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Given Name: Cassandra Cardinael

Alias Name: Cassie, but only to a select few

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Shadow, Archangel

Profession: Spy

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: April 28, AC 185

Age: 19

Blood Type: O-

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Nationality: Mostly Italian, but she has some Egyptian ancestry

Place Origin: Brooklyn, New York, USA, Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 18 Dexterity: 29 Endurance: 23
Intelligence: 25 Creativity: 20 Wisdom: 36
Physical Description
Cassandra is fairly slender and lithe for her height, build-wise, and really isn't all that physically powerful. (She makes up for this annoying shortcoming by being extremely fast and agile, and knowing how to hit 'em where it hurts--to make the blows she lands count.) Her eyes are an extremely intense emerald green, and tend to unnerve people if she holds their gazes for any length of time. But, since her eyes are the most expressive part of her face, this rarely happens, since Cass prefers to keep her emotions hidden--she generally avoids people's gazes, and occasionally even ignores someone speaking to her in the hopes that they're talking to someone else or that they'll give up and go away. She has long curly black hair, with three specific highlights--gold, silver, and sable--that reaches down to the middle of her back(it's natural and for record's sake, it's a recessive gene she got from her dad, although she doesn't know this). They're generally only visible when light strikes them directly. Altogether, she's pretty, perhaps even slightly exotic-looking, and her appearance is entirely deceptive, considering her attitude.

She has three identifying marks--a tattoo of a black unicorn on her right shoulder; a faint, horizontal scar running across her right cheek about an inch below her eye; and the somewhat-less-faint scars on her wrists where she once slit her wrists. Most people don't notice, or don't get close enough to see, the last marks. Whenever she's allowed, she wears a large golden hoop earring in her right ear and a long black trenchcoat that she received from a friend of hers back on Earth. She wears a silver cross on a silver chain around her neck which her father gave her, one that she never takes off--why, no one knows, as she's mentioned several times that she doesn't believe in God.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good Balance
High Alcohol Tolerance
Keen Senses
Languages: Italian
Sensitive Touch
Street Smarts
20/10 Vision
Bad Luck
Complete Cynicism
Hot Temper
Past Criminal
Self-Esteem Problem

Emotional Stability: -8
Willpower: 38 Charisma: 13 Honor: 22

Cass has, due to her extensive time alone, terrible social skills--she's never sure exactly how to deal with others. Her interaction with people has been, over the past eight years, minimal at best. With a built-in mistrust for society as a whole, she's literally terrified of trusting anyone--although she'd deny it if anyone mentioned it. She's like a dog who's been kicked one too many times; doesn't trust anyone farther than a hen can spit. She becomes defensive the moment she is addressed her and won't stop being so until you've left her alone again.

Cass finds it hard to believe in anyone, and even harder to treat someone nicely--it takes conscious effort and she generally doesn't see any reason to bother making herself pleasant. If she takes a liking to someone, they can expect to still be on the receiving end of a lot of gruff rebuttals. People she doesn't like will generally find her to be the most unpleasant person to be around in the universe.

Cass does, however, have a nice side. If someone can make it past her defenses of being disagreeable, and she actually winds up trusting them, she can be fun to be around. She has a wry sense of humor that, while sometimes overly cynical, tends to amuse, and isn't afraid to laugh at her own faults (provided no one pokes fun at them too much). She's highly trustworthy and extremely good at keeping people's secrets, including her own. She has, a sense of morality that prevents her from doing some of the things she habitually threatens to do; unfortunately, this sense of morality crucifies her almost daily because she does a lot of things counter to it anyway.

Cass is more than mildly manic depressive. On really bad days, she can become self-destructive. Luckily, _really_ bad days aren't too common. She still has mood swings, some of them dramatic and some not so much, but usually people brush them off as being part of the female makeup.

Background Info/Origin
Cass was born on Earth to a fairly normal family. She had two older brothers, as well as a mother and a father who worked for the Alliance. Her parents introduced Cassandra to mobile suits at an early age, since her father was a pilot and worked around them often, and even gave to her a pair of katana that they told her she would learn to use when she was old enough. As her parents were often busy, they enrolled all three children in numerous classes--music classes, art classes, even fencing--when they were old enough. Cass wasn't much interested in art, but she immediately took a liking to music, and took up playing an Irish whistle her father carved for her.

However, when OZ took over the Earth's military bases(she was ten at the time), her father was killed in battle, and she and her family moved away from Cassandra's hometown, Manhattan, to live in a more rural city where their mother hoped less fighting would occur. Not long after that, however, her mother was killed by an explosion when she went into the nearby city to buy some groceries, leaving Cass and her siblings alone, frightened, and orphaned.

Cass and her brothers, not knowing what else to do, returned to Manhattan via subway and bus, stealing the fare out of necessity from wherever they could. They returned as close to their old house as they could and, finding an abandoned building nearby, made it their temporary home. They wound up living there for several years, not having anywhere else to go or any close relatives to turn to. To survive they turned to stealing and pickpocketing as a profession, having no other means of income--Itchele, the oldest brother, was only sixteen and had no way to get a job that would support all three of them; and Clopin, the second oldest, was only thirteen.

During that time, Cass heard of the Gundam pilots. She heard very little--but enough to deduce that they were fighting OZ. Hearing this, she immediately took a liking to them and began trying to find out all she could about them--about one in particular, the one she heard the most about due to where she lived at the time, as he had completed several missions in the general area. Duo Maxwell. Information on him was scarce, and it wasn't long before she was able to easily hack into many organizations' files, having honed her formerly-average skills dredging up what little data she could on Duo. The most data she ever found on him at once was when he and Deathscythe were captured by OZ. But he disappeared completely with the destruction of Libra, and after several months of fruitless searching following that particular incident she gave up on him in despair.

One day, her and her brothers' 'home' was discovered by OZ soldiers. The three children ran from them, since OZ had been associated with all the pain that they had gone through--her father had been killed by an OZ MS, and they knew that the explosion that had killed their mother had come from a battle between OZ and a Gundam--and Cass was separated from her brothers in her flight. Alone and terrified, she went to the woods just outside the rural community where they had moved right after their mother had died--a place where she and her brothers had always planned to meet should they get separated--and waited for them. They never showed up.

After several weeks in the forest, and after seeing the increased activity of OZ within both Manhattan and the rural community, Cass decided that she would live in the forest to wait for her brothers rather than go anywhere near OZ soldiers(she was only about 11 at the time). She lived there for many years, eventually learning how to hunt and how to take care of herself without relying on anyone. She became excellent at employing stealth maneuvers from having to hunt and became excellent at moving silently.

She had come to realize after a month or so that her brothers were not going to come to the forest looking for her, so she had decided to live there for the time being(since she really had no place else to go anyhow). And she also decided that one day, when she was ready, she would set out to find the two of them. She guessed that they would be in the colonies, since they had often expressed their admiration for outer space. After awhile, Cass began to become a cynic, as she was able to observe society and all its flaws from a distance, and lost faith in everything--except her brothers. She refused to believe that they weren't alive somewhere.

During her time in the forest, she accidentally ran into the two men who would become her best friends, Miguel and Reed, who had been goofing off in the woods. The same general age as she was, the three immediately hit it off. Both boys knew a fair extent of martial arts--Miguel knew ninjitsu and Reed had kickboxing down to an art form--and they shared this knowledge with Cassandra, which led to her gaining an unusual, but undeniably effective, fighting style all her own.

When she turned 16, she, with her friends in tow, left Earth to look for her brothers. It wasn't long before they managed to stow away on a shuttle bound for Colony L2. There she discovered that her brothers had indeed travelled to the colonies--but they had left to found a new colony and had not been heard from since.

Cass immediately decided to search for them. Stealing a laptop computer and a Taurus mobile suit(where she stole them from is a mystery to most people since she's never told anyone where she got either), she launched into space to find them. But, as if in penalty for her having stolen the two items, Miguel and Reed were killed in the escape.

After several months of painful guilt(and a failed suicide attempt), Cass finally dragged herself out of her funk enough to head off into space again in search for her brothers, deciding that her friends wouldn't want her moping about. She managed to smuggle her way through the system, eventually even gaining her tattoo and a motorcycle along the way(the latter which was sent back to a warehouse on Earth). Eventually she found herself only a short distance(spatially speaking) from the colony where her brothers were. She made her way out in her mobile suit, only to meet up with terrorists. They blocked her way to the new colony, not letting her pass because of the ID of the suit she flew. In anger, Cass left and wandered around space for awhile(getting drunk fairly often, until finally her alcohol tolerance became so high that it wasn't worth the money to buy the drinks), having really nothing better to do, eventually arriving by sheer chance on the planet Yggdrasil after bribing a technician on a cargo shuttle to smuggle her and her stolen MS aboard.

One day while she was wandering around aimlessly in Yggdrasil's wilderness(having a natural preference for solitude by now), she noticed an advanced MS model flying across a stretch of open ground {Michael, from when he met Seimei}. Surprised and intrigued, Cass estimated its course and followed it--and found a base upon which there was no data whatsoever. She, being driven by natural curiosity, decided to find out what the base was all about...

Beauty, being cynical, music of any kind, fighting without having to kill the person she is fighting with, challenging situations, good food and drink, swordfights(she is very skilled at using her katana by now, although her self-taught style is rather eclectic), playing with people's heads, meeting a worthy opponent, respect, junk food, chivalry, reading and writing, honesty, animals, talking to people, her brothers, the colors blue, green, red, and black, nighttime, the outdoors, being pragmatic, trashing bars, giving people what they deserve(whatever that may be), teasing Jade, being in control, stargazing, sarcasm.

Losing friends or battles, feeling helpless, being injured, being protected(she prefers to protect herself), being misjudged or underestimated, racism, inane stupidity or cuteness(especially combined), not being in control of a situation, men who are sexist, vegetables of any sort, women who are weaklings(she thinks they add to the stereotypes of women), people who try to rule by force, anyone who gets in her way, any form of weakness, being bored, being disliked, arrogance of any form, chaos, making a mistake, being told to 'act like a lady', damage to her MS, the terrorists, anyone ever connected with OZ, killing people who aren't connected to the terrorists or OZ, people who enjoy killing, destruction of nature, ignorance, being called 'Cassie'.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Friends: Jade Connor. She respects the Gundam pilots, and hasn't yet met anyone she seriously dislikes within the Black Lions, but then again, there's always time...

Enemies: Warmongers, rebels, enemies of her allies, people who try to control her, people who call her 'Cassie'. (She has one LARGE stick up her ass when it comes to being called that. And, in the words of my friend DeMona, 'at times...it's better described as a log.')

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5
Level 7 Skills:
Level 5 Skills:
Basic Survival
Martial Arts
Space Piloting

Level 4 Skills:
Fighting Dirty
Lip Reading
Speed Typing

Level 3 Skills:

Level 2 Skills:
First Aid

MS type
A stolen Taurus MS, painted completely black, with a beam cannon, machine gun, and laser blade equipped on it. She calls it Shadow(which used to be her own nickname, although she uses Archangel more now) and woe to the person who messes up the paint job...it took her forever to get it all black and she wants to keep it that way.

Callisto Dementia

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