KnM Gets Obnoxious

A Little Commentary

Ok, Normally I do not comment on what people have me post on this page, because it IS their say and all...but I HAD to say some things about this one...because this was pretty obnoxious...and I felt like being obnoxious right back. :) For ease in discerning, I'm making my comments red on this one. So here it is...KnM Gets Obnoxious

WARNING: This is me being extremely nasty. Please don't read on if you're easily offended, humorless, moralless, or psychotic. So if you sent me this e-mail, you probably shouldn't read it.

Ahem!!! You dare speak of the great Nakago in such a way!
Nothin to dare, darlin'. Nakago is of piddly importance when it comes to daring in the grand scheme of things.

I should kill youmyself.....but my waste the time on such an inferior being.
I'd certainly be very amused to see you try...but thanks for not wasting MY valuable time.

For now ithink..i'll just correct you...hmm how to put this....misguided thinking.
Misguided? I think not. Caffeine induced, perhaps.

Firstly..your sucks....sorry to be blunt...but the idea is not evenoriginal. And it sounds like bad goth poetry, well HORRIBLE goth poetry.
I hate to point this out, darlin...but the poem is supposed to be trash . It's supposed to be unoriginal. It's supposed to seem horribly silly and stupid. I am here to entertain...I save my good poetry for other things. ^_^ I had thought it painfully obvious that the intent of the poem was to be stupid and badly written. With that can't imagine how difficult it is to write truly bad poetry on purpose. And besides...why would I waste actual creative talent on such a lowly subject as Nakago? Besides...sucky poetry for a sucky man. It has justice. I think you're the only one that didn't get this. Were you the slowest in your class?

Second...your 15 reasons why my Nagato-sama....heh....i have something to saybout them too...
I wait with baited breath.

in resoponce to:
Spelled "Response" I believe.

15) What's wrong with seeing people that way!! People are like a can ofpop...once their empty there is no Reason to keep The. can.
Hitler? Is that you? I thought you were dead...Seriously, though...I bet you also pull the wings off of butterflies, because they're pretty but serve no useful purpose. Seek an analyst...and some psychoactive medication.

14) Manipulation is a lovely trait to have. Admit it, if you could manipulatepeople half as well as he could you'd use manipulation all the time.
No. See, there are these things, called morals. You might have trouble recognizing them, but trust me, they exist. Some people got 'em, some people don't. It's what separates the fundamentally good from the fundamentally bad.

13) I bet you lie too. Everyone does.
I don't. Guess I'm not "everyone." And may I point out...more than one person doing something doesn't make it right. It goes back to that morals thing above. If you think about it really hard, you might figure it out.

I suppose if you're into the whole "Football pads and spikes" motif, sure, it does. I also suppose, if you put out one eye with a letter opener and then squinted with the other, it could look ok as well.

11) Umm....i have more power than Nakago...if you have a problem withthat...well i'll see you outside after school.
Oooooh, I am shaking in my boots. It's a real pity that I'm not wearing any.

10) OK...the rape thing is sick....but he can;t just kill much as iwould just LOVE him to...if she died there'd be no story..then were would weall be.
Actually, if he had been truly devious and plotting, he would have simply given Tamahome an aphrodisiac and let it lie (aphrodisiacs DID exist in ancient China). A lot easier, neater, and less destructive. Goodness...if even scum such as myself can think of that, well, what does that say about Nakago?

9) Tamahome's family was annoying..i would killed em off too....they whinewaay to much.
If that is how the universe worked, there'd be a lot less people. And I wouldn't have received this e-mail...because dead people don't send e-mail.

8) HEY YUI IS KEWL!! but makes a few mistakes.Oh and SOI!! why the hell would he want her....she is named after a bean forgoddess sake.
If names dictated coolness, then Nakago wouldn't be a loser.

7) he killed a bird. who cares.
Did you drown kittens for fun when you were a child? Let me call the Humane Society...and the nice young men in the clean white coats. I have a sicko on my hands.

6) Umm....the sex thing..well that's really more of SOI'S doing's her power to raise chi with sex not his. you're saying...Soi is RAPING him. Ah. It all begins to make sense!

5)Yeah so...its not like he LOVES her or anything. She was to blind to see thehe was using her...its her fault. Stupid people deserve what they get.
I hope you will have that carved on your gravestone. It's so appropriate.

4) There is a problem with that!! My army of Nagato worshipers might have aproblem with you thinking like that child.
Child? Highly amusing. Do go on.

3) Oh come on now. that's just stupid. what is he supposed to be all " I hateyou with every inch of my immortal soul....lets go have some tea"!!
Actually, I think he could start by being less of an asshole.

2) Hey..maybe i like that song...ok well not really....but it ain;t THATbad...well maybe it is....
We agree on that.

1) This one is hard to explain....maybe he was just really confused about his'sexual preferance'....but then again..maybe Soi made him abit...funny.
I don't think he's confused, sexually. He already KNOWS he's a pervert. Must be because Soi is forcing him to raise chi with her. I hope you can tell that I am being sarcastic.

hmm...i see no reason to comment on all 11 other reasons for disliking myDarling. so i'll sumerise. People deal with trauma different ways and its notlike he had access to a therapist in Ancient China. can deal with it on your own...or, if you're fundamentally warped and obsessive, well either try to take over the world and commit a lot of immoral acts, or you start sending annoying e-mail to the INTJ webmaster of a hate shrine. Neither is a worthwhile past time, because they never work and annoy the target.

And the fact that Nakagocan manipulate others and play with their emotions gives him the right to.
I have could kill my roommate while she's sleeping. I haven't a right to, however. I guess it goes back to that morals thing, you know?

Onemust use their abilities to the fullest extent to achieve ones goals. Thekilling of Ashitare goes back to my lil thing about pop.
One thing you'll notice about pop cans, you know, or any inanimate object for that matter, is that, well...gee whiz, they're inanimate. Look it up in the dictionary. You know what a dictionary is, right? The fact is, you cannot compare inanimate and animate things...because they are so fundamentally different. For example...I've yet to meet a pop can or any other inanimate object that is capable of feeling pain. When dealing with things that have at least rudimentary feelings, the rules change, because you are no longer dealing with something you can just casually throw away with no reaction. The animate thing cares, and any feeling people in the immediate area care as well. Oh, and by the way...when you talk about throwing that can away, I hope you're at least recycling it. ^_^

Oh and your the samepersonality type as him hmm...well clearly your not...else you would not havemade the page.
*ahem* Bullshit. Personality type means that I am capable of leadership, planning, and the ruthless carrying out of said plans. It does not, however, mean that I have the morals of a cat in heat. Ability does not add up to being fundamentally evil. If all INTJs on earth were evil, well... just the ones on the FYML alone would probably have destroyed the world by now...or at the very least, I'D be a ruthless dictator, and I'd have you beheaded for questioning my wisdom.

That monstrous list of things Nakago-sama is good for. should beput to death for that...even if you didn;t write it you will still pay forpublishing it.
Talk to Fang-boy no Miko. She probably could use a good belly laugh. final thing...its a message for all you people who are say " oh buthe has had such a hard life.
Who hasn't.

It is not his fault he is evil.
Like it wasn't Hannibal Lecter's fault that he thought humans tasted just like chicken.

Point taken. YOU like him that way...and we've already established that at least you need some serious therapy, a room with rubber wallpaper, and a nice getup like that which Hannibal Lecter wore so well in Silence of the Lambs. However...this is not your website, this is mine, I hold the power, I was smart enough (and enough of an INTJ) to think this all up and plan it all out in the first place, and I get to laugh at you now. A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

ok well that's just about it. Don;t think your crimes will go unpunishedchild.
Assuming, of course, that I have committed a crime of some sort (bad taste while under the influence of coffee, perhaps?)...Of course they'll go unpunished. But when I finish taking over the world, you better pray to Nakago that I'm in a good mood, and not feeling touchy about my age.