Game Staff

This is half thank you page, have directory. It's a thank you page, because while I owe this game to everyone, these are the people that have really busted ass and gone nights without sleep for it. At times, they're what keeps me going, or what keeps me from going insane. ^.~ Thanks guys.

And now, on with the info!

GM, Lord of all Knowledge, Master of the Universe: Katsu
I am currently not home enough to be on ICQ or AIM. If you e-mail me between 6 am and 4 pm MT on weekdays, I will respond within two hours. If you e-mail me outside of those times, I will respond at the earliest possible the next weekday morning. :)

Profile Officer, Expert on Geography, Newtypes, and General Plotlines: Kitsune
ICQ: 39786052

Etiquette Officer, Expert on Timeline and Overseer of the BLRPP: Sukida
ICQ: 10881480
AIM: NekoNoDaikyou

Lord and God of the Hanger, He Who Knows All Things Mechanical: Az
ICQ: 46454235
AIM: genjuroaz (Az is on AIM only upon request)

Roleplaying Officer: MnM
ICQ: 64509645
AIM: darkchlde_a
Yahoo: dubhradh (only upon request)
MSN: darkchlde_a (only upon request)

Basically, if you're having a problem, these are the people to talk to. While the other roleplayers can be helpful, just keep in mind that they're not on staff, they don't know the whole story (hell, I haven't even told the whole story to the staff...) and they may be wrong. ^.^

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