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Given Name: Yeung Xi'an

Alias Name: Ayan Blayne

Gender: Male

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: MS Pilot

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: October 12, AC 182

Age: 22

Blood Type: A+

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 71 kg

Nationality: Mother/Chinese Father/British

Place Origin: Born in the United Kingdom on Earth

Race: POH

Strength: 27 Dexterity: 27 Endurance: 23
Intelligence: 23 Creativity: 28 Wisdom: 26
Physical Description
A little short for his age, Ayan makes up for this with his incredible flexibility. Years of training under his grandfather’s teachings have equipped him with a sleek, toned body. He is strong without having a bulky mass of muscles, and keeps himself in this shape with yoga and other daily exercises. His dark brown hair is naturally highlighted with tans and golds, and is often kept tied back in a practical manner. A sweep of bangs almost hides his eyes, a glittering violet in an almost diamond shape. Asian ancestry has left him with smooth olive-hued skin, a rounded nose, and almond-shaped eyes, all in place upon a mixed oval-heart shaped face. In a word, his features have come together to make him quite gorgeous.

Advantages Disadvantages
Keen Senses
Language: Chinese
Adaptability (3)
Street Smarts
Double Jointed
Plays Well With Others
Good Balance
Sensitive Touch
Fame/Infamy (1) Past Abuse (1) Sleep Disorder: Nightmares
Past Criminal Activity
  • Dogs*
  • Nuts**
  • Pollen***

* Reaction: Rash/itching. Not easily controlled; the best prevention is to avoid dogs.
** Reaction: When ingested, nausea. Symptoms worsen depending on the amount eaten. Controlled by avoiding eating anything with nuts in it.
*** Reaction: Sneezing/Watery eyes. Easily controlled with an antihistamine.

Emotional Stability: +4
Willpower: 25 Charisma: 26 Honor: 22

There are those who will write Ayan off as being a snob by simply looking at him, the stereotype prompted by his appearance. They couldn't be further from the truth. Not easily subject to changing, his personality runs deep and is very likable. Ayan's adaptability lets him adjust to new situations with ease. It is also rare to see him lose his temper, if it should ever happen. A high level of emotional stability has made him an ideal person for learning new skills and information.

Tendencies to lean towards being a quiet person disappear when utter curiosity or intrigue prompts Ayan to take action. He is genuinely friendly and interested in those around him, and will pursue romantic interests when they come along.

His outer optimism shows often, and he does not hide his feelings from others. The fear of rejection or similar hurt does not affect him to the point of withholding emotions. Deep inside his heart, he still misses Dio to a tolerable degree, however the lasting effect from his lovers’ death does not prohibit him from developing new emotional attachments.

Ayan shows a slight fear of losing those he loves, and will try to keep them close if at all possible. He tends to be a little possessive of those he loves, and will do anything to protect them from harm, emotional or physical. Because Dionysus was a caring, protective figure, Ayan tends to assume the role in a relationship.

Background Info/Origin
Mother: Chinese, descendent of a mountain-based clan on an ethnic colony in the outskirts of the L5 cluster. She grew up rebellious, breaking free from her overbearing parents to flee to Earth. Once there, she met a British college student and fell in love. Five years after the birth of her first and only son, she passed away.

Father: Heir to a United Kingdom-based merchandising business, his father threatened to disown him if he brought his son home with him after his fiancee had died. Instead, he sent the child back to space, to live with his grandparents.

Ayan can still recall the tiny apartment he lived in with his mother and father. The time he spent living with his biological parents was a pleasant five years. His mother spent a lot of time teaching him to play the piano, a skill he has honed and will retain for life. In AC 187, she fell ill with a then-unidentified strain of pneumonia and passed away within four months. His father faced a difficult choice: Choose wealth and fortune by returning to his parents, or stay with his son and live a poor life.

Ayan was sent back to the tiny Chinese colony his mother had often spoken of. His grandparents were still infuriated with his mother’s disobedient ways and in turn kept a tight reign on Ayan, teaching him skills they had wished to teach their daughter. Though his mother had named him Ayan and given him his father’s family name, Blayne, Ayan’s grandparents gave him their own name, demanding that he respond to Xi’an rather than Ayan.

A quiet, intelligent student, Ayan rarely saw other children unless he was at school. Most of his time was spent divided between piano, martial arts, yoga, painting and other lessons. Rather than using physical means of punishment for Ayan, his grandparents would restrict his freedoms, requiring him to study and practice for longer hours than usual.

At the age of 14, his grandparents made a deal with another family to betroth Ayan to their daughter. The deal was sealed with a bribe from Ayan’s grandparents, since Ayan was ‘tainted’, and not 100% Chinese. During the time between the arrangement and the actual set ceremony date, Ayan dove into his studies and his solitude, even refraining from speaking to his teachers.

Three nights before the set wedding date, Ayan slipped through his window and escaped into the night, taking with him only the few things he felt close to. Behind him, he left the shattered dreams of his grandparents, and the broken heart of a girl.

Though he’d never practiced sneaking about, it came very naturally to Ayan. Wherever he went, he referred to himself as Ayan Blayne, rather than Yeung Xi’an. He also allowed his hair to grow longer, tying it back in the same fashion his mother would when they’d spend a casual day at home in the years before.

Jumping from cargo freighter to cargo freighter, Ayan learned of the wonderful world of War. It was now AC197, and travel was easier after the AC195-AC196 wars. He’d kept track of the war via public announcements and newspapers, ultimately interested in the five gifted Gundam pilots who had fought for what they believed in. Mangled and mutilated mobile suit parts were often the cargo he’d travel with, and studying them was how he’d pass the time of space travel. Through unguided self-teaching, he learned the basic composure and mechanics of a mobile suit. Some varied, with pilot cockpits to no cockpit at all. Some bore huge thrusters for air travel, some had strong lower units for land travel. His finely chiseled skills learned during childhood were forgotten for those few months of travel, but were never to be lost.

Ayan’s general destination was any big city, and the colonies at Lagrange Point 2 proved to have such things. Being homeless was now no longer a new thing to Ayan, though his street skills needed improvement. His big break came in the form of a nameless, pretty-faced male prostitute. He called himself Dionysus, leaving the space meant for a family name without word or need. Dionysus took Ayan under his wing and introduced him to the wonderful worlds of cramped city apartments, risqué attire, and sex.

Against Dionysus’ wishes, Ayan went to work as a prostitute, bringing in exceptional amounts of money from his appreciative Clients. For three years, Ayan lived with Dio, befriending those who lived in the apartments around theirs. Most were prostitutes themselves; the entire district they lived in was known for prostitution.

The initial friendship Ayan shared with Dio quickly blossomed. Standing at the brink of falling in love, Ayan knew that although he didn’t have much, he had what he wanted. Even the knowledge of his personal identity had been unknown to him until he’d met Dionysus.

His entire world, although unusual, was almost a dream come true, but it was not meant to last. One autumn night, the police came to the apartment while Dionysus had been out. They questioned Ayan briskly about his lover’s last whereabouts, only to later inform him that a Client had murdered the prostitute.

Ayan gathered his belongings and left L2 shortly after, seeking a place to land to mend his spirit’s wings. Some day, he knew the murderer would be served justice.

Returning to his days of cargo freighter hopping was no difficult task. Ayan reconformed to the life he knew before Dionysus, keeping himself busy to get over but not forget his deceased lover. His newer style of attire, much like the style the prostitutes wore on L2, got him a few stares and offers from passers by, but the reaction to his appearance was no more intense than that when he’d wear the clothing from L5, the traditional Chinese garments his grandparents made him wear.

Leather and vinyl could be so much more comfortable at times.

The huge spaceport he wandered into sometime in the artificial mid-Spring season of AC204 looked as bland and rushed as any other he’d seen. The cargo freighter he chose to steal onto was a little larger than most; the difference went unnoticed until the shuttle had taken off and he’d had a chance to explore.

Most of the suits on board were nearly complete or without damage. The exterior paint was unchipped and unharmed, suggesting that they’d just come from a factory.

The flight was terribly long. Throughout its duration, the beat of fear pulsed in his heart, warning him that he wouldn’t know where he’d be ending up. Optimism prevailed, and Ayan waited for precious time to pass. Curiosity eventually got the best of him. The suits he was traveling with were unlike anything he’d seen, and his interest in them had won over. Breaking out a toolkit to find out more about them was no problem. Dismantling the suit took a little more time due to its unfamiliarity, but Ayan eventually stripped it down to a shell.

Before he had time to put it back together, the shuttle was already pulling into the port.

The two commanding officers that found both Ayan and the dismantled mobile suit were both royally pissed that he’d dismantled it, but interested in just /how/ he’d known what to do.

Ayan had feared death at that moment, but soon discovered that the officers themselves had cheated death. One identified himself as Heero Yuy, Gundam pilot and presumed dead. The same went for the other, who identified himself as Chang Wufei.

Rather than a death certificate, they were offering Ayan a chance to join an elite group he’d never heard of until now, the Black Lions. His knowledge of mobile suits was a valuable asset to any pilot; using this information during battle would give him a benefit over his enemies. Such information would not go to waste.

Painting; Playing the piano; Dancing; Flirting; Tight leather; Egg-drop Soup; Strawberries; Anything blue; The sound of Dionysus’ laughter

"Clients" -- those who hire prostitutes; Incompetent police; Incompetentcy in general; Stumbling; Peanuts

Specific Enemies/Friends
Enemies: Only he who took his lover’s life. Friends: Ayan tends to make friends easily, though he has had a problem here or there in the past. More specifically, his friends within the BLs include Vasya, Sorata, Trinity, Aisuru, and Jordana, mainly only those he’s met since his arrival.

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Martial Arts
Level 5 Skills:
Basic Survival

Level 4 Skills:
Mobile Suit Repair

Level 3 Skills:
Lip Reading

Level 2 Skills:
Basic Repair

Level 1 Skills:
Coffee Making
Lyric Writing

Level 0 Skills:
First Aide

MS type
None yet. Ayan found a particular liking for the Taurus’ design, as well as the fabled Gundam Deathscythe.

Celes Maxwell

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