
Fame/Infamy (3)
Sleep Disorder
Powerful Enemy
Claustrophobia (1)
Autophobia (1)

Emotional Stability: +4
Willpower: 22 Charisma: 33 Honor: 23

Duo has matured a great deal since his time as a Gundam pilot; while still often hyperactive and extremely upbeat, he has toned his act down a great deal in order to present the proper image for a Commander-none of his detractors doubt his high degree of intelligence and tactical ability any longer, and he is considered to be one of the most reliable military commanders in any of the systems. While usually friendly and open, he has an extremely sharp tongue when angered, and is almost infamous for his ability to dress down his subordinates if he feels it necessary; the punishments that he has meted out when truly angry have earned him a reputation for being fair, but extremely tough. He doesn't usually have a problem with normal mischief, but he cannot stand those under his command fighting amongst themselves, and reacts very harshly if he sees it occur. Though not what could normally be termed as high strung, Duo is very prone to bouts of severe stress related illness due to the fact that he spends most of his time dealing with politicians, and disciplinary and administrative problems rather than in the thick of things like he would prefer, since he is much better at relating to non-military personnel than either of his Lieutenant Commanders. Because of this, he is plagued by bleeding ulcers and insomnia. Despite all of this, though, he wouldn't give up command of the Black Lions for all the world, genuinely loves all of those that have chosen to place themselves under his command, and would defend them to the death if necessary.

Background Update
After the unrest of AC 196, Duo Maxwell effectively disappeared from the public eye; for the next several years it was unknown to Heero Yuy and Hilde Schreibecker, his closest friends, if he was even alive. Maxwell resurfaced during the armed action on the Atropos colony; for the past several years he'd been first a soldier under Zechs Marquise, then a commander in his own right of the Preventers' espionage division. He was the one that led the successful capture of the Atropos colony terrorist leaders. Despite his (and the Preventers') wishes to the contrary, he was made into a public figure by the press and was once again acclaimed as a hero. Because he was so publicly recognized, he could no longer function as an espionage agent for the Preventers, and for a short time, he switched divisions and worked for them as a combat pilot. At that time, he was reunited with Heero Yuy. In AC 200, he once again disappeared so completely that his very existence was brought into question, and has not been seen by the general public since. [End of public update file] [Begin Black Lion update file] In October of AC 199, Duo conducted several clandestine meetings with Prime Minister Relena Peacecraft, during which time he impressed upon her the need for some sort of military force that could operate, while not above the law, without being overly hampered by it. He was allowed to form the Black Lion squadron in February of the next year, at which time he recruited Heero Yuy and Chang Wufei from the ranks of the Preventers to be his second and third in command. While he also invited Quatre Raberba Winner and Trowa Barton to participate, they notably declined. After that, the three reunited former Gundam pilots began to actively, if discreetly recruit specialists and other highly talented individuals from which to form the squadron. As the commander, he spends most of his time dealing with the Prime Minister and any other politicians that they have to talk to in order to function, and he lives under a pile of paperwork for the most part Despite the fact that he is busy, Duo Maxwell is the end level pilot trainer for the Black Lions-he only takes on extremely talented students, and specializes in teaching them all the things that they are not technically supposed to do in a fight, as well as close range skirmishing.

His fellow pilots, chocolate, Hong Kong movies, practical jokes, partying, rock and roll oldies (like the Beatles and Steppenwolf), books by Allen Ginsberg and Henry David Thoreau, hamburgers with guacamole, fries with absolutely disgusting amounts of ketchup, and a good Guiness to wash it all down.

Infighting, war, being alone, the very thought of cutting his hair, stomach ulcers, any type of food that is capable of watching while you eat it, depressing movies, the strong oppressing the weak, bureaucracy, prejudice.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Duo is still very close to all of the former Gundam pilots (especially Heero) and pretty much everyone that was involved in the AC 195 civil war. He has very close, rather familial ties with Hilde Schbeiker, and he and Relena have struck up a fairly good friendship. While Duo does have very powerful enemies in the government, they are well hidden...

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 10 Skills:
Space Piloting
Ground Piloting
Air Piloting
Beam Weapons
Basic Repair
Free Fall
Fighting Dirty
Small Arms Marksmanship
Special Weapons
Improvised Weapon

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity
Machine Repair
Mobile Suit Repair
Computer Science

Level 7 Skills:
First Aide
Systems Security
Basic Survival
Lip Reading

Level 6 Skills:
Throw Improvised Weapon
Desert Survival
Jungle Survival
Tundra Survival
Level 5 Skills:

Level 4 Skills:
Following Directions
Vocal Music

Level 3 Skills:
Coffee Making

Level 2 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:

MS type
Whatever he damnwell pleases


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