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Given Name: Connel Lindsay O'Shay

Alias Name: Shay, Nell to close friends.

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): Grey

Profession: Quartermaster (Supply)

Rank: Wing Second

Date of Birth: August 15 AC 180

Age: 23

Blood Type: O negative

Height: 198.12 cm (6'6")

Weight: 86.37 kg (190 pounds)

Nationality: Australian (Irish decent)

Place Origin: Earth (Sydney, Australia)

Race: P.O.H.

Strength: 24 Dexterity: 26 Endurance: 24
Intelligence: 31 Creativity: 23 Wisdom: 27
Physical Description
Connel is tall and looks almost impossibly thin, until his shirt comes off. Then he looks more like a greyhound, lean and rangy. His carrot colored hair is indifferently cut off at the shoulders, as if he had hacked it off with a knife. His features consist of a classically oval face with round clear middling sky blue eyes, high and wide cheekbones, a sharp chin, and a long beak of a nose that he has called "the wallabies snout". He is in rather good physical condition and is stronger than he appears. When out of uniform he usually wears a battered pair of brown cargo pants and a white or gray tee shirt. For footwear, he prefers a battered pair of knee high leather snake boots. His clothing is usually rather loose, like it was meant for a bigger, or at least a broader man. Often the sleeves of his shirts and the legs of his pants are more than a bit short. If the sleeves are long enough, the shirts are huge in the shoulders and likewise, if the legs of the pants are long enough when the waistband is buttoned they fall off Connel's hips. Connel tends to roll up his shirtsleeves to hide this fact, as it both looks better and is more comfortable, to short pants are hidden by tucking the cuffs into a pair of boots. He ranks comfort above all. He can be convinced to get into something nicer, as he does own a nice pair of tight leather pants and a few nice shirts. This usually involves bribery; an attractive person of either gender asking nicely is usually a good enough bribe for him.

Advantages Disadvantages
Happy Childhood
Photographic Memory
Good Balance
Street Smarts
Financially Astute
  • Sign Language
Heavy Sleeper
Social Stigma
  • Mango (makes him sleepy, break out in mild rash and wheeze like an asthmatic having an attack.)
  • Personality
    Emotional Stability: 3
    Willpower: 30 Charisma: 22 Honor: 25

    Connel is usually running around with at least a half smile on his face. He is easy going and has a slightly twisted sense of humor, having a fondness for dirty jokes and situational humor. This is one of those people who has a Monty Python quote handy for most situations, and will laugh his head off at just about any accident, providing that no one was injured. If upset or angry he will 'lose' his Australian accent and all warmth will gradually drain out of his voice. If his voice goes utterly dead, bystanders are well advised to keep out of reach. Connel's temper tends to explode into violence after extreme provocation. Fortunately, very few things upset him. People who operate heavy machinery when stoned, drunk or just to damn tired is the fastest way to provoke an explosion of temper out of Connel. This is because a drunk driver orphaned him and his sister and he is very inflexible on the subject. The second fastest way to get him angry is the abuse of other people or of animals. If he cannot save the victim, he will do his best to make sure the abuser can never repeat their actions. Connel will happily listen to anyone else's problems as it keeps him from being homesick or thinking about his own, few as they are. He is an irredeemable flirt with people of both genders. His definition of attractive is heavily weighted toward intelligence, a brain before looks sort of thing. He will cuddle almost anyone who needs or wants it but sex is a battleground he enters warily, with the rules of the relationship laid down well beforehand. When he is busy with other work, in supply or elsewhere, Connel will sing. He has a fondness for bawdy folk songs, and a very good tenor voice.

    Background Info/Origin
    Connel is the younger of two children born to Madeline and Donald O'Shay. Donald worked as a sheep handler on Kalligerny Station, a sheep ranch outside of Sydney, Australia. Madeline was employed at the same ranch as a primary school teacher, a common practice where distance kept busses from collecting children for regular schooling. Until Connel turned three, he and his seven-year-old sister Elizabeth were lovingly minded by parents and their only living grandparent. After a drunk driver killed Donald and Madeline, the children found themselves with only their sixty-five year old grandmother for support. Gran, as the two children called her, took up a position as a cook on the ranch to support them. Gran did everything in her power to give 'Liza, as Connel called his sister, and Connel as normal of a childhood as possible. This included mundane things like teaching them to cook, clean, and assigning them chores. The chores gave both children a sound work ethic and enabled them to earn small amounts of money from the Stations Master, or manager. This money he learned to husband wisely from the station's accountant. As Connel got older, his chores began to include general care of the sheep that formed the backbone of the ranch's livelihood. His sister went into the managerial side of things, as she disliked the animals. Connel's duties included hauling feed and hay for bedding, dipping the sheep in spring, sheering them in early summer and assisting the veterinarian with their vaccinations and health care. He also became very adept at tracking and retrieving lost sheep. Hefting sheep around in sheering and dipping seasons is the foundation of his lean muscle structure. He is in excellent physical condition and is accustomed to doing hard physical labor in high heat and humidity of the Australian spring and summer. Money was often tight, even with mutton being provided by the station in slaughtering season and a garden for vegetables. A friend of Connel's father, and aboriginal co-worker named Todd, stepped in to provide him with a father figure. Todd taught Connel how to hunt, track, fish, and survive in the outback. He also taught Connel to respect the beliefs of others, and that a smile would get him further in life than anything. The skills he learned to get close enough to his prospective dinner to kill it cleanly in one shot have made him fairly good at stalking and tracking hidden game. Hunting for food as a child gave Connel the incentive to become a very accurate marksman. Shooting food is one thing, shooting a person is another. Connel will not shoot another human unless he has no other choice. Seeing the aftermath of a sheep rustler shot through the stomach sharply reinforced Connel's natural aversion to killing other people. Dealing with other rustlers made Connel very aware of the fact that some men would do their best to lie or cheat others out of everything they owned and put him on guard against it being done to him. Helping to keep track of several thousand sheep made Connel very organized. Todd helped train Connel's memory by teaching him the oral history of the world from the aboriginal point of view. This set of histories stresses respect for life, self-reliance and heavily emphasizes the teamwork needed for people to survive in a hostile environment. Music was everywhere on Kalligerny Station; the Station Master's wife loved the piano and taught both Connel and Liza how to play. Other ranch hands taught Connel to play the guitar and bodhran. (A type of hand held, flat drum that is commonly used in Irish folk music.) Todd's younger sister Jenny taught him to play the harp, using the three octave and later the great standing harp that Connel's father had built for his mother. For academics, Connel was never more than average. He does read and write music, as well as read a variety of subjects. Connel adores classical literature and late 20th century fiction of almost any genre. His taste in authors varies from H.P. Lovecraft to Louis L'Amour to Anne McCaffery. After graduating from high school, Connel applied for a position in the Preventers. Initially he was accepted into the maintenance division. After a careless technician "lost", a vital part to a highly classified new weapon Connel was promoted to the position of Assistant Quartermaster. He found the lost part in supply, right where the technician had left it. When the higher ups started pitching fits at anyone and everyone involved Connel managed to keep his cool and his sense of humor. A feat his superior was not quite able to manage, although the fault did not rest on any of his personnel. While with the Preventers Connel learned some basic sign language from his assigned roommate, Jonathan Harper, who had been rendered deaf in high school by an infection. The two young men became fast friends in the four and a half years they roomed together. After Jonathan married Kathleen, a mutual friend, Connel found himself rooming alone. A few months after that he was made an offer that would change his life. After almost five years in the Preventers, Commander Noin offered him the chance to transfer to a Special Forces group. Mostly because they needed a few more competent people to help keep the place organized and supplied. Connel is *very* organized, a well-trained memory allows him to keep track of exactly where he puts anything. He just has to remember to remember, which in supply is not hard for him. Outside of supply he has a habit of forgetting where he put his wrist com... Connel was initially extremely hesitant about transferring to a Special Forces group with as little information as Noin gave him, which was no information at all. The idea of jumping into the dark, especially so far from home gave him the shivers. An interview with Lt. Commander Chang over a chessboard changed his mind, and convinced him that he could do more good out on the Rim than he could on Mars.

    He like organization, music, chess, books (esp. history, classical literature, science and old fiction), ice cream, spiders and making friends. In spite of being allergic to it, Connel adores mango. He really likes making Sorata smile by bringing him flowers, and will willingly combat the meaner plants on the island just to get a pretty flower.

    Connel dislikes drunks, drunks operating heavy machinery in particular, idiots, sadists, and losing things. To counter his almost rabid dislike of D.U.I he will be a designated driver, even if he would rather not have to. Friends do not even have to ask.

    Specific Enemies/Friends
    Connel has no real enemies that he knows of. Outside of his family, his friends are Jonathan Harper, who is a supply assistant on Mars Prime, and Jonathan's wife Kathleen. He does his best to keep in touch with Jonathan, Kathleen, and his family on Earth, but the lag time for normal mail limits this to e-mail and the occasional call when finances allow. He considers Wufei Chang a friend but is not sure if it is reciprocated or not, and is not going to push the issue. Connel can get along with just about anyone if he sets his mind to it. He adores Sorata and will do anything for him.

    Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

    Level 9 Skills:

    Level 8 Skills:

    Level 7 Skills:

    Level 6 Skills:
    Level 5 Skills:
    Small Arm (Non-MS)

    Level 4 Skills:
    Reading Barcodes
    Forklift Piloting
    Desert Survival
    Basic Survival
    Rock Climbing

    Level 3 Skills:
    Supply Order Reading/Taking
    First Aide
    Air Piloting
    Vocal Music
    Lip Reading

    Level 2 Skills:

    Level 1 Skills:
    Speed Typing
    Special Weapons (blowgun)

    Level 0 Skills:

    MS type
    None. He loves to fly light aircraft, but cannot fly an MS out of a wet paper sack, and freely admits it.


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