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Given Name: Kari Manning

Alias Name: N/A

Gender: Female

Callsign(s): N/A

Profession: N/A

Rank: N/A

Date of Birth: July 4, 198

Age: 6

Blood Type: B+

Height: 106 cm

Weight: 15 kg

Nationality: N.Chinese/ British/N. Indian extraction

Place Origin: Atropos

Race: Newtype

Physical Description
Kari appears to be of mixed racial background. She is a delicate-boned, lovely little girl with soft golden-brown curls with red highlights that fall past her shoulders, a heart shaped face, small, full mouth, and huge solemn gold-brown eyes with a faintly Asian cast, framed by long gold-tipped lashed. She has skin that is a creamy honey in color with pink undertones. Kari has some scarring on her torso and from old injuries as well as some on her right and left leg.

Kari is a very normal six-year-old girl in most ways, if on the quiet and shy side and slow to warm to strangers. She is sweet and eager to please; enjoys play and make-believe. She is bright, precocious, and observant.

Background Info/Origin
Kari's parents came from a long line of colonials, her father's family from L5 and her mother's from L3. Her father, Kim-Siang Manning was a geologist specializing in terraforming and her mother, Anjali Manning was a Sociologist. When The CTC opened up Atropos for colonization, they eagerly left L5 for the new frontier. Kari An Li Manning was born en route to Atropos.

In A.C 200, Kari was orphaned by the limited military action that occurred to put down the rebellion on Atropos. Her parents, supporters of Atropos independence but also strong pacifists were killed when an air strike destroyed the building where they were working. Kari, not quite 2 years old, in daycare at the same building, was seriously injured but was one of the few children there to survive. The force of the explosion left the child hearing impaired, which surgery plus a cochlear implant has managed to correct somewhat. Still the child relies on sign language and lip reading for effective communication.

Kari initially seemed an easy child to place-- attractive, quiet, intelligent, but around the age of 2 and 1/2 she began manifesting New Types gifts, namely telekinesis and pyrokinesis. She was moved from foster home to foster home because strange and sometimes dangerous things seem to happen around the tiny girl. This lead to fear and anger and even hatred on the part of the families she was placed with which often lead to emotional and physical abuse. Finally, after an unexplained fire occurred that nearly proved fatal to Kari and her foster family, the child was taken out of foster care and placed in a half way home orphans.

Jordana Sevayin and Her brother, Khaiya, met the child in March of 202 when they toured Atropos with their guardians, Quatre Winner and Trowa Barton. The two young men were there as representatives from the CTC to assess how well the colony was recovering from the rebellion (and to ascertain there was no further arms build up) Quatre and his family were touring the orphanage when the Sevayin's came across the child. Recognition of a fellow Gifted was nearly instantaneous on the part of all the children. Telling their guardians of their discovery, a few discreet inquiries revealed the child's painful past. Feeling a strong sense of kinship and sympathy with the little girl, the young Sevayins spent much of the month their family stayed on Atropos at the orphanage visiting Kari and discovering the depths of her Talents. Even there the child was discriminated against and treated coldly or cruelly. Remembering their own fortune in finding Trowa and Quatre when they were alone in the world, they felt it was only right to return the favor by helping Kari.

When the Sevayins joined the BL a month later, they wrote to the financially strapped orphanage on Atropos and offered to sponsor Kari. Utilizing a significant portion of their BL monthly stipend, they provide the funds to see that she has the things she needs and pay for her tuition and board at a school for gifted children. Quatre, proud of his young wards, offered to help them with the expenses but they graciously refused, feeling it was the dept they owned back to him and to a higher power for what he and Trowa had done for them.

Kari, Jordana, and Khaiya communicate by Vidcom about twice a month and frequently by email and snail mail. Whenever Jordana or Khaiya are in the Atropos star system, they make it a point to visit their little 'sister' and spend time with her, guiding her as much as they can in the use and control of her Talents. They have told her she is to keep her Gifts to herself and not discuss them with anyone one other then themselves.


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