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Given Name: Alexandria Yume O'Conner

Alias Name: Alex

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): Mirage

Profession: R&D

Rank: Ensign

Date of Birth: October 22, 178 AC

Age: 30

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 125 lbs


Place Origin:

Race: POH

Strength: 15 Dexterity: 37 Endurance: 20
Intelligence: 30 Creativity: 31 Wisdom: 20
Physical Description
Alex is a short person, with a shaggy mop of Irish-red hair that falls about her face and her eyes in a haphazard manner. Her bangs reach down slightly in front of her eyes and the back reaches her shoulders. Her eyes have a slightly slanted-oriental look, the irises the color of deep violet. She carries herself proudly, she has a lot of confidence in herself and it shows in her posture. Her whole body is slim, small shoulders, slight hips, slim wrists, etc. The only sort of jewelry that she wears on a regular basis is an earring, on her right ear, a hoop with a cross attached to it. Her face and features are a bit weathered, laughter and frown lines decorate the corners of her mouth and there's a little bit of a crease between her eyebrows from the angry and thoughtful expressions that often cross her face. She's kept herself in good shape and her body is nice to look at. Being so short it's easy to mistake her for being younger than she actually is; however her features offset that fact. Her face is older, of a more mature set. Instead of having the slim, slightly gangly body of a teenager still growing into their adult form Alex is fully developed. She's reached her full height and her physical form will only get worse with time, not better. At a quick glance she could be taken as being in her late twenties, she doesn't quite look her full thirty years of age.

Advantages Disadvantages
Adaptability *1
Street Smarts
Sleep Disorder

Emotional Stability: +4
Willpower: 36 Charisma: 30 Honor: 15

Alex can be a bit presumptuous around first meetings. She tends to make assumptions about people on the way that they act and dress. Often she won't take the time to get to know a person well before passing judgement on them. It's a problem she's still working to overcome. She can be very kindhearted and sweet when she wants, particularly to those that share her interests. She's willing to meet and deal with anyone civilly on the first try, but if the said person is rude and obnoxious she will return the same sort of treatment. She's very hardworking and willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goals. Often she will put the safety of herself and her body aside in pursuit of her goal. In fact this is almost a fault in her, if she gets wrapped up enough in a project she'll work obsessively and end up fatigued or injured. It has happened to her on a couple of occasions in the past.

Background Info/Origin
Alexandria Yume O'Conner was born on October 22 in the year of After Colony 178. Her parents, Toru Chen and Angus O'Conner were recently moved to the Colony Cluster L4. Being new immigrants they had high hopes for themselves and their daughter when they made the switch, leaving Terra behind for the rest of their lives. Shortly after arriving at their new home Alex was born in Saint Frances Memorial Hospital. She lived a happy and healthy life with her parents until the age of six. They were killed in a hit-and-run collision the state took custody of the young-Alex shortly thereafter. She was adopted into the En family, a childless couple who wanted a family. Her second mother was Rachel En, the lively and loquacious wife of Joshua En, known around simply as 'Josh'. She grew up with them, moving through school and having a very tranquil and unremarkable life. During her elementary years she had a great interest in music and dance. Rachel enrolled her in dance classes and Josh chipped in for flute lessons. One of her favorite leisure-time activities with Josh was shooting. He took her when she hit the age of thirteen and showed her the basics of guns and how to use them in the event that she would have to defend herself. From thirteen to eighteen she lived fairly normally, considering that she was a child of wartime. Things got rough in there for a while, during the time of the Gundam Wars but her family always managed to stick together somehow. During those years she gained some friends that she wouldn't have thought she would associate with. Some of the people that in the past she had avoided, the streetwise, some of the rougher kids. During wartime some of the barriers that she had set between herself and some of her classmates in public school broke down. She saw that when everyone's butt was on the line things didn't really matter (things being: money, attitude, etc) sometimes outer facades broke down to reveal interesting and wonderful people. Jita Mathers was one of her best friends in high school. She lived in a bad part of a colony and taught Alex how to handle herself should she ever be placed in a situation where she would need to fight to defend herself. When she was fifteen she met her first boyfriend, Jita's brother Gabe. Short for Gabriel, Gabe was quite a boy, tall, friendly and capable of doing just about anything. Unfortunately he was killed in the war. It was a sad time for Alex, but life as it always seems to do, went on. She graduated high-school with honors and moved on to college. She took four years of college, gaining knowledge about computers and their workings. Her parents and working her butt off helped to finance that particular venture. She knew that if she didn't have the training of a college under her belt then she wouldn't have a chance at a good job. She put a lot of weight in programming and those sorts of skills. After college she drifted a bit, and eventually came into the employment of Allen-Freewalt, a computer-store owner. His shop specialized in building custom computers and he needed someone with some skills as help. Being a sweet man, when he saw Alex showed more than her fair share of promise in the world of technical things he referred her to Howard, an old friend of his and an M.S. designer (of the Tallgeese ^-^) to see if he could use her. He and Howard went back a while, before Allen had owned the computer store he had been in the business of scrapping down old mechs. He had been a parts supplier to Howard for a time and then he got tired of the intense physical labor involved in the scrap yard. She stayed on the same colony with Howard for a good long time, learning a few things about computers and their internal workings. Owning an apartment in a faraway place from her home was a different and learning experience for Alex Knowing that he (Howard) had friends, such as Duo who needed a good tech, he mentioned her and the BL's took a chance, liking what Howard told them about her. Alex didn't have a clue about any of this and was quite happily designing away for Howard and growing quite happy with her salary. On a fairly unremarkable day she received an invitational but extremely vague letter about the Black Lions and a number to call. Being an adventurous and inquisitive gal she called. And was told where to go.

The color green, macaroni,teriyaki-beef, the lil ravioli's in the package, fog. Favorite song is 'Missing' by Everything but the Girl, likes to wear anything and everything leather and things that flow against the skin. Favorite day of the week is Tuesday ("Everybody's stoned on Tuesday!" -Alex). Hawks, and long, soft, fine hair. Likes her men lanky, tall, long hair, pretty eyes, reasonably sweet (not too picky tho). Just about anything goes as far as women go, but is rather turned off by those gratuitously overweight. Herbal essences shampoo, "The Ghosts of Mercy Manor" and the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Favorite movies are "The Sixth Sense" and "The Changling". Likes the art of Salvador Dhali, Angel Sanctuary, sketching, flute-playing. Likes to think she is photogenic and enjoys singing. Favorite pencil is 4b, and prismacolors. Roses, christmas lights (the multicolored and the white ones, would prefer to read by those than lamplight). Favorite day of the year is May 22nd (for no apparent reason), and boots, high heels, anything that makes her a smidge taller than she is...

Absolutly hates mayonnaise (it makes her gag). Very very blisteringly hot days, as she sunburns easily. Any old country songs, mondays, slugs, stuck up assholish men, and uniforms.

Specific Enemies/Friends
Jita Mathers (still on L4)
Howard the M. Mechanic

Levels 6-10 Levels 1-5

Level 9 Skills:

Level 8 Skills:

Level 7 Skills:

Level 6 Skills:
Speed Typing
Programming Languages
Level 5 Skills:

Level 4 Skills:
Systems Security

Level 3 Skills:

Level 2 Skills:
Virus Writing
Computer Science
Small Arms (non-MS)Marksmanship

Level 1 Skills:
Fighting Dirty

Level 0 Skills:

MS type


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