Nakago gives me the willies!

Reasons Nakago is Creepy

15) He sees people only as objects to be used to gain power. When their usefulness is at an end, he casts them aside. (See the example of Ashitare)

14) He is shamelessly maniuplative.

13) (extension of the above) He lies. Constantly.

12) He has poor taste in armor, second only to Hotohori.

11) He has WAY too much power for one person. Come takes more than even Chichiri to hold him off. No person should have that much power. It's wrong.

10) His obsession with raping Miaka is just SICK! Come ON! If you wanna get rid of her, just kill her!

9) He's the one that gave Suboshi the idea of killing poor Tama-chan's family.

8) HE KISSED YUI! HE KISSED MIAKA! Doesn't he have any taste??? I mean, GEEZE, he's got Soi for crying out loud, and then he does something downright tasteless like THAT? Him and his head games. *shudder*

7) He's cruel. He plays with people, and takes amusement from their suffering. Remember the fight between Tamahome and Tasuki? Remember how he killed that poor canary?

6) Sex for the purpose of raising chi. I think that's just yucky...right on par with casual "let's shack up!" kind of stuff.

5) He basically spurns poor Soi right up until the end, when she's too dead to care.

4) He can't stay dead! He came back in the first OVA! NOOOOOO!

3) He's very nasty to the Suzaku Seishi. Just because they're enemies doesn't mean he has to get mean.

2) He sang "Blue Eyes Blue." 'Nuff said.

1) HE KISSED TAMAHOME! Doesn't he KNOW where that mouth has been??? Then again, he's kissed Miaka and Yui as well. Poor Tamahome.