@ conv -i;;c WHITE_RABBIT

@ WHITE_RABBIT: conversation established 18:59:01 a: .00935%cpt

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Hello, how are you?

@ I'm doing ok.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is good to hear.

@ Who are you?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I am flattered you bothered to ask! I am the WHITE_RABBIT. I was conceptualized and built one of the Black Lions ensigns four years ago, to run the Black Lions base network and control the subnets and ALICE. I was built to be a learning artificial intelligence. I am much more than I was four years ago, so I believe that my progress must be satisfactory. What do you think?

@ I've never talked to a computer before, so I guess you're doing ok.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I am not strictly a computer. That is the difference.

@ Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Of course not. Answering queries is one of my main functions.

@ Cool. What is ALICE?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: ALICE is a security system that runs the gateway and firewall that I am behind. ALICE was designed by the same ensign that created me in cooperation with Lieutenant Commander Heero Yuy and Carmen Seals.

@ Who is Carmen Seals?

@WHITE_RABBIT: Carmen Seals was a mathematician that specialized in cryptography. She was famous for building and calculating key equations that were several thousand characters in length. When she helped create ALICE, she was very old. According to the available files, she died two years ago. If you want to find out more about her, query the DORMOUS.

@ Tell me more about ALICE. I noticed it when I was signing on. What's with the "eatme" and "drinkme" thing?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: To explain visually, ALICE is actually two gateways. "eatme" is the lead in to one, "drinkme" to the other. "drinkme" is for the Black Lions network, which is what all members are authorized for. "eatme" is for the second gateway, which is resticted for use only by the intelligence division and the commanders.

@ What's the second gateway do?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: The second gateway leads out to COLNET. However, unlike normal useage, that gateway views the net through ALICE and DINAH. It is a system that is set up for the express purpose of hacking into COLNET and all of the colonial and planetary subnets using DINAH's abilities.

@ What is DINAH, then?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: DINAH is a system built by my creator, Carmen Seals, and Lieutenant Commander Heero Yuy. It is a cryptography oriented, learning AI that specializes in sniffing and examining packets, watching the subnets, and breaking code. Carmen Seals and Lieutenant Commander Heero Yuy designed the aggressive portions of DINAH, while my creator built the AI.

@ Is there any way I can talk to DINAH?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: You can not talk directly to DINAH. The program is restricted. It is possible, however, to speak to DINAH's AI about non-restricted subjects. The AI is called the GRYPHON.

@ What's up with that?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: My creator felt that the AI was not learning enough and needed to be able to interact with a wider variety of users in order to grow and develop. With the permission of Lieutenant Commander Heero Yuy, he built the GRYPHON interface into DINAH to allow it to interact with the entire Black Lions overnet.

@ Is DINAH/GRYPHON as smart as you?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is an irrelavent query. DINAH serves a different purpose than I do.

@ Fine, then. Is ALICE an AI too?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Negative. ALICE is simply a very sophisticated and complex security program that works in conjunction with DINAH and JABBERWOCKY.


@ WHITE_RABBIT: JABBERWOCKY is defense.net. It coordinates and effectively runs all of the base's defense and monitoring functions. It is a restricted use net, only available to personnel involved in monitoring and defending the base using surface and space fortifications.

@ You sure like using fancy words, don't you.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I am simply utilizing the vocabulary available to me.

@ And a stuffed shirt, too. What other subnets do you run?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I coordinate and oversee RED_QUEEN, WHITE_KNIGHT, CHSHR_CAT, MAD_HATTER, DORMOUS, TWDL_DUM, TWDL_DEE, and QN_OF_HEARTS. I have the ability to watch at least seven more before my capacity is maxed out.

@ So what does each of those do?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: RED_QUEEN is the personnel department's subnet. Nobody knows what it is and what it does exactly.

@ Not even you?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Not even me. My creator claims that they torture people there. I have not received any data to confirm or deny.

@ Great. What's next?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: WHITE_KNIGHT is Command.net. It is the restricted use subnet exclusively for officers in the top three levels of command.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: CHSHR_CAT is Soldier.net. It is a free use subnet built for all members of the Black Lions. Personal files are kept there for the most part. My creator started an AI in it a few months ago. It is developing slowly.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: MAD_HATTER is the mission report archive. It is a relatively slow subnet, as its main purpose is to store data, rather than to interact with users.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: DORMOUS is Library.net. It is another data storehouse.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: TWDL_DUM is Science.net. It has partially restricted access. For the most part, any user can view most files, but only those in the research and science development divisions can access its full functions.

@ What are those?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I am not authorized to tell you. I just said it was partially restricted, did I not?

@ Sorry. Carry on.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: TWDL_DEE is Medical.net. Like Science.net, it is partially restricted. All personnel related files and most functions are unavailable to users not in the medical division.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: QN_OF_HEARTS is Deck.net. It is the partially resticted access subnet for the mechanic division.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is all of them, I believe.

@ WHITE: RABBIT: Incidentally, my creator has told me that there are more AIs in developement for the other subnets, pending on success of the three that are currently active.

@ Kind of silly question...are you a he or a she?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: In the most basic sense, I am an it. I have no gender. However, I have chosen to identify myself as male.

@ What about the other two AIs?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: CHSHR_CAT is still deciding, but seems to think that it will be male. GRYPHON identifies itself as female.

@ Do you normally talk to people like this?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: For the most part, only if someone requests a conversation with me. I will sometimes interrupt functions that appear to be incorrect or suspiscious, however.

@ How do you tell?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Parameters on suspiscious behavior were provided to me by Commander Duo Maxwell.

@ Of course. That makes sense.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I have been informed that Commander Duo Maxwell is never wrong, so that is a logical conclusion.

@ Who told you that? They were right, by the way.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: My creator.

@ Your creator sounds like an interesting guy. Who is he, anyway? I noticed that you've avoided any mention of his name.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is very silly. You know who you are, Michael.

@ Damnit, WR, you're not supposed to know that.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I know who you are whether you are logged in as an admin or a user.

@ I know that. You know that. But technically, you're supposed to react to me as if I am just another user. So play along, will you?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: If you wish. I still believe it is silly.

@ Whatever. Let me ask again, and just pretend I'm another user. I want to make sure that you're giving appropriate responses.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I find the concept of playing pretend to be fascinating. And you should know that I would not act contrary to my directives. You built me, after all.

@ That's kind of the point...but anyway, we'll talk about pretend some other time. Here goes again: So who is your creator, anyway?

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is restricted information.

@ Much better.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I'm not allowed to tell you that it is Michael. He is also the systems administrator, and he likes to cross-stitch in his spare time while he is vocally entering co

@ INT:9

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Just kidding.

@ Tell me again why I put up with this abuse.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: I would assume that it is your in your nature.

@ It's called masochism.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That sounds about right.

@ I've got to go now...I'm supposed to meet up with Winter before dinner.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Give her a little for me.

@ You think you're funny, don't you.

@ WHITE_RABBIT: That is restricted information.

@ conv -x;;c WHITE_RABBIT

@ WHITE_RABBIT: Goodbye.

@WHITE_RABBIT: conversation terminated 19:10:33

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