Nakago is nasty!

My Real, Serious Reasons Why I Hate Nakago

1) Past is no excuse for present. Many, many people have undergone similar emotional trauma and turned out alright. My best friend, for example. She is not bitter, or evil in the slightest. At some point, the decision to do good or evil is consciously made...don't blame it on surroundings. Surroundings may make the choice more muddled, I'll admit that--but still, the conscious decision occurs. At some point, Nakago DID decide to do evil...which in my opinion, is inexcusable. it's been pointed out to me that this may seem cold...knowing his past, and not taking it into account...but the fact is, the decision to do right or wrong was HIS, and no one else's. The past does not control you unless you make a conscious decision and effort to allow it to do so.

2) I cannot have any respect for a person that plays puppet with the emotions and thoughts of others. Once again, it is a conscious decision to do so, and an unforgivable one. What gives him the right to manipulate those around him so shamelessly, ruthlessly putting his feelings before everyone else's...and not caring what damage he causes? I absolutely hate being manipulated, and I hate manipulators. No one has given them any right to control others...they simply take, which in my opinion, is unforgiveable. He allowed Yui to think that she had been raped, causing her extreme emotional anguish. If the man had a compassionate bone in his body, why would he allow someone to feel like that, especially considering that he has a great deal of ground for empathy in that case.

3) The rape thing...this is controversial. I've had it pointed out multiple times that Nakago would not have done it, even if he hadn't been stopped, and that it was all Tomo's idea, anyway. but, allow me to point out: Nothing said Nakago had to take Tomo's advice. And personally, if the stakes were high enough in his mind, I think he could have brought himself to do it. He got close enough, hurting Miaka as he did (mind you, I'm all in favor of slapping Miaka around, but like that? Sick.). To my view, he's already proven that he will stop at nothing to attain his I find the prospect of him going through with it and raping Miaka to be reasonable.

4) The killing of Ashitare. Nakago ruthlessly and cold bloodedly killed a living being because its usefulness to him had ended. Ashitare trusted him and served him with everything he had...and what was the reward that awaited him? Death at the hands of the person he had trusted. The betrayal of that trust offended me greatly, and upset me as well, adding another reason to why I hate Nakago.

5) The killing of Tamahome's family. It has been pointed out to me that Nakago urged Suboshi to do it, manipulated him into it, as a motivation to get Miaka and Tamahome to move faster. I've already made my point on how I feel about manipulation...and now, more needless death. WHY? Because he has no humanity. Even in prisons, baby killers aren't tolerated. They're kept in isolation, often, so that the other prisoners won't kill them. It is a natural instinct, perhaps, a line that it is unforgiveable to cross--when someone kills a child, the world is angered. And people ask me why I'm pissed at Nakago. How many children did he kill, not directly, but kill nonetheless by abetting, nay, URGING murder? He may not have been able to wield the weapon himself, but his hands are still bloody because he caused their deaths. And may I point out...his reasons were nowhere near as hot-blooded as Suboshi's...not that Suboshi's role in the deaths is forgiveable at all, either.

6) Ruthlessness may be something that gets the job done, but I still despise it. It injures too many innocent people, and destroys far too many lives. The end does not justify the means.

7) He sang "Blue Eyes Blue" Being perfectly serious now, I think that warrants a death sentence. I listened to that song once, and I think that it has caused me irreperable brain damage.

8) I have often heard the adage "revenge is a dish best served cold" in my mind when I think of Nakago. I will admit that revenge can be a great feeling. But, as a human being, I must also admit that revenge is not necessarily good. Two wrongs don't make a right. An eye for an eye screws everyone over. Yet, Nakago seemed almost maniacal in his pursuit of revenge. Once again...Yes, he did have reasons...but conversly, he did not have to pursue is revenge in such an evil manner. He didn't have to destroy so many innocent lives. While he did kill the person responsible for his pain, does that in any way justify striking out at hundreds of innocents that didn't even know him, had nothing to do with what happened to him? I think not. Just because vengeance is right in that case doesn't mean that the path to vengeance is. Once more...the ends do not jusitfy the means.

9) It's been pointed out to me that without Nakago, there wouldn't have been much of a story in Fushigi Yuugi. My answer? That may be true...but that doesn't mean I have to like or respect him.

10) What is a lie? Is a lie an outright untruth, or the omission of certain very salient points of the truth? In my view point, truth is uncompromising. Something is either true, or untrue. Is a partial view of what happened the truth? I don't believe so. While perhaps it is better to omit than outright lie, that would be like saying "The man was lying dead in the snow." when the whole truth is "The man was lying dead in the snow after I had stabbed him repeatedly with a knife." Perhaps it would be best to say that partial truths that imply untruth are the next best things to outright lies. Once more, call me implacable or unforgiving, but I believe in some things that people should never do, and lying is one of them.

11) My last reason. Sure, 11 is not a nice round number like 15, but I am not going to keep bsing just to get a nice round number. My last reason, simply stated is: By the Keirsey definition, I am the same personality type as Nakago. And personally, I have gone through a deal of pain, though I will be the first to admit that it in no way comes close to Nakago's. The point simply is, however, that I made the decision to be a good person, and to not consciously hurt others. I suppose I should pity Nakago for being weaker than I (and this is my opinion, mind you--the good path is normally not the easy one), unable to choose being good. I suppose it is a measure of what a cold, horrible, unfeeling and unempathic person I am that I can't feel pity, only disgust. I am capable of empathy when I so choose to be, and I have put myself in his shoes...and still found him very wanting. So, call me cold if you like, I don't care. Nakago is still the person that I most love to hate.