Refutation: Little seen Nakago Scenes

Refutation: Little Seen Nakkie Scenes

Seimei-san (in the now infamous e-mail ;) brought to my attention several scenes in the manga that weren't really shown in the anime (which is all I've seen).

Manga Traslations (from the Chinese Manga) From Volume 12 & 13 by Jenny Zhao

When Soi Dies...

Soi: Watch out Nakago!

Tasuki: Damn (he missed)


Pimp: You brat! Trying to run away! I payed your parents money for you and you dare not to take customers? Take it off now!

(muffled scream)

Soi: Thank you.

Nakago: I just don't like that kind of person.

Soldier: Nakago, what's wrong? Hurry up.

Soi: ....Nakago....

**End of Flashback**

Soi: From that time on, I've wanted to see you. (Starts falling) I finally did something for you. I love you.

Nakago: Soi...

(Later at the fight.)

Nakago: I will kill you all at this place...

(Tasuki, Chichiri talks)

Nakago: Suboshi, hurry up and kill them!

Koji shows up after some other useless babble.

Nakago: Konan bandits...Suboshi, retreat!

In the castle...

(Nakago barges in with his soldiers.)

Emperor: something along the lines of huh?, what?, and betrayed. (Fighting)

Emperor: N..Nakago...

(His wimpy followers run away)

Nakago: Your majesty, this is the end.

Emperor: You betrayed me...

Nakago: I didn't betray you because I never swore loyalty.

Emperor: spare me, I'll give you anything. You came when you where 11 years old. Have you forgotten how good I was to you?


(Hand through body)

Nakago:I want you to know the pain my people... and I have gone through. (chi charge) Go to hell!

Nakago's death scene...

Tamahome: why didn't you dodge it...Nakago...?

Nakago: I remembered some of the things in the past.


Nakago: Kaasan, why do they hate us? We didn't do anything to them...

(Nakago's mom being raped)

Nakago: Kaasan....! That was the first time my Sieryuu powers showed up. But, there was a price. Even my m....even my mother got killed.

Emperor: This ...child... is a Seiryuu seishi? His face looks like that of a girl's... I like him. Let him stay with me. (Holds out his hand to Nakago) Come here.

**End of flashback**

Nakago: You can imagine what my life was like after that. I lived worse than a dog. I was weak. The only thing I could do was learn to control the power of Seiryuu. I believed that when Seiryuu no Miko showed up...this power of mine....

**Flash back**

Nakago: One day, I'll change everything.

**End of flashback.**

Nakago:Actually, I don't really care about being god. I just...wanted...revenge... for my life in hell on earth.

People watching: ...NAkago...

Nakago: (Sees a vision)

his last words where: S...Soi...? Kaasan...

[I will admit that I, KnM, find this manga scene touching. I still dislike Nakago, but it puts him in a new light, ne?]