The Deaths of Nakago

The Many Deaths of Nakago

Got an interesting new e-mail from Alanna. Please don't read if you have no sense of humor.

Anyways the real reason I wrote this e-mail was because some of my friends and I came up with a list of ways to kill Nakago. We were all really bored at the time and on a Fishigi Yugi high. Here are some of the ways we came up with (there is of course thousands more, but I can't write them all)

1) Throw him in a pit crawling with fire ants and let them eat him alive.

2) Dip him in a tub of acid.

3) skin him. (you can also use his skin as a cape, but I though that was a little too gruesome)

4) Eat him alive.

5) Put rabid, hungry flesh eating weasels down his pants. (I seriously doubt there is such a weasel, but I didn't say these ideas were realistic)

6) Make him watch Barney until he dies.

7) Chinese water torture.

8) Pull out his intestines and wrap them around a tree.

9) Going along with number 8, pull out his intestines before his eyes.

10) Spoon him to death. (You know, kill him with a spoon)

11) Stick him with hundereds of needles and slowley drain his blood.

12) Mercury poisoning

13) Make him eat soup with pine sol in it.

14) Pull his brains out through his nose while he is still alive.

15) Make him fall in love with Niriko and let Niriko do whatever she/he wants to do with him.

16) Tie his arms and legs to four different horses and then set the horses running in different directions.

17) Flay him and then rub him with salt.

18) Put him on a bed of spikes and then slowely press him down.

19) Make him listen to Reeny's song about Tuxedo Mask (from Sailor Moon that "Rain or shine I'm happiest..." Song) over and over and over and over ect.. again.

20) Tar and feather him. (I also never said that these would be original)

21) Throw him in a box full of scorpions.

22) Have him be possesed by the spirit of airhead, happy, giddy, sunny people. (actually that would just be amusing to watch)

23) Make wounds on his arms and legs and fill the wounds with hot, melted, lead, wax, mercury, sulfer and tar.

24) Press him onto hot coals.

25) Dump him in a tub of lava.

26) Cook him alive (burn him as a steak, yes I know, bad pun)

27) Tear off his fingernails and shove them down his throat.

28) Hang him by his toes until all his blood rushes to his head and he bleeds out his ears.

29) Put a cage of rats on his stomach, put hot coals on top of the cage so that the rats will eat through him.

30) Give him the black plague

31) Tie him to a high way on a hot day on the hot cement.

32) Shove a dollar up his nose until it hits his brain.

33) Put him in a barrel with nails and then throw him down a waterfall.

34) Make him realize all the bad things he has done, give him a heart, give him morals, and make him live with the guilt for the rest of his life.

I hope you enjoyed this little list, and just for the record I wouldn't do this myself, because I'm not violent and am WAY to nice. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done to him I just don't think I personally could do it, my friends on the other hand.......

Thanks, Alanna! :) Anyone else wish to contribute? [Heh...kinda reminds me of my Relena Death List]--KnM