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Why Nakago Isn't So Bad After All

Wow...I got so many e-mails (looooooong e-mails) that I had to divide this page into two because it got so big! Wow, I love this kind of response! Please, keep it coming.

[Starting with Comments from 2/24/99]


*laughs* Yes, yes, I'm yet another Nakago lover. I was gonna go through your reasons for hating him, but others have already done it. One thing I *would* like to point out, is that though you said he lied alot(or something to that effect) He actually doesn't. Though he let Yui *believe* she had been raped, when she confronted him about it, he *did* say that it had never happened, and that he had been using her. (well, ok, he didn't *say* he was using her, but he implied it, and believe me, she understood the implication) As for Blue eyes Blue, okay, so sue me, I actually like that song. I didn't much care for it until I saw the lyrics, which are on one of the Nakago fan clubs pages. (Yes, I'm a member)

KnM: Thanks to Migoto, I have posted the lyrics to "Blue Eyes Blue". It was part of this e-mail, but I thought it was a little too long AND deserved a section all its own, so if you want to see them, please go here.

Oh yeah, one other thing I'd like to point out to the people who are so violently against both him and yourself, He's a *character* Take a deep breath and count to ten. Okay, now try and realize he's *made up*, *fake*, *NOT real*. I like him alot too, but Jeez, calm down. No need to threaten the webmistress with physical violence, and delude yourself that you're an anime character o.O (okay, so that part was a little pointed )
Ah yes, and as to the idea that his past was the reason that he's evil, and your refutation that not everyone with a bad past is evil: You're right. But then, It's a little more comforting to know that he *has* a reason, instead of just being evil because he's cruel and perverse. There are a few cases of Serial killers, for example, who led perfectly normal lives, and had normal childhoods, until one day they just snapped(although I suppose it would have been brewing for awhile) and began killing people. I find it slightly comforting that nakago is not one of those people who just 'snapped', he has a reason, however flimsy it may be. Ah well, enough of my ranting ^^;; Ja na


All I will say is this: he is beautiful.
and the sickness of his character makes everyone else seem more attractive, I used to hate Soi and now I only feel sorry for her because she loved IT.
By the way I love Tomo..... he he.
As for that blue eye song its not too bad, compared to torture..... depending on the torture of course.
(And I love Tasuki and Chichiri too.)
Great page, by the way, I laughed till i cried..... see he brought SOMETHING good into fruition, this cool page.Also his armor is pretty cool I think.
(I like Mitsukake as well.....)

B-chan Hibiki

Anyway, yeah, I like Naka-chan, though not as much as other characters. I used to really dislike him, though not hate, before I found out about his past from my dear sis. That bit about his being a plaything to that nasty old thing would explain a bit. Though, I don't support his want to hurt others (but it's like a dog, hurt real badly once, never trust people again).

Quite frankly, I like Nuriko-chan more...

All together, Naka-chan is an everyday BadGuy(TM) in a GoodGuy(TM) world. Bad hair, bad dress (why do ALL the evil characters in movies and etc have such bad taste in armour? lookit the armour of the bad dude in that first Conan movie. his mother must've dropped him a few times to make him decide to wear that stuff!) I like badguys more than the good guys usually (with the exception of a thin male frame draped in fine chinese dresses ^_~) just because their past is more interesting and they themselves are usually more interesting. Tama-chan annoys the crap out of me. He is so transparent...ergh. Don't get me started on Miaka.

Hmm...I like Tasuki-chan a bit more too...

Oh, well. I will stop here. Not sure if this really supports Naka-chan or if it's just a fan's opinion. You decide...


My counter-reasons...Not to justify Nak, but to explain him. Yeah, yeah, you've beent through all this bullsh*t, so disregard it if you will...but I do agree with some of your reasons.

1) Past is no excuse for present.

I have to disagree with this...Past forms present. Whatever Nakago undergoes through in his past will be the formation of his present. Being 11 years old (I think, I'm not sure) Nakago would not know good from evil unless he took some moral and ethical issues class. Naturally, I don't think such a think existed in that era.

2) I cannot have any respect for a person that plays puppet with the emotions and thoughts of others.

Undergoing a mixture of emotions when he witnessed his mother being raped, Nakago released his emotions in a form of ki. This would probably be the source of why he hides his emotion so much. Yes, Nakago has emotions, and even his seiyuu was trying to reveal it.

About the manipulating thing...He has absolutely no right to use others at will to obtain his goal. My dislike towards Nakago begun when he revealed his plan to take over Miaka's world.

Revenge is wrong, but to me, up to a point. Nakago's past was worse than hell, and I would gladly assassinate the Kutou emperor for him and do the entire world justice. If Nakago killed the emperor, I could care less- I would be cheering him on, but there's no reason for him to be taking over the modern world.

3) The rape thing...this is controversial.

Miaka deserved it, she was a dirty slut >:D Actually, Nakago would never have done it, and he probably did it because he wanted to stop the Suzaku crap and get that butt named Tamahome moving along.

4) The killing of Ashitare.

Ashitare killed Nuriko. We never know if Ashitare was innocent. I think he deserved to be killed. Obviously, he's skilled in the art of eating human flesh and biting hands off of arms of different people. I don't think Ashitare would "trust" Nakago, especially after Nakago gave him a good beating. Ashitare was only doing what he did to escape some more beating. In a sense, yes, Ashitare did do his job and wanted a reward, and he received death. The killing was wrong; but on the other hand, I think Ashitare deserved it.

In this scene, Nakago can be called the avenging angel of Seiryuu himself...Of course, we know he doesn't give a damn about Nuriko.

5) The killing of Tamahome's family.

Off topic to Nakago, but regarding Suboshi- Suboshi had suffered as a child, and obviously, he clings to Amiboshi because Amiboshi was his closest kin, and Suboshi wouldn't want to go through hell again by losing Amiboshi. The next person that touched Suboshi was Yui, probably the second person in his life to show him kindness, and Suboshi loved Yui because of that. According to the anime, Suboshi *did* feel guilty because he was the ONLY one who saw Tamahome's family, and it was probably a psychological thing...My rant is far from complete, but if you want to see my explanation of Suboshi, go to Mearl's (?) page: http://www.come.to/suboshi

Killing of Tamahome's family is brutal, and unforgiveable, but able to be explained: He wanted Tamahome to feel the pain and get him moving...Intimidation. To Suboshi, Suboshi only wanted Tamahome to be familiarized with the pain of losing one's family.

6) Ruthlessness may be something that gets the job done, but I still despise it.

And so do I, but to Nakago, he's already been through it all.

7) He sang "Blue Eyes Blue" Being perfectly serious now, I think that warrants a death sentence. I listened to that song once, and I think that it has caused me irreperable brain damage.

I kinda liked that song...This is really an opinionated matter, so I won't start rambling.

8) Two wrongs don't make a right. An eye for an eye screws everyone over...

Nakago doesn't know that. He raised himself, he had no support, and Tamahome could've turned out like him if Tama suffered though the exact same thing; however, Tamahome had support from his fellow seishi and Miaka. Nakago wouldn't know right from wrong, and naturally, it's in the human soul to have a wanting to achieve revenge; it's raw, and we won't be able to conrol it until we *learn* about revenge and how wrong it is. (I don't think you know what I'm talking about) Nakago simply thought that revenge would make him feel good and "justify" what was done to his people. Nakago wouldn't know right from wrong. He had nobody to teach him that.

You may disagree with every single of the reasons I've stated, but it's all opininated. I can't change your opinion, and I never meant to.

My last...I have more, but I'm not going to kill you with them. Nakago and Suboshi, in a way, think alike. Amiboshi *knows* that the only way to stop war is to obtain peace...Suboshi thinks that the only way to stop war is to *eliminate* those who are causing it. Anyone who causes pain is getting in the way of peace. Nakago thought that killing the emperor would justify his people and then get him out of his abysmal, hellish, pit.

Nakago would NOT have chosen the good path, because there was NO ONE who encouraged him to do so. He didn't choose to be evil, to him, it was the only choice to obtain "justice".

COME ON, people. Hating Nakago for his looks? Don't fuck with me. If Miboshi looks the way he was and acts like Amiboshi, he would definitely be one of my favourites.

Kissing Tamahome- GOD THAT MADE ME FEEL SOOOOOOO SORRY FOR NAKAGO EVEN MORE. I know he meant to intimidate Tamahome, but I bet Nakago wouldn't wanna do that again...If there's one person who deserves to be fucked in hell over and over again, that would be TAMAHOME, and if you wanna know why, I recommend you to go to my page and read why I think Tamahome is a more fucked up than Nakago: The Tamahome Sux Page! http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Shrine/4954/tamasux/

You probably think I'm one of Nakago's fans...I'm not, because he fucking killed Hotohori, and blahed to Suboshi, and blahed Ashitare to blah Nuriko, and blah blah blah blah blah and other fucken' shit, and I DO dislike him for that...So I see Nakago in a neautral way. It's TAMAHOME whom I want to see die.

*hits the fucker named Tamahome over and over with a Nakkie UFO doll*


Do you know Nakago's past?(because I do)
there's a good reason for his bastard evil black actions.
Nakago was a cutie little chibi Nakago (long ago) and was walking with his mom, but then guards form the Dragon kingdom came a destroyed the village. chibi Nakago tried to save his mom and made a super chi blast that kill everyone and his mom. very hurt emotionally he was then brought to the homosexual Emperor that made Nakago the very evil shogun he is today.


Well, I wouldn't say I _like_ Nakago. I gladly join my voice in the chorus of "Asshole!". But I think that you were a bit unfair to him, crticizing him where criticism was not warranted.

First of all, what did you honestly expect him to be? Of course he's evil! He's basically the archetypal villain. You can feel very little sympathy for him. And in creating Nakago (her favorite character, by the way), Watase-sensei succeeded in making a villain that you love to hate, which makes you only love the protagonists more. For every victory the Suzaku Shichiseishi attain is another loss for Nakago. As you said, the story fails if you no longer feel sympathy for the protagonists. But in FY, you can't help but feel for them as they face someone as powerful and cruel as Nakago.

Secondly, come on... Fix up his profile on your main page. That's just unfair. While he's very good at being a bastard, that's NOT his shichiseishi power. Come on, at least give him a fighting chance. And your comments about his armor are purely subjective. I happen to like it.

And you complain about his treatment of Ashitare? Come on, the monster killed Nuri-chan, for cripes' sake! If that isn't a crime punishable by death, I don't know what is. Go, Nakago! Beat him harder!! ...........Er, sorry.

And you make it sound like kissing Tamahome is a bad thing. Hmph. Shame on you.

Despite the above gripes (and a few others I didn't mention because people had already said what I basically felt about them) , I loved your page. The "Ode to Nakago" was extremely clever! ^_^

Kara Ann

1. The licking and kissing on guys thing..He's "evil" therefore he doesn't really "need" a reason to do so, however I have my own theories..One of them is that he knows it makes the guy uncomfortable so it's like a scare tactic type thing. I don't think he's nessicarily gay..He might be bi but as far as I know there's no concrete "proof" or "evidence" of that.

2. The rape thing -
Take a look at this, I agree with it whole-heartedly.

3. I've not yet seen the Anime but even so you already stated you've only watched the Anime so he could be different personality wise in the Manga, you'll never know till you get/see it.


ok this is a really bad thing to get itno with me because I HATE Nakago but on the other hand I like him and feel bad for him ...ok this is my theory in Fushigi Yuugi (FY) when characters die they want you to feel bad for them an example would be what I kall the Chiriko effect I absolutely hated chirikoand was happy when he died but felt bad after it happened and then in the second ova I cried when it was a recap of it so in conclusion Nakago makes you feel abd for him as his last impressionin the few hours before he has died


Although Nakago's a real bastard and I would never, NEVER want to be in the same room as him, or even in the same world, in order to make FY a good story you need a really evil villian. Although he caused lots of awful things to happen such as Nuriko's death (ok, i'll admit it. the first time i saw it I cried like a baby), if the story didn't include that it'd just be stupid. There would be nothing for the good guys to fight against, and we wouldn't have a story.


Umm...You have a VERY interesting page. I am going to be rational and calm [unlike some other author i've seen on your page...god, i pity them], and tell you my opinion about the whole anti-nakago thing.
1) I like Nakago, not out of sympathy for his sad, sad past life, nor his hidden love for Soi, but because he's evil [insert maniacal laugh]. Honestly, how many good villains have you seen in the anime world? They are either too stereotypical or extremely underdeveloped; on the other hand, Nakago has a legitimate reason to be evil and manipulative, so i give him at least ten more points just for that. [okay, i'm messed up. don't be surprised if i wake up a super-villain five years later]
2) i envy him, i mean, he's in full control of his own action, completely ignoring the laws set by authority. how many people in our world can actually do that? none [unless you are the ruler of some small rich country in the middle of...let's say africa]. There are too many rules in the world we live in, too many restrictions, any person with a sane mind wouldn't have the guts to do want Nakago did, because they are afraid of the consequence. Nakago, however, can do want ever he desired, in this case, it just happened to be harmful to others. So what? miaka is annoying. Tamahome doesn't REALLY have a life [nor personality]. Hotohori is too self-absorbed. Chichiri is...just too many 'no da's. Mitsukake and Chiriko, what do they have to do with the story anyways? As for Nuriko and Tasuki...I LOVE THEM, so i wouldn't dare say anything slanderous. [damn, this multiple personality thing is killing me...am i good or evil?...i don't even know any more...;_;]
3) from purely artistical point of view, nakago is a hottie [what? i actually used that word? it's been done to death ^_^;;] for a villain, he is the best looking one around [and not a goo-like alien being from some made-up planet] The hair IS good, so what if it changes length within seconds? that's even kinda cool when you think about it -- no need for a new hairdo.

Anyhow, i like Nakago, but not obsessed. i don't mind your page's existence, as long as you don't establish a anti-nuriko shrine [in that case i would kill you]. by the way, have you ever considered WHY you hate nakago so much [aside the obvious reasons]? could it be that you are TOO similar to him [in personality, like the INTJ stuff]? that might be true, consider i hate some people to death cuz they act/sing/draw/talk like me [well, not to death, but to some degree]. I guess this message is already too long, it was only supposed to be a one liner [ex. i love nakago]. until next time, you shouldn't say anything too offensive, 'cause it might anger some serious nakago lover [me included...nah, count me out] bye!

Actually, a very interesting point. ^_^


Though I normally don't comment on other people's missives...I felt I had to comment a bit on this one, because I was in an extremely obnoxious mood when I received it. If you want to see my comments, go here

Ahem!!! You dare speak of the great Nakago in such a way! I should kill you myself.....but my waste the time on such an inferior being. For now i think..i'll just correct you...hmm how to put this....misguided thinking. Firstly..your poem....it sucks....sorry to be blunt...but the idea is not even original. And it sounds like bad goth poetry, well HORRIBLE goth poetry. Second...your 15 reasons why my Nagato-sama....heh....i have something to say bout them too...

in resoponce to:
15) What's wrong with seeing people that way!! People are like a can of pop...once their empty there is no Reason to keep The. can.

14) Manipulation is a lovely trait to have. Admit it, if you could manipulate people half as well as he could you'd use manipulation all the time.

13) I bet you lie too. Everyone does.


11) Umm....i have more power than Nakago...if you have a problem with that...well i'll see you outside after school.

10) OK...the rape thing is sick....but he can;t just kill Miaka..as much as i would just LOVE him to...if she died there'd be no story..then were would we all be.

9) Tamahome's family was annoying..i would killed em off too....they whine waay to much.

8) HEY YUI IS KEWL!! but miaka....eh...well...everyone makes a few mistakes. Oh and SOI!! why the hell would he want her....she is named after a bean for goddess sake.

7) hehehe...so he killed a bird. who cares.

6) Umm....the sex thing..well that's really more of SOI'S doing then Nakago...it's her power to raise chi with sex not his.

5)Yeah so...its not like he LOVES her or anything. She was to blind to see the he was using her...its her fault. Stupid people deserve what they get.

4) There is a problem with that!! My army of Nagato worshipers might have a problem with you thinking like that child.

3) Oh come on now. that's just stupid. what is he supposed to be all " I hate you with every inch of my immortal soul....lets go have some tea"!!

2) Hey..maybe i like that song...ok well not really....but it ain;t THAT bad...well maybe it is....

1) This one is hard to explain....maybe he was just really confused about his 'sexual preferance'....but then again..maybe Soi made him abit...funny.

hmm...i see no reason to comment on all 11 other reasons for disliking my Darling. so i'll sumerise. People deal with trauma different ways and its not like he had access to a therapist in Ancient China. And the fact that Nakago can manipulate others and play with their emotions gives him the right to. One must use their abilities to the fullest extent to achieve ones goals. The killing of Ashitare goes back to my lil thing about pop. Oh and your the same personality type as him hmm...well clearly your not...else you would not have made the page.

That monstrous list of things Nakago-sama is good for. Hmph....you should be put to death for that...even if you didn;t write it you will still pay for publishing it.

now..one final thing...its a message for all you people who are say " oh but he has had such a hard life. It is not his fault he is evil. Poor Nakago. He could be good...." SHUT THE HELL UP!! NAKAGO IS EVIL AND WE LIKE HIM THAT WAY!!

ok well that's just about it. Don;t think your crimes will go unpunished child.


not that I nesecarily like him, I just think you're being unfair. I mean, come on, the guy has plots for his plots! He totally manipulates everyone, and calls their shots eight moves in advance. If you played chess with him, he'd see through your strategy in the first move. My firends and I have the same opinion on him, something to the effect of "let me give you hug, now go straight off to hell." On the raping thing, Watase Yuu has said that he wouldn't have raped her (it was Tomo's idea). He had promised Yui he wouldn't kill Miaka, so they had to find some other way to get rid of her. And the 1st OVA was written by Nyan-Nyans. No basis in fact at all.


I think hes good even though he is the bad guy.....okie my reason is because he was just put onto the bad side. See if he had fallen into the right place and all he wouldnt be bad. And if he was the good side (which is Miaka's side) then you would want him to win and cheer him on....its the whole vice versa thing......haha Miaka ^_^


Before we launch ourselves into this one, I would like to take the time to say that once more, I am being bad, and commenting, simply because in this case, I feel that I MUST.

No I don't want to contest what you said. But I would like to point out this:
I've been accused of that several times, and by now, the accusation holds no sting, because, in many cases, it is absolutely correct. For some reason, all of my emotions simply drain away when I am angry or annoyed, which some people find frightening, and which others find highly insulting.
At this point, I really can't say that I care. We are all entitled to our opinions, though it would be nice if we could keep the attacks from a strictly personal basis, as this is a page about Nakago and our like or dislike of him...not our like or dislike of the author of the page. As I have said before, if you wish, by all means build a hate shrine to me. I will even add it to my links page.
Frankly, I could use the laugh. If there is one and only one thing I respected Nakkie-poo for, it is that he has a very good sense of the ironic, like I do. I have a feeling that, if he were real, he too would laugh off any hate shrine.

Oh and that part about scrubbing your skin bloody..... That sounds amazingly gay.
I register some objection to this expression, for the societal connotations if nothing else. As a new age woman, I can say this: ask me if I care. However, this is for future reference--people are people. Using an adjective that is used to describe the tastes of one person as an insult to another is truly an offensive act to both, I think.
Actually, I will admit, there is another possibility. The original meaning of 'gay' was 'happy' before any sort of social connotation was added to it. So does this mean that my thought on scrubbing my skin bloody is happy?

YOu think Nakago's bad? He doesn't scrub his skin bloody, you gay wud!
I have no idea what this means.

Oh aint that cute? Tasuki eh? (I'm surprised its not Tamahome) =P
We all have our own personal preferences.

Anyhow, you can take it and shove it! Nakago has a lot of fans ya know, fat bastard! How would you like to see some anti-tasuki pages?? (Oh i can think of 100) =P
Go for it. I wouldn't mind to see an anti-Tasuki page, just because I know that there MUST be some Tasuki haters out there, and I would like to know their opinions and thoughts, as long as they aren't purile and foul mouthed.

Besides, Nakago's evil cause thats his character, it makes him special. You don't always have to like the good guy =P
No, we don't. We don't have to like the badguy, either. Actually, no one has to like anyone in particular.

Bye bye Mr. Sarcastic weird-eyes person
I will close with this statement: O....k. Yeah.

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