Nakago Related Links

Nakago Related Links

Here's a collection of links that I'm starting up that are both for and against Nakago. If you have a link you'd like to add, by all means, e-mail it to me.

Sana Margaret's Nakago Shrine
This one is actually kind of has a run down of the "kisses of Nakago" :D

Nakago Shrine
Just what it sounds like.

Nakago's Nasty!
Another Anti-Shrine

The Asshole's Shrine
A Nakago Shrine gets vandalized by Tasuki and Tamahome. :D

Nakago no Miko/Tatara no Miko's Fushigi Yuugi Hall
A bishounen paradise. One word: *drool*

The Nakago Fan Club
A very good source for info on...Nakago. ^_^