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We are the hunters, the claws that slash through deceit, the ghosts in the darkness that vanish without a trace. We stand at the right hand of the Angel and the left hand of Death, never flagging in our pursuit of justice. Our roar echoes through the vastness of space, shaking the stars in their foundations and crying out that we are here, and that we will never falter in the face of our opponent. We are the Black Lions...

|| Black Lion Squadron ||

In AC 200, it became evident that the Preventers were far too well known to be effective as a peace keeping force any longer, while at the same time, occurences of terrorism and anti-government activity increased dramatically. Chang Wufei, Duo Maxwell, and Heero Yuy, all three of them active members in the Preventers, began to construct a new force, one that would be able to act where the Preventers could not. This new group, operating independantly of the Preventers with the full blessing of the newly elected minister Relena Peacecraft, began to recruit new members as well as engineers and scientists to rebuild the Gundams and create the newest class of Mobile Suit, the Scorpio.

Now, in AC 204, an enemy threatens peace. Once again, all that stands in the way of war is a small, elite group of pilots: the Black Lions.

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|| System Files ||


MS Scorpio || A brief history, AC 196-Present || Planetary Profile: Yggdrasil || Systems: Conversation with an AI ||
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MS Pilot Training Programs || B2 Week 1 || B2 "Camping" || Basic 2 Assignments || Basic 2 Map ||

Rank System || Rank list and assignments ||

Mission Reports:
Non-timeline || April, AC 204 || May, AC 204 (1) || May, AC 204 (2) || June AC 204 || July AC 204 ||

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