What if the Black Lions Characters Had Jewel Ranks...

A little explanation is in order, I daresay. Three of the Game Staff, namely me (Katsu), Sukida, and Keeley, are big fans of a fantasy series by Anne Bishop, which is called "The Black Jewels Trilogy." It's absolutely wonderful, we highly recommend it. In fact, stop reading this omake this instant and go buy the first book. It's called "Daughter of the Blood."

Anyways...in these books, the society is built rather strictly on power and social role, which is determined by personality. The society is a matriarchy, for the most part, though both males and females have important roles in protecting eachother. In the hierarchy, the Blood rules, and those of the blood that can wear jewels are of higher rank...and the jewels themselves have their own ranking system.

Here's the skinny on the social system, taken directly from the front of Anne Bishop's "The Invisible Ring."


Non-Blood of any race.
Blood Male
A general term for all males of the Blood; also refers to any Blood male the doesn't wear Jewels.
A Jeweled male equal in status to a witch.
A Jeweled male equal in satus to a Priestess or a Healer
Warlord Prince
A dangerous, extremely agressive Jeweled male; in status, slightly lower than a Queen.


Non-Blood of any race.
Blood Female
A general term for all females of the Blood; mostly refers to any Blood female who doesn't where Jewels.
A witch who heals physical wounds and illnesses; equal in status to a Priestess and a Prince.
A witch who cares for altars, Sanctuaries, and Dark Altars; witnesses handfasts and marriages; performs offerings; equal in status to a Healer and a Prince.
Black Widow
A witch who heals the mind; weaves the tangled webs of dreams and visions; is trained in illussions and poisons.
A witch who rules the Blood; is considered to be the land's heart and the Blood's moral center; as such, she is the focal point of their society.

This is really an oversimplification of the castes; there are specific behaviors and characteristics inherent with each class, so our choices will make a lot more sense if you read the books. ^.^

Oh yes, and one more thing! The Jewels. The Jewels are a source of power for the blood. They have their own hierarchy, running from lightest (weakest) to darkest (most powerful.)
A quick run-down (Once again, taken from "The Invisible Ring" is:
Tiger Eye
Purple Dusk
Opal [the dividing line between light and dark jewels]

And that's all there is to it. (Ha ha!) Basically, we three sat down and figured out what a bunch of the BL character would be if they had jewel rankings. ^.^ If you're character's not on here, don't get upset; we did this a while ago.

And if you don't agree, tough cookies. ~.^ This is all in good fun anyway.

NameRankGem (Before Offering/After Offering*)
DuoWarlord PrinceRed/Black
HeeroWarlord PrinceOpal/Red
WufeiPrincePurple Dusk/Green
TrowaPartially Broken PrinceGreen/Grey (broken to Green)
SeimeiBlack WidowOpal/Red
KhaiyaPrinceTiger Eye/Purple Dusk
MichaelWarlord PrinceRed/Black
WinterHealer QueenSapphire/Grey
TatakaiBroken WarlordTiger Eye/Purple Dusk
KhamrynBlood Male--
SorataBroken WarlordTiger Eye/Purple Dusk
VasyaWarlordRose/Summer Sky
GarionPrincePurple Dusk/Green

* If you want to know what the offering is, you'll just have to read the books, now won't you. ^.^

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