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Given Name: Peace Mariah Williams

Alias Name: Peace

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: February 3, 188 AC

Age: 16

Blood Type: O+

Height: 139 cm

Weight: 40 kg

Nationality: American

Place Origin: Alliance Military Base, Africa, Earth

Race: NT

Physical Description
Peace has the appearance of a seven-year old child. She has thin brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are hazel but can change color from light brown, when angered or upset (which isn't often at all), to dark green when she is happy or excited. She is extremely thin and has a somewhat tired, almost malnourished look.


Peace is a quiet individual, a natural healer and listener, wanting more than anything to help when it is needed. She wants to be accepted by others but is all too conscious of her differences, both mental and physical. She feels most alone in a crowd of people. Despite this she feels she has no reason and, in fact, no ability to mask her emotions from other people. She feels no need to hide her feelings from people she knows will pose no threat to her. She loves intimacy (not sexual!) with people, which is why she loves her brother so much. She wants to be able to talk to and share things with people. Due to her metaphysical abilities she's very clairvoyant and usually has good intuition about people. She's also very forgiving. She never begrudges people for mistaking her for a seven year old. She's a smart kid, and deep down has a strong source of self-assurance and confidence.

Background Info/Origin
Peace was born on an Alliance military base in Central East Africa. Two chromosomal irregularities were discovered at her birth. The first was a strange chromosomal disease, the effects of which were uncertain at the time. The second was an irregular gene type. One had nothing to do with the other however. Further tests were to have been conducted but Patricia Williams' strong opposition to them prohibited it. Unknown at the time, the irregular genes were new-type. Peace was raised in the practice of her mother till the time she was seven. The genes, which generated healing effects, as well as a sense of clairvoyance, separated Peace from her all too normal brother and father. Naturally she clung more to her mother for guidance. After her parents' deaths, especially her mother's suicide, she was affected with a deep sense of isolation for the outside world. From this time also, Peace physically ceased to age, as the chromosomal disease, which had been brewing finally took effect. This did not prevent her from developing a close bond with her brother, who became her guardian after the incident. Stowing away aboard a cargo transport, Peace spent the next three years as a runaway, protected by her brother, traveling from colony to colony. In AC 198 they arrived in L5 and stayed as Ryence got a job running weapons in a local weapons ring. Peace had little to do with this and spent most of her time at home. Unable to attend school due to her unusual appearance, she mostly taught herself, with some instruction from her brother. Though extremely brilliant her education had no formality to it. In the year AC 203, after her brother's shift in professional status she was given a private tutor and mentor who began to formalize her education. After Ryence's acceptance into the BL's she is sent to a special boarding school in L1, an institution specializing in the education of new-types.

walking around in bare feet, fuzzy, warm sweaters, sunrises, fresh peaches (the kind that drip sweet juice when you bite into them), healing and helping people, her brother, cooking, old blues and jazz (something with soul and a deep, melted caramel sound), walking under the shadows of trees after dark, postcards of places she's never seen, rain and thunder

lightning, being lost in large, tall groups of people, testing, medicine, doctors, shoes, socks, floors that are filthy or have small, sharp objects lying on them (since she likes to walk around barefoot), death

Specific Enemies/Friends
Her brother is her best friend. She's normally uncomfortable around anyone that is extremely tall, over a foot and a half more than her, except her brother. She is uncomfortable and withdrawn around doctors.


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