What Nakago IS Good For
What Nakago IS Good For
(A cute little Top Ten list the Fangboy no Miko sent me)

10. Nothing

9. Target practice

8. A pin cushion

7. Turkey stuffing

6. Nuclear weapons target

5. New cast member for Barney

4. Anything to do with knives

3. fertilizer

2. poison testing

1. Alien abduction (then again why should we inflict suffering on them?)

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8. Taking a punch in the stomach (courtesy of Tamahome)

7. taking a slap in the face (coutresy of Yui)

6. wearing such a kutare hairdo that's so horrible it would make my mother faint

5. wearing armour that makes him look like he has a weak girly body

4. dying because of a backfired plan

3. helping along Tomo's death, and Ashitare's

2. being a hate filled man

1. being extremely damn ugly!