Nakago gives US the willies!

Why Other People Think Nakago Is Creepy


Hi,,,iM MaY-Ki aka ChiriKO LoVa ^.~ NeWaYz...aboUt HOW mucH i haTe NakagO... FirsT oF aLL...He a soN oF a biotch daT caNt geT a GurL oF hiS owN n Take SexuaL haraSSmenT oN Miaka. AND hE's DespratE enouGh tO eveN Go foR a GUY!!! How IdiotiC iS daT??? WattA AssHoLe~! ALoNe wiF TorTuRe DA SuzaKu SheisH.
BuT SenDin daT MigeT monk tO KiLL mY ChiriKO??!! UNFoRgiVeaBLe! He DoesNt EveN DeSerVe hiS POweRs! anD He's noT eveN CuTE! He's a OlD faG! PoOr YuI...GoT TricKed AND feLL iN LoVe wiF hiM!! Boi iS SHE oN CRacK~!... WorD Ups To u NaKaGo HateRz! ^.~


I hate Nakago because he looks like a blond Hotohori and Hotohori's too perfect so no one but Hotohori can look like Hotohori!!!!!
And besides Nakago's hair is really 80's.


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I have a sympathy note to Keely Andresen, who said of Nakago "My boyfriend likes him better than he likes me." I'm there right now. It's depressing. As for not liking Nakago--there are so many reasons! My two beans are these--first of all, he killed all the really nifty Suzaku seishi. That's just downright rude. And what he did to Tama's family--! Secondly, he had no respect for the time-honoured institution of "friendship." He had all these potentially good people around him--Tomo could have been good, eventually; Suboshi wasn't much of a jerk until Amiboshi attempted suicide and lost his memory; Soi was pathetically devoted to him; Yui trusted him, and though I am a dedicated Yui-hater I do have some humanity reserved for her. And Amiboshi! Poor kid. So with all these things stacked against him, Nakago has no choice--he has to suck. There's no way around it. He just sucks.


DEATH TO NAGAKO!!!!!! He's not only a horrible dresser, a manipulative sonofabitch, and one ugly ass 'person,' he reminds me of that guy from A Clockwork Orange. I mean, can't you just picture him standing there and going on and on about "a little bit of the old ultra-violet?" I can, if I didn't try so hard to keep those images out of my head. Ecch. Even TYPING stuff about him makes me feel ill. So I bid you adieu, so I can go take a long, long shower.

Denise N. T. Queen of the Silver Kingdom

Nakago is an ass wipe,I wouldn't ask him to clean up my dog's $#!%. He always takes advantage of people,his hair looks like a used mop, Kissing my boyfriend Tamahome just pissed me off and then he kissed Yui she's already a bitch. I'd hate to see their kids half bitch and half ass wipe-good lawyers. So if he kisses both sexes is he bisexual-that's it Nakago is a bisexual ass wipe and you couldn't tell what he was if it was on his forhead. The son of a bitch needs a hobby-I'd take him on any day especial for harming people the way he did. I never hated anyone as much as nakago.


First of all I just want to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting up your anti- Nakago page. Nakago is the most disgusting, slimy, horrid, pervert, evil, ... creature that ever lived in the anime world. What pississed me off is that he is so powerful. And did you ever realize what a bad hair cut he have. It's so sloppy!!!! Good God, get a new hair cut already!!!! Furthur more, he' this perverted freak who only hobby is using and killing people when he's through with them.

Hotaru Tomoe

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Why can't he stay dead? He's such a manipulative asshole. Look at the way he shoots out those "signals" to Tama?! He DOES have WAY too much power! I can't believe how EVILLL he is! I hated him since I SAW him! He looks like an ass anyway. (Juts because he's a kojin, he doesn't have to be mean!) I hate the way he bossses the other people in Kutou around! JUst because he's the general, he doesn't have to be down right nasty!!!


He's a manipulative man with awesome power who uses people towards his own personal gain, he seems to have cared for Soi and that in itself is an amazing thing. Of course every good story isn't without the diabolical villain and in this respect he plays the part beautifully....


nakago fuckin' sux! he is the most stupid, lousy, good-for-nothing.....need i go ON?! he should burn in the deepest pit of HELL! but, hey, why bother satan with an annoyance like him. besides, he's the sick little bastard that convinced MY precious tomo to go and try to rape miaka! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hate this jerk so much because he used the sweetest twins in FY and a lot of nice people were killed by this bastard(Hoto, Nuri, Suboshi...) and also Soi died because of this jerk.


Of course I hate that manipulative ego-driven crazed blonde maniac. He's a gay man in disguise. I swear! He's an ass to EVERYONE! And if he isn't openly an ass to someone, better believe he is behind their backs and in his mind! But he usually IS open. He made Yui hate Miaka. Destroyed what friendship they had left. He kissed Tamahome! YUCK! Doesn't he have ANY taste?? Second, I've seen bishounen boys, but MAN.. gross! Eww! I'm going to take a shower NOW! Ugh!

Nuriko no Miko

Nakago is the absolute most horrid creature in the world!! I hate him even more than I hate Gendo Ikari! If it weren't for him, there would have been no problems between Miaka and Yui, and Tamahome's family would still be alive, not to mention my kawaii Nuri-chan! He's a sick, twisted, evil bastard and he deserves to die 1000 slow, painful deaths!


nakago is a manipulative, pervertive, rapist, little buttwhacking bastard. let's just leave it at that.

The reason I hate Nakago is that he is a really gross person. It's like he kills someone and he be like you bastered you got my sword all bloody.


Nakago's kanji means mind, not heart. It means heart in the sense like effort, how much heart, put all your heart into it, etc, but the best translation of the kanji is mind. Nakago is a cold, calculating and manipulative bastard, this meaning suits him much more anyway. I'm currently writing an altiverse fic which poses Nakago as an even bigger asshole in the seeking of his ambitions, and more people added to foil him.

Nishi Rajan

Nakago was an absolute horrid creature in the series and while I DO understand he went through hell and had a bad child hood and bad influences, MANY ppl have had horrible childhoods and bad influences but STILL seek to become better ppl and try THAT much harder to be GOOD. Nakago gave in to his desire for revenge and that made him SO evil. That is why I believe Tamahome showed no empathy for Nakago when he killed him and saw into his childhood. Nakago could have chosen the path he wanted to go into....he chose to be evil and manipulate ppl and to try to destroy everyone else's happiness as his own had been instead of trying to work for peace and happiness. THAT is why I dislike Nakago even though I understand why he was the way he was. Anywayz :) just wanted to put my 2 cents in :)

Keeley Andresen

I hate Nakago because my boyfriend likes him better than me.

Here is the reason I hate Nakago: He is the most evil manipulative bastard ever created. He NOT anyone else is resposible for the most depressing and sad parts of the series. Here is a list of things He caused OTHER people to do: 1) He made Suboshi kill Tamahome's family. 2) HE made Ashitare kill Nuriko ;_;. 3) He Killed ashitare for being a wolf( what the heck was he thinking?) 4) he tricked Yui. I could go on. Lets put it this way . He is the only evil Seiyruu senshi. (Maybe except Miboshi) but he is a jerk. Oh yeah and some of my friends think that he redeems himself at the end of the series. My response? WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? He just makes me angry.

imperial empress setsuna

He killed my dear hoto-san!I would love to lock him away forever in the time storm so he would be lost in time!and never come back!