Refutation: Watase Yuu

Refutation: Watase Yuu

Seimei-san sent me a very good e-mail as a refutation of the fact that I dislike Nakago. This was part of it, which I feel deserved a page of it's own:

Kai Ling (the same incredible person who provided the screen captures for the memorial) translated Watase Yuu's Nakago Free-Talk from (I "think" this is what she said..) Manga 18.


It was decided from the start, that his past will not be revealed until the very end, let him be the bad guy from start to finish; therefore, everyone had a very strong impression of him, and he became a character that was discussed the most. My Nakago is a sad, lonely yet fragile person, he's the kind of young man who cries in the dark.

Some people say he is a really evil person, and others say he's cold-hearted and strong-at-heart; alot of different views. Actually, till now, Nakago has been well received, the producer of the CD (?? ^^;) likes him the best, and for those who know the ending, may even shout aloud "Ah"! When Nakago said "Want to be a god", "Want to take over the world", etc type of words, it was only to create a reason for himself to live, even if he wants to commit suicide, but he remembers that in the afterlife, there is his mother whom he killed by mistake, and he dared not do it, his craze is prehaps due to his guilt!

Therefore, he allowed Tamahome (it's not the same as doing it himself,he is a young man who is frank with himself) to defeat him, when he was questioned by Yui as well, he could actually have constructed a huge and elaborate lie, except he had accepted that whatever will be will be. Maybe he thought that it was because since Soi was already dead! The way Soi protected Nakago, it must have shattered the armour of his heart into pieces.

There was a 12 or 13 year old reader who wrote in a letter,"Even though one could say Nakago deserved to go to hell, that is not right. True hell belongs to those people who were never loved." Strong yet grieved Nakago, in my heart is definitely not a strong person. Even though heacts against his character, he is not an evil person.

When I was writing the second part of the story, I feel that the strongest ones are women and those who love others to the fullest. (I am not sure about this last sentence ^^;;) Strong!!

-- More Comments From Watase Yuu During An Interview With Her --

(our question)
Would Nakago really have raped Miaka?

(her answer)
No, it was Tomo's idea so he wasn't really into the idea of "that".

(our question)
Did Nakago really love Soi?

(her answer)
Yes but he didn't realize it until she "blocked" something for him.

And a little bit from Nakago's Seiyuu:
(Under the picture of Soi and Nakago in the manga) Furusawa-san said, "I believe that Nakago did love Soi, and when I was acting the role, I did it with that feeling."