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Given Name: Cordelia Marie Stephans

Alias Name: Cordelia

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): n/a

Profession: Privateer-slighty shady freelance merchant

Rank: n/a

Date of Birth: May 12, 180 AC

Age: 24

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5'11" = 177.5cm

Weight: 160lbs. = 72.6kg

Nationality: American with distant Italian decent

Place Origin: Earth-New York City

Race: POH

Strength: 32 Dexterity: 30 Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 19 Creativity: 22 Wisdom: 29
Physical Description
The first thing one would notice about Cordelia is that she is quite tall, and carries a confident air. She has a shock of thick fuscia hair that is half a meter in length, and is most often tied back in a low ponytail. Her heart shaped face is centered around a strait Greek nose, flanked by high cheekbones, and ends in a sharp chin. Her eyes are most intriguing; when she's happy they're a laughing bright peridot green, and when she's angry they quickly turn into a dark brooding emerald. Her olive toned complexion is fair, without a freckle, and compliments her eyes very well. Her figure has all the muscles of a kick-boxer, and the curves of an hourglass. She has three pairs of captive-bead rings in her ears, a small vertical scar crossing her right eye brow she got from a piercing being ripped out, and a small tattoo on the webbing of right hand between her thumb and forefinger. It's a little blue star she got to commemorate her first trip into space, and is fairly easily seen when she shakes hands with someone. Her favorite outfits generally include an old tank top, either a pair of beat-up jeans or a pleated skirt with leggings, tennis shoes, and a very old leather flight jacket. Her attire can be anything comfy, old, and clearly broken in. She rarely wears make-up and has severely chewed nails.

Advantages Disadvantages
Military Background
Street Smarts
Past Criminal Activity
Odious Personal Habit (nail biting)
Past Abuse

Emotional Stability: -6
Willpower: 31 Charisma: 23 Honor: 20

Cordelia is a nice girl, but not necessarily a good one. She is extremely head strong, lives for the thrill, and has few morals except for the matter of sex. Anything beyond that goes. Or in other words, she absolutely refuses to do anything that might objectify her body, but will lie, cheat, and steal to reach her goals if need be. She has great self-control when it comes to everything except fighting, when she can sometimes lose her head. Even then when she's in a good mood Cordelia is loud, boisterous, and a bit brash of humor. She can curse with the best of them, but does only sometimes. She acts like "one of the guys" most of the time, and doesn't really care for relationships.

Background Info/Origin
Cordelia's father died of a cardiac arrest in the middle of the night when she was very young. He himself was only 34. This is where things just get worse. Her mom couldn't cope and lost the house. Over Cordelia's following years of youth she saw her mother become a severe alcoholic, and date men of not-so-good character. Many of them drank and did drugs, and introduced Cordelia to marijuana and a life of crime. She rarely ever saw her mom sober. At the age of eleven, a new man came into her mother's life. He had a nice house, nice car, and a good job. Cordelia liked him, trusted him even, and things were good for about six months. Until, one night he came in late drunk, and Cordelia was staying up late watching TV. He sat down next to her on the couch and passed her a joint. Cordelia, being no stranger to drugs, took it. It tasted a little funny but didn't think anything about it until right before she blacked out. She woke up in terrible pain and half naked with him standing over her. She realized that she'd been raped. He told her that if she told anyone that she would wish she had never been born. She already did. She went against him and told her mother. She didn't believe her, or she didn't want to believe her, Cordelia figured. Her mother didn't even confront him about it, and acted like nothing ever happened. Cordelia would resent her mother for the rest of her life. Over the years Cordelia began to bottle up her anger and her pain. She began getting into a lot of fights and stealing more. That is, until she got caught by the police in the summer of 193, who sent her to juvenile detention for a month. Her "reform" didn't last long and was soon running with her friends again and stealing. Then in the fall of 195 one of her friends got the bright idea of trying to rob a gas station and made plans of making it a group effort. Cordelia didn't quite agree with this mostly because it entailed pointing a gun at some body and the worst thing she'd done to date was shop lift. Her friend decided they'd all have guns "just in case", and taught Cordelia how to use it (the safety is here, etc.). Cordelia thought that her friend, Niko, had a skew lose but went along with it anyway. She figured that, at worst, they'd all be caught but nobody would get hurt. She'd probably go to juvenile detention, which suited her just fine as long as she was out of the house. The plan was to be in and out. It didn't go that way. The cops showed up and within seconds Niko panicked and fired. A police officer fell, and Cordelia immediately thought he was dead. Cordelia had somewhere in the back of her head expected something like this and almost reflexively dropped the gun, hit the floor, and gave up. The others who were in a state of panic followed her lead. Niko, however, was shot and was dead. The rest were apprehended and taken to jail. The courts took pity on her for she was the youngest of the group and clearly coaxed into it (or so the story goes). By court order she was taken to a psychologist and was deemed to need anger management therapy amongst other things and was interred in a rehabilitation center until further notice. That "further notice" turned out to be a long time in which she was forced to get some kind of education. The center had some choices in what you could learn while you were there. Cordelia did mechanics and some computer 101, and got her Graduate Equivalent Degree at this time too. In the spring of 197, Cordelia was deemed well and released. Cordelia, feeling like a whole new life was in front of her, decided to further her education by following her dream of flying and joined a small commercial school. Three years later (AC 200) she was licensed for ground, air, and space piloting; and soon found a job as a commercial freight pilot. This wasn't at all as exciting as she had hoped, and wanting a little more spice in her life joined the military. A year later, she lost her cool with a commanding officer, and was dishonorably discharged (AC 202). Unemployed, Cordelia considered her options. Then, one day on a job hunt to a salvage yard she spied a very old salvage ship. It was an SLV-MacArthur, an ancient thing with air to space capability that looked like a cross between the NASA space shuttle and a deep-sea submersible complete with claws. It needed new shielding, its left arm was in horrible shape, and it looked like it was about to be scrapped. Cordelia made the head man an offer for the old heap and he conceded. She rented a small house and worked odd jobs for the next year to pay for the new titanium shielding, hydraulics, and computers the thing needed to pass inspection. The left arm could not be repaired nor replaced and thus was removed. For the computers, Cordelia was able to get the hardware in separate parts for cheap (thus leading to a 'Franken-computer'); and installed a general ship operating system, navigational programs, games, some other things to entertain herself, and an AI program she could talk to called "Toabie". In the summer of 203, the black on white tattoo painted ship lovingly called "One Armed Bandit" was registered and ready to fly. She made a business of finding odd things and moving them to somewhere where she could fetch a better price. Most of the time her items were legal, but not always. Sometimes all her clients wanted was a "discrete" shipper. By AC 204, this business led her to the outer colonies, and a rather odd clientele, they always sent sealed boxes from various places, always going to Yggdrasil and never ever told her what was in them. They also made it pretty clear that she didn't want to know what was in them for fear of the consequences. Cordelia, of course, never argued for after all they where repeat clients and they paid well.

making money, a good argument, anything with Cheyenne pepper on it, really good high fat ice cream, the exhilaration of a good fight, dancing, drawing, playing around with her ship's computer, the woods, rodents, scaring the crap out of her crew mates, & a good prank.

mean people, abusable substances, too much cologne, sherbet, shellfish, being ignored or not taken seriously, thieves who try to take HER stuff, & party poopers.

Specific Enemies/Friends
No friends really, just acquaintances, the crew of the ships she flew on the commercial line for instance.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Ground Piloting
Air Piloting
Space Piloting
Level 5 Skills:
Mechanical Affinity
Basic Repair

Level 4 Skills:
Fighting Dirty
Small Arms (non-MS)
Basic Survival
Machine Repair
Electrical Engineering
Programming Languages

Level 3 Skills:
Locksmithing (picking)
Weight Lifting

Level 2 Skills:

Level 1 Skills:

Level 0 Skills:
Improvised Weapon
First Aide

MS type
Ship: The "One Armed Bandit", an AC 183 model SLV-MacArthur

Eice Blue

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