Given Name:  Ariana Black

Alias Name:  Black Onyx

Gender:  Female

Callsign:  N/A

Profession:  Pilot in Training

Rank:  Ensign

Date of Birth:  September 17, AC 185

Age:  19

Blood Type:  O+

Height:  165 cm

Weight:  59 kg

Nationality:  American

Place of Origin:  Newark, New Jersey, United States, Earth

Race:  POH

Strength:  30 Dexterity:  28 Endurance:  27
Intelligence:  25 Creativity:  20 Wisdom:  23

Physical Description
Despite being on the short side of stature, Ariana has a very solid build. She has a wide, muscular back, broad shoulders and ample breasts.  Her small waist accentuates her rounded hips.  In other words, she is very curvaceous.  Ariana has a bronze complexion, wide brown eyes, a small sharp nose and softly sculpted cheeks and always wears her jet black shoulder length hair in two severe braids on either side of her face.She considers her slightly full lips to be her best feature.  Being far from conceited, Ariana considers herself a very beautiful person on the outside. As for clothing, Ariana loves wearing anything tight, or baggy, and black. As a civilian, she is usually seen wearing either a black, sleveless unitard or black, baggy fatigues with a shite tank top.  Black combat boots are worn with everything.  To accessorize, Ariana wears eyebrow, nose and tongue piercings along with a pair of sterling silver studs in her ears. The only other jewelry she wears is a silver cross that she wears around her neck as a tribute to her deceased parents.  When Ariana adopted the name 'Onyx' she had an onyx embedded in the center of the cross.

Faith (free)  (2)
Intuition (free)
High Pain Tolerance (1)
Street Smarts (1)
Good Luck
Good Balance (1)
Double Jointed (2)
Photographic Memory
Night Vision
Alcohol Tolerance
Adaptabilty (1)
Past Abuse (4)
Self-Esteem Problems (1)
Hot Temper (1)
Social Stigma

Emotional Stability:  -3
Willpower:  35 (1) Charisma:  15 (-1) Honor:  15

Ariana was not a born loner but after everything that has happened in her past, she made herself one.  Although deep inside, she craves for the attention of others, she stays to herself to save herself from the embarrassment of others.  Ariana considers herself not to be a well like person.  Seeming cold and aloof, she distances herself with a cold sneer worn on her pretty face.  Being her coldness is only a facade, Ariana is a caring person.  She strives to help out those that she feels are weaker than she is even if it means risking her own life.  Onyx has a very rare smile that she sometimes shares with those she is closest to.  Through all of this, Ariana feels that their are only three things in life she needs to do:  Stay Black, pay taxes and die.

Background info/origin Ariana is not one to boast about her past.  Since watching her parnts die at the hands of the Federation and escaping with her life when she was a young girl of 5, Ariana learned quickly to mistrust the military.  Feeling that life on the streets for such a young child was not an option, Ariana wandered the streets until she found a church/orphanage on the colony L2 which she lived for over a year until she was adopted and taken away.

Once in her new home, still on L2, Ariana found out that living in the orphanage to be worlds better.  The young girl felt that her adoptive parents were the epitome of evil.  Although they were very strict with her studies, making sure she studied long and hard to excel far beyond her peers, they abused her every chance they got.  Tiring of being mentally, emotionally and physically abused, Ariana soon forgot the lessons of life and forgiveness she learned from her natural parents and garegivers at the orphanage and stabbed her adoptive father with a butcher knife, leaving him to bleed to death.  Fleeing the home, the now 12 year old hid out in old abandoned buildings until she found a safe haven with a group of other youths of various ages calling themselves 'The Black Rain.'

For the next few years, Ariana, now known as Black Onyx, ran the streets of L2 making a name for herself as being a ruthless fighter and skillful theif.  Onyx was also taught by the leader of the Black Rain, an older man of 22, the art of computer hacking and the mechanics of mobile suit operations.  Even though they didn't have a mobile suit to actually work with, they knew how to hack into the military database and download blueprints of the machines.  When the war of AC 195 began, Onyx put her new skills to good use by breaking into military installments, stealing and sabotaging mobile suits used by both the Federation and OZ.  She also spent a good deal of time on Earth, stowing away on shuttles without anyone detecting her by forging fake ID's, breaking security codes and stealing flight uniforms.  Onyx soon became more enthused by flying when she discovered, watching the news, she may have known one of the Gundam pilots. At this point, Onyx felt that she was on a mission to meet that individual known as Duo Maxwell.

Two years after the war, Onyx's life tood a turn for the worst.  A rumor was circulating about the leader of the gang secretly working with a former OZ agent who was more than upset over the war ending.  When Onyx confronted the man she looked up to as a friend for the past few years, he admitted to everything saying that it would be better to destroy the colonies and to live on Earth.  Pleading with her to be much more than a friend, he wanted her by his side on the escape shuttle when a destructive gas would be released upon L2, killing all its inhabitants.  He got more than upset and started attacking Onyx when she refused.  Fighting back knowing that her life depended on it, she did the only thing she could do to save herself and her gang family.  She killed her former friend by which made her the new leader of The Black Rain.  More bad fortune followed when the former soldier came looking for her to avenge the death of his operative.  He disappeared without a trace.  No one knows what happened to him.

Within a month, due to an informant's tip, Onyx was found and charged with two counts of murder:  her adoptive father and the former leader of the gang.  Due to the circumstances of the first murder, being that Onyx was only a young child, her imprisonment was kept from the press.  The only ones that knew about it was her adoptive mother (who was arrested when Onyx decided to press charges against her for abuse), her fellow gang members who conveniently disappeared and the Preventers.  Learning of Onyx's background, Sally Po knew that her skills would be an asset not to be wasted in prison.  Groning through countless contacts, she made a call to Lt. Cmdr. Chang Wufei who then told Cmdr. Duo Maxwell of the young woman. The next thing Onyx knew, she was being lead from her prison cell on to a waiting shuttle to parts unknown.

Likes Computers, cooking, music frm the late 1900's, playing basketball, sneaking around to base to see how far she can go before she gets caught.

Dislikes Green vegetables, injustice (thanks to Chang Wufei), and stupid people

Specific Enemies/Friends Friends:  Chang Wufei, Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy (I wonder why???), Aisuru Junsei and most of the Black Lions.  Unfortunately, due to her low self-esteem, she doesn't interact well with too many people unless some great amount of effort is made or if there is a means to an end (seduction). Enemies:  Mrs. Jackson (her adoptive mother)

Levels 6-10
Levels 1-5
Level 7 Skills
     Running (free)
Level 5 Skills
     Running (free)
     Righting Dirty
     Guns (free)

Level 4 Skills
     Speed Typing

Level 3 Skills
     Machine Repair
     Computer Science
     Systems Security
     Improvised Weapon
     Throw Improvised Weapon

Level 2 Skills
     Vocal Music

Level 1 Skills
     Invention (Mechanical)
     Martial Arts
     Mobile Suit Repair
     First Aide
     Ground Piloting
     Program Languages
     Air Piloting