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Given Name: Dante Philou Nobis

Alias Name: Dante, Dr. Nobis

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: Doctor

Rank: Wing Second

Date of Birth: March 7, AC 170

Age: 34

Blood Type: B-

Height: 200cm (78 in)

Weight: 102 kg (225 lbs)


Place Origin: England, Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 31 Dexterity: 26+1=27 Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 34 Creativity: 17 Wisdom: 22
Physical Description

    He's built big, not overweight, but just big.  He's well muscled and looks like the kind of guy who'd be beating you up instead of healing you.  He tends to move without finesse or grace, but when the situation calls for it, he'll move with speed and agility that are uncommon with his size.  He has a rough face with dark brown shoulder length hair draped about his face.  He's usually got quite a bit of stubble on his face, and is rarely seen clean shaven.  His hazel eyes are deep set.  This, combined with his hair, make it hard to get a good look at his eyes.  His face and entire body have a rough and worn look to them, but he can draw great strength from within himself.  He usually walks straight and tall, but hunches over when he sits.  You can see how his travels have ground the image of a weary and bitter world into him from his eyes and silent, reflective demeanor.
 His voice is deep, yet soft.  He speaks in something of a silent rumble, usually mumbling, rarely speaking loud and clear.  He's fairly timid when speaking; he prefers to have his thoughts stay in his head until they're buffed and polished to a high sheen, not tossed into the open first thing.  He's much better at listening than speaking, and he enjoys to listen much more than to speak.
 He prefers to wear black or blue and black cargos, along with blue/black/purple shirts.  He wears a black leather duster over the whole thing.  He tends to wear his daisho on his belt when he can, otherwise they are on a stand he crafted himself above the "headboard" of his bunk.  After joining the squadron, he wears a crisp Black Lions uniform, but with his duster over it.  He put a small, dark crimson cross on the right shoulder of the duster to signify his position as doctor.  As of yet, no one's spoken about the altered uniform, but...
Advantages Disadvantages
Self-Control (free)
Adaptability (free)
Keen Senses (-40)
Sensitive Touch (-10)
Good Balance (-20)
Heirophobia (specifically, nuns) *1(+30)
Obession: Finishing Tasks (+30)
Powerful Enemy (+30)
Vendetta (+30)
Famous *1(+30)
Annoying Personality: Protective/Motherly (+30)
Allergy: Latex, oak trees (+60) 
Emotional Stability:0+3-2=1
Willpower: 23+1=24 Charisma: 18 Honor: 32
    Protective.  That says it all. He'll obsess about the health of the Black Lions while completely ignoring his own.  He'll gladly take a bullet for someone, even if they would live through it and he'd die.  He hates to see others suffer when he's around, and blames himself for it.  He's spent most of his life making himself stronger so that others won't have to suffer, like he did when he was young.  He believes his parents abandoned him because he was weak and a burden (i.e. made them suffer).  He'll do a lot to keep from troubling other people and gets quite worried when people are late for appointments and such.  He doesn't think he's as protective as he is, and thinks it's his job to be so. Dante is always an open ear for people and tries to be a good shoulder to lean on.  He'll laugh and cry with you and try to make sure you get through things alright.  He does a lot to help other people since he just values them so much more than himself.  He usually never means to hurt a friend, but will utterly destroy a foe without blinking an eye.
 He enjoys a good deep conversation and will sit through them, entranced in with what you're saying and following you the entire way, so long as you can get him to open up and connect.  He's a private person with a few, good friends.  He loves the uplifting of the mind and spirit, which is why he likes music, art, and books.  His love of swordplay also enters into this.  He's spent much time collecting and training with various swords.  He believes that the martial arts unleash the true potential of the spirit and has a fondness for swords.  He also believes that the healing and calming nature of tea is a natural companion to the sword.  Anything about swordplay grabs his attention to the point that it seems like medicine is a secondary career for him.
 It's rare that he leaves his work unfinished.  He loves working on things almost as much as he does the satisfaction from a job well done.  He keeps things well organized and makes sure to finish what he's started, even if he gets interrupted.  Which is one of the best ways to piss him off.  Demanding his attention while he's already busy is a good way to get on his bad side, along with messing with his things and distrupting his order.
Background Info/Origin

    Dante was born an orphan on Earth.  The orphanage was strict and worked him to the bone, making him a bitter, but they did teach him a lot, both in survival and more formal education.  His need to help people was formed at the orphanage, and he became the protector of the younger children.  This grew to extremes, and he ended up hitting one of the workers at the orphanage to protect a young girl who was being disciplined for no reason.  He sealed his fate when he struck.  The act forced him to run away from the orphanage, or be forced to end up in an even worse place.  He was sixteen at the time.  He pilfered a safe-deposit box key on his way out (it was found with him when he arrived-the orphanage took it from him).  He quickly went to the bank and took the contents of the safe-deposit box: a large oaken box ornately carved with dragons.  He put off opening it until he could feel a bit more safe.
 He went to the best place he could think of, the spaceport.  Once there, he harassed/begged his way onto a cargo ship, helping loading and unloading the cargo.  He lied about his age to get on.  The captain of the ship really didn't care and took Dante's lie (he knew it was one) as desperation, so let him on.  Dante went to the cot that was assigned to him in the barracks of the ship, and dared to open the box.  Inside was a beautiful daisho (katana and wakazashi set) with two red gems on opposing sides set into each hilt and silver dragons and cherry blossoms decorating the black wooden sayas.  He went wide-eyed in surprise at the unexpected swords.  He quickly stowed them away before anyone could see them.
 Dante moved from ship to ship a lot during his first few years, being able to get jobs from his expirence on the first cruiser.  He was a good worker and the captain of the vessle he was serving on was always ashamed to see him go, but gave their commendations to his next captain.  When he was twenty, he settled in on the Fortitier, a cruiser that went between colonies.  This is where he managed to earn his M.D. through the ship's learning station and made the most advancement with his swordfighting (the Fortitier was a large ship with a suitable gym).  After earning his degree, he departed for the Revolution as a doctor.  He was on the Revolution for six years, moving up to running most of the ship's medical department.  He left after a chance second meeting with Commander Chang and ended up being offered a position.  He left the Revolution since his BL position wouldn't be too far of a step down.  In addition, he would be able to learn from Wufei and get away from the Revolution's CMO, an "annoying little fart."
Space, medicine, science, music, a job well done, cooking, martial arts, the colors black, blue, and purple, unique drinks, tea, bicycling, midnight with a full moon and a good wind, laughing and joking, swordfighting, collecting swords, his duster
the needless suffering of others, the color yellow, failure, shellfish, being interrupted while working (especially on a patient), smoking, needless risk, really bad singing, sitting around doing nothing, shaving, those who refuse to learn from their mistakes, nuns and cloisters

Specific Enemies/Friends
    He's had some fights in his past, but he resolved them quickly.  The one gruge that sticks out in his mind and has really stayed with him was with Julien Auclair.  They fought, Dante won, and Auclair is assumed to be dead.  He's tried to stay in touch with his first captain, but them man died four years ago.  His last captain, Stareb, is a good friend, but they haven't talked since Dante left his ship.

 A few members have gotten irritated by his "motherly" attitude toward their health.  He's taken a quick dislike to those who are bickering and fightening amongst themselves, though. He is extremely comfortable around Wufei, but still addresses him as Master Chang.  He often practices with him.  Duo strikes him as a very nice and energetic guy, but Heero is a different story.  He finds weakness in his emotional detachment, but is not going to judge him quite yet.  He'll tend to look down a little on the other members of the squadron, seeing them as childern (they are quite a bit younger than him...)  Most of what he knows about the G-Boys came from media reports from about AC 195.  He only knows a significant bit more about Wufei, whom he met earlier.
Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:

Fisrt Aid
Level 5 Skills:
Level 4 Skills:

Bone Setting
Level 3 Skills:
Martial Arts

Pilot: Space (non-MS)
Level 2 Skills:

Pilot: Ground (non-MS)
Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
MS type Skimmer modified to hold a medical bed for field treatment.

   His "inherited" dragon daisho, the Auclair rapiers, several different daggers, no-dachi, claymore, a few others, quite a few wooden training swords. Many of the swords are common, but there are a few rare pieces in his collection, including a pair of water-blade wing chung broadswords. The swords are a glimmering steel with the character for water etched onto both sides of the blade. The swords have a short history of blood following them. If asked, Dante will say he won them in a bet, but nothing else. Same for the Auclair rapiers. Marc Auclair was a recent swordsman of accomplished talent. The pair of swords excellent quality and family heirlooms, passed onto his grandson, Julien. From the wear on some of the swords, it's obvious that he's used them, but Dante says that he always finishes a duel or gruge soon. "You hang by the loose ends you leave," he often says when asked about his past or his enemies.


   Julien Auclair. After their fight, Dante left him to die. Dante had severed Aulcair's right arm and given him a gut wound, and figured he would never live. He did. Auclair is now hell-bent on making Dante bleed for a very, very long time, as well as taking back the swords that are rightfully his. Auclair has a lot of money and friends, and is hunting down Dante with his resources. He's the son of a powerful shipping executive, and will be inheriting the company shortly. If he finds out where Dante is and who he's with, then he'll try to keep as many supplies from reaching the Black Lions as he can.

Contact: Dirtanium
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