Blue Eyes Blue AKA That Evil Song

Thanks to Vixie for the pic!

Blue Eyes...Blue

I feel like I'm walking forever in a frozen desert.
I wonder if the love that bore me would forgive the power I have now?
I don't know love, because I have never been loved...

before long, my countless sorrows will become a deep darkness.
the one warmth I remember is too far away...

I lean against a cold wall, and, at last, I fall half asleep.
I mutter to myself that for me, fighting is my reason to live.
I don't feel "loneliness", because I have never had anyone.

deep in my heart, my overflowing pain is becoming blue thorns.
when I protected that one person....something was probably changed.

Lyrics thoughtfully provided by Migoto. Arigatou!!

Ah...Blue Eyes Blue...the song we all love to hate. My main problem with this song has always been the fact that it sounds like elevator music, and also, I'm not really all that impressed with Nakago's singing voice on this one. (Though he does VERY well on Wandering, the other song he does on "Seiryuu Counter Attack.") Because of my intense, near phobic dislke of this song, I never bothered to look into what the lyrics were. All I have to say now The lyrics are great, the imagery is dark and beautiful, and frankly, very suited to Nakkie.

Too bad the music sucks. It'd be a nice song if the music had matched the lyrics.

And I still don't like Nakago...but I never said he didn't have his (very) few cool points. ;)